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  1. Yeah tell us when you can )
  2. YO! Seems like a nice run hehehe! With masquerade loooooool! P.S. I want to go to that Viking restaurant too!!
  3. Yay! I'm so happy that you succeeded. So now the tutorial level is finished, what will you aim at next challenge?
  4. Oh rabeck I'm so happy to read this recap. Sounds really solid. I'm also glad that you get to know yourself so Well
  5. I did the transition, too I had been thinking about that a lot. I took courage when I was leaving job for three weeks for medical reasons. When I got back with only mascara and blush, at first they kept asking me me if I was too tired / feeling sick, but now they begun telling me "hey it's good to see you with such a good complexion. Sure you're feeling good now". Thanks, it's just my skin breathing.
  6. Hahaha well, just not sure I'm an Assassin too, btw. Just finished my first challenge.
  7. Yep! That's how I got the guts to write here, not sure at first
  8. Hi! I just wanted to pop in and say hello to you I set my heart into this guild as I love to be able to do any sort of tricks with my body: pulling it, pushing it, turning it upside down, twisting it, climbing it, jumping it (ok the last ones not soo grammatically correct, but you get the gist) and making it run all about without being tired. I just completed my first 6-week challenge, and was thinking about adding some handstands for the next. The problem is that I sorta tried it, but my shoulders really ache, as something got pinched. Same thing has been happening sometimes when running. It's not debilitating but it bugs me. Is my shoulder just poorly assembled? Or there is something i can do, like stretching it and acquiring flexibility?
  9. Congratz I learnt a lot too, at first I wasn't even sure that I could actually do it. Now when I have a piece of dark chocolate I think about you lol
  10. Thank you to each and everyone of you for being here (special mention to IB) and to be so supportive. Maybe we can rejoin for the next challenge. In the meantime: I'll still write into my battle log, for future reference. In these two weeks I plan to join the Assassins, and maintain my strength and endurance levels. I'd like to study, too, for the next challenge. Maybe some Yin Yoga to take care of my joints and sore muscles
  11. Thanks Iceburner, for being so active in the forum, you kept me going a lot! You rocked
  12. So sorry about the delivery :/ But... you know... CONGRATZ YOU DID IT
  13. W00t! Today I did 3x10 Big girl Pushups! Yay! I mixed a 10 km run and a Playground Workout because I have had two social commitments in a row this week, that would have kept me from doing a 100% week. That in turn would have meant giving 50$ to a political party I really don't like. Hell of a motivation, I though I was changing the world just by running. For the Rebellion!
  14. 2015/05/23 10K run with Playground Workout incorporated! I'm tired
  15. Go you! We're near the end of the challenge! Have a good week-end!!
  16. Hahaha lol. Congratulations, you're really rocking!
  17. 2015/05/21 NerdFitness Beginner Bodyweight Routine (Repeat x3) 20 body weight squats 2 knee push ups + 8 normal push ups 20 walking lunges with torso rotation 15 dumbbell rows (using a gallon milk jug) 60 second plank Done this morning heheh nice
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