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  1. I know Oberpfaffenhoffen...I bet they're right next to each other! That word is my coworkers favorite to say, so it sticks with me haha It's pretty close to me. I've driven through a number of times =D Sent from my SM-G903F using Tapatalk
  2. I love walking and weigh training with tankards!
  3. HAHA i was in Southern MA. Prob 20 miles from the RI border. Small world!
  4. Teros! I tried a few challenges last year and I think you were my guild leader then too I think I logged in with another email last year, and can't remember. I had an account associated with this one too though it seems....so here I am! This is the name for my nerd fitness academy character too...so it makes sense to me! In the last 12 months I've been to: Ireland Czech Croatia (twice, I loved it) Italy (4 times, all short trips) Austria (3 times) Switzerland Lichtenstein Netherlands USA Only one of thos
  5. Just south of Munich! It is great for cycling. There are almost always designated bike paths, and drivers are so much more courteous than New England (only American region I've ridden a bike on the road in). Where were you, and do you ever come back to visit?? I know I'll miss some things about this place
  6. RAINY! The lake is flooded and I think its rained 90% of the the last 6 weeks. For reals. I still managed to get a sun burn from cycling though! haha
  7. Welcome to the adventures of the Queen of Diamonds, otherwise known as the Other Red Queen! Don't worry, I'm the good one ;-) I'm full of love and enthusiasm, with just a hint of snark. None of that "off with her head" garbage from me! Unless you deserve it.... Anyway! My journey brought me to live in Bavaria, Germany this year. While I've been here I've refocused on creating a shiny new and exciting life for myself, which involves losing 60lbs or so and developing some cool hobbies. Status: I'm 30 lbs down, and have been adventuring around central Europe!
  8. Is the Edinburgh meet up still on? I'd love to join! I'm an American woman living in Europe at the moment but Scotland is HIGH on my list for travel! What better way than to meet some fellow nerds!
  9. Im not from Denmark, but I'll be there in August! We should definitely do a meet up!
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