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  1. The day before I visited my Grandpa and family I ran 6km in 65 minutes. The week after I was back I ran 5km in 69 minutes and the next day walked 3.2km in 56 minutes. Figuring out how my body responds and using other modes of exercise as well. Goal for this year is advanced speed and increasing distance in the same time span.
  2. 5km in 50 min. Almost had it at 45 min but right foot hurt a bit so slowed down. First run in 3 weeks!
  3. Biked 8 kms and then stretched for about half an hour. [emoji171] same day as my sis's concert and sleepover (JA)
  4. 5.3 today in 49 min (5km and the rest was warm down in 57min) Also got my period today so double kudos for that![emoji294]
  5. Ran 5.5km today! [emoji1][emoji4][emoji1] 5km in 51 min and the rest was warm down.
  6. Just finished 5km!! So happy that I accomplished it. [emoji2][emoji2][emoji2]
  7. 5.6 km!!!! Woohoo! My friend sent a message that he'd just run 4km, the farthest he'd gone so far which was good motivation to get to running today...and I passed my distance! 5km in 54 min and the rest bonus to make an overall 64 min workout.
  8. 5.1 kms running! 5km in 52 min! I can do whatever I set my mind to. I broke the hour barrier
  9. I biked 12 km before our farewell dinner (gone to visit family) and after biked 20km. It felt so awesome to crush my previous distances in a day and it also made me realize how much I can really do. Or more like the minimum distances I should be doing for the workout. I wasn't sore the next day either.
  10. I just want to say that this measurement system of yours is awesome! I'd never thought of doing that with the HP universe. For me every time I thought of a hard challenge that I wasn't good at I'd think of Alanna from the Tamora Pierce books and her learning sword wielding. Thank you so much!
  11. Biked 12km today and though it felt good, did not feel as good as running...I wasn't sure how to adjust the difficulty of the machine, hopefully I will for tomorrow.
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