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  1. Those rosy roses... Challenge two! January's challenge did not end in ashes of disaster, but it definitely laid a foundation that I want to start building on this challenge. My new goals are cousins of the ones from before, except with a bigger end game - Lose Weight/Inches. Last month I basically stayed the same two pounds (frustrating) but I know I was eating better, just not moving enough. So this month I'm tentatively adding a weight loss "bonus" to help keep my self from not eating at all - or just eating a snack bag of Cheetos - in an attempt to lose more. Goals! Goal One If I did
  2. Week of Jan 17 Goal 1 Get Hydrated Grade - 2.6 (C+) I'm a little disappointed in myself with this. Granted, it was exceptionally busy at work, so I spent all day talking to customers and didn't have as much down time to, yknow, swallow. But I could've made up for it over the weekend, and I dropped the ball. Goal 2 Get Physical Grade - 0 (F) That's right...no workouts not good Goal 3 Get Tasty Grade - 4.0 (A) I'm really surprised that this is still my most successful! I think Blue Apron is helping, knowing that I have food in the fridge to make, or leftovers to eat. I did have one meal
  3. My first goal - to drink more water - has been easier! I didn't make it part of my goal to not drink anything else, but it's a happy effect that I'm more consciously saying "No" to sodas and alcohol, even on the weekends. My derailments: I touched on this one in my check in, but this week coming is going to be very busy at work, and I'm worried I'll be too tired to cook dinner, or even not have enough time to heat up lunch when we usually order pizza for grab-and-go busy days. I'm mentally prepared, and asked my boyfriend to run interference when I need it, but I'm still worried about old ha
  4. Week of Jan 10 Goal 1 Get Hydrated Grade - 3.0 (B ) Not too shabby! This is infinitely helped by the reusable liter water bottle I got this week, straws definitely make it faster. Benefits: although it hasn't cleared my face or helped me lose weight, I can tell that I'm less bloated than I was over the holidays and it looks like I've lost weight, even though the scale tells me differently. Goal 2 Get Physical Grade - 2.0 ( C) Picking up my game as far as working out. Still haven't managed three rotations, but mini-celebration is that I reached 10k steps the other day according to my new
  5. This week is much much better - Helped along by my investment in a big ole liter water bottle. Yesterday alone I think I drank four liters? It's a good sign that I lost count. I was also able to do more of the BBWW. Last night I got through it twice, and my legs aren't completely killing me today like they did last week. Other than working up to three rotations, I'm really trying to perfect/fix my form. One knee is just screaming at me when I start lunges and I'd hate to cut them out of the work out unless it turns out I just have bad knees. I know there's a lot of chatter on the forums abou
  6. I'm excited this year for my 10 year reunion - not a goal, but a pretty big push to Look My Best, and not just keep the status quo that has been in place for the last five of those years. Also excited to learn what my "thing" will be, the exercise that works for me. Weights, yoga, etc (not running. that was eliminated ages ago), I've never had a thing and I want to one:)
  7. Week of Jan 3 Goal 1 Get Hydrated Grade - 2.4 ( C ) Still working up to the two liters per day and, except for the weekend, had a good run of 1.5 liters/day just at work. Buying a liter bottle today for work, and maybe another one to keep at home, to make things a little bit easier. Success for this goal was that I kept to just water and tea, no soda or alcohol. Woo! Goal 2 Get Physical Grade - 1.0 (F) I don't know if that's entirely fair as I started late, but...excuses excuses. That one BBWW that I did was rough. I made it through alright, better than I remember my absolute first time, but
  8. @Sam - Hello again! It's been way too long since I did anything rebellion related, but I'm really psyched to get started again I'll have my Weekly check-in/grade (I've decided to do it GPA style) here in a bit!
  9. Sigh. My AU me has been lifting for six months and has just about the most amazing triceps....
  10. (sorry my quote button isn't working..) It actually does! I find myself mentally chanting them throughout the day haha And migraines are the worst - not contagious, have to go to work. Not visually noticeable, have to get out of bed. Ah well, best laid plans...
  11. (Group meeting voice) Hiiii Gabriel! Welcome back! I'm on the same road to recoup'ing. I like that you're making rest day cooking day, I may have to steal that from you haha Hope you do keep up with both posts for double accountability!
  12. Congrats on the Behbeh! That definitely makes the fruit/veggie and cleaning thing more necessary... And I agree with LostOne - either the timer system for 10 minutes a day, or ten items, or just the middle of a room....Cleaning is my goal too, so I've been looking into it a lot haha. Good luck!
  13. Thank you, it's good to be back This is my partial check in, since I started late. Goal 1 - I've been doing great at drinking more water! That doesn't surprise me though, as long as I have a bottle next to me at work, I do ok. Getting to 2 liters has been a little harder. I'm averaging about 1.5, but I'll be getting a liter bottle when I get groceries this weekend, so that'll help. Goal 2 - Haven't done a work out yet had a migraine all day yesterday, so today at LEAST one run through the bbww needs to happen. This is definitely going to be hardest for me, so... pushpushpush Goal 3
  14. Back in the Rebellion again... After a bumpy second half of 2015 and especially post holidays, I. Am. Ready! Respawn, Revive, Skill points reset to Zero. I'm three months post abdominal surgery, which really knocked me out, but I'm hardly more out of shape than I was before I found NerdFitness a year ago (at least, that's the optimist talking). Either way, I'm taking this one slow and considering it my Level 1, figuring out what my limits are right now, before setting a solid goal (like, Plank for two minutes, run for two miles). I don't know what the end of this month is going to be, so my
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