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  1. I have a few small goals. I want to be able to ride my bike to work without being short of breath, then I would like to be able to ride to the gym, which is across town. I am trying to increase my water intake, reduce my coffee, and be better with taking my medication on time. Every time I reach a short-term goal, I am going to create a new one. I don't want to flood myself with plans.
  2. Steam/Origin: Sylista Tumblr: Beautiful-Blithering Instagram: Beautiful.Blithering Wordpress: Blithering Borderline Character Fact Sheet: Race: Female Dwarf (5'1)Class: UnknownHair: RedEyes: GreyCharacter History Diagnosed with 301.83 in the DSM-V, which causes her to be both the protagonist and the antagonist in her own story.Psych nerd who loves books, crochet, video games, cats, and board gamesWeight has fluctuated approximately 100 lbs in the last decade and and is trying to get it under control.Would love to be a healthy weight and size again with the strength and agility to get
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