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  1. What are the Holy Grails of bodyweight training 1. The Pull Up what else is out there?
  2. What are the Holy Grails in the lifting world? 1. You should be able to dead lift your body weight what else is out there?
  3. This is my favorite video for 24 video If I screwed up the hype link Google "taijiquan 24 form video" and look for the lady in pink
  4. Thanks for the heads up, I'll take a look for the videos
  5. "Pick up sticks" Goal #1: Dead Hang, still building foundational work for getting to a pull up. Starting with two 15 second Dead Hangs during my deadlift supersets with a goal of working up to four 30 second hangs (STR +3) Goal #2: Swiss Ball Stir the Pot, as my trainer told me, it’s time for more advanced core work (ugh). The toughest part for me here is actually the balancing, I can get into position but stirring looks more like back and forth motion instead of a circular pattern, working up to correct form and three 30 second sets. (DEX +2, STA +2) Goal #3: More consistent training routine. I’ve been doing well for tha past year and a half but these last eight weeks life kept getting in the way. I need to enforce my effort in getting to the gym on a more routine basis. Life Goal: Next weapon, Kali/Eskrima sticks, I worked with these briefly a few years ago and found they felt really good to swing. I know I can’t get very far on my own but if I pick them up again and work the basics I’m hoping it will at least give me a bit of a foundation (DEX +2, WIS, +1)
  6. 24 is a tiny subset of 108, there are a handful of movements that are unique in the longer version but a lot of it is multiple groupings and alternate transitions. I find it more about the endurance challenge
  7. Ah, any Tai Chi is good Tai Chi Focus on your foundational practices, if your fundamental movements adhere to Tai Chi principles everything else will follow
  8. I haven't tried 40 , practice Yang 24 and 108 and I enjoy those. How do you like 40 so far?
  9. Challenge #5 Luckily so far the re-evaluation and new workout I get from the trainer at the gym I go to have relatively corresponded to the NF Challenges. For this challenge I have picked up the Farmers Carry and RKC Planks (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) Goal #1: increase Farmers Carry weight, I’m starting a 24kg in each hand (about 53lbs) and walking about a minute (the length of the gym and back) for three sets. By the third sets the weight does feel to be slipping a bit. My goal is to double that weight. (STR +3) Goal #2: Double the number of consecutive pushups. Starting at 30 (Con +2, STA +2) Goal #3: increase RKC Planks, starting at six reps for 15 second each (Con +2, STA +2) Life Goal: Get more sleep, not quite sure how I’m going to accomplish this one(CON +2, WIS +2)
  10. It's also called a high intensity planks. You get into the standard plank position,arms forward abit and elbows closer together, tuck the tail bone and then contract everything. Adduct the legs, squeeze the quads and glutes and tighten the core. Hold for 10 to 15 seconds and release
  11. I'm curious if anyone finds RKC plans effective? Should I replace my endurance planks with RKC? And execution, how many reps and sets? I've read a few articles and watched a few videos, I think I have the technique down In experimenting with 1 rep = 15 sec plank +15 sec rest I do 5 reps and 3 sets
  12. Does anyone have any opinions on or recommendations regarding Russian Kettlebell Plank?
  13. Finally completed three sets of twelve "proper" push-ups. not picture perfect but definitely improved.
  14. I agree with your "unhelpful cues" I need to try some of the others you mentioned. Thanks for the input
  15. Not for nothing but doing push-ups correctly can be a real bi-tech I used to be "hey , yeah I can do twenty push-ups in a row for three or four sets" start adding "proper" form into the mix and if i can get through 7 or eight I'm happy Ah square one, old friend, it's nice to see you again. let's get going.
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