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  1. Ok so new problem guys. I tried to do the thrusters and the front squats as your incredibly helpful videos showed but I CANNOT touch my shoulder with the hand of the same arm. I have never been able to do this not even as a kid (nasty experience of a PE instructor shouting at me because I couldn't rest shotput on shoulder). So what can I do? Are there flexibility exercises I could try? Dan
  2. Thanks very much guys. And I also thought I was doing front squats correctly because the guy in the gym told me to cross my arms and hold the bar so this has been REALLY helpful. Looks like there is a lot I need to work on. Dan
  3. Hi guys, Can you have a look at this video and let me know if I am doing my thrusters correctly? https://youtu.be/IsrQilMaEWc Thanks Dan
  4. Hi guys, I meant to do this on Sunday but time escaped me. So last week.... I managed all 7 days to eat around 3700 clean calories. That did mean resorting to peanut butter but I think that is acceptable. What I need to do is enter my food data earlier than last thing at night so I don't have to suddenly cram food down my neck last minute- I went to the gym three times and I have been twice this week so I see no problem making that target. This week I even managed to deadlift my own body weight so VERY pleased about that. I did mindful meditation 5 out of 7 days with a couple of d
  5. Hi, If it is allowed, it would be great to hear about it. Up to now, I have only used walking meditation and the standard mindful breathing meditation. I am a very cynical person and it is taking me a while to embrace some of the aspects of mindfulness so I have held back from some of the titles.
  6. Hi, I totally agree with the power of decluttering. I am used to a decluttered house and currently living in chaos is doing my head in. Why not make that your quest? Decent, hard core clearing out is a tough thing to do and it deserves respect. I think that is a decent quest. Or really push yourself and declutter enough to create a mini exercise space. NF has lots of bodyweight schemes which would work well in even the smallest space. Good luck and remember even a little success is still a success
  7. Hi guys, Thanks for the encouragement. I have been doing well. Three days in I have never fallen that short of 3700 calories per day despite only eating oats as a carb. My trick has been ignoring my need for a sweet taste by drinking green tea. I have worked out twice and i can't see the third being a challenge. I have meditated two days in succession so I think 5 out of 7 is doable. With my therapist on Monday, I explored a lot of deep dark past but I will try again today. Now that I am able to control my mood through mindfulness, I don't dread the task as much. I have also discover
  8. Hi, I am starting my six week challenge a week late but I think it's important I start a challenge. I'm not new to personal challenges - I have had a thing for boss battles over the years. So far my challenges have been: Cycling from London to ParisRunning the Mexico City marathon (from London; now live in Mexico City)Doing the six week get quick fit challengeGoing LEVEL TEN paleo for six weeks (it deserves capitals) After the six week challenge, I felt like a different person - all lean and clean! So I am looking forward to this challenge. However I am totally new to forums and to s
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