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    variety cooking for one

    I'm working on setting myself some goals, and one has crossed my notes: Eat 90% paleo by end of June (which probably means by the end of June I should have about 90% compliance for 30 days. Ew, I hate the word 'compliance'... anyway). I'm breaking this goal down into actionable pieces, and identifying challenges. I thought I might lay them out here to see if anyone has any suggestions! facets of the larger goal: * Hold the sugar beast at bay * Establish simple recipes (so far, my go-to is just a "stir fry") * DON'T LET FOOD GO BAD * healthy, cheap, quick, sustainable snacks which I actually only eat for snacks instead of just eating them all for dinner because they're there and then being stuck at square one when the next snack urge hits. *ahem* Challenges (not excuses!): * I do not have, nor do I want, a microwave (I have access to one for lunch about 4 days a week, but I just don't like 'em that much) * Emotional/physical disruptions (days where I just don't wanna so hard that I can't (i.e. periods of anxiety or depression), deadlines at school, moving to a different house with roommates in the spring) * Inability to eat the same thing over and over - I usually get only one use out of leftovers, and can't really make the exact same meal fresh more than 2-3 times in as many weeks -> * this girl needs variety, but variety in veggies tends to mean spoilage I did mostly-paleo pretty successfully a couple years back, but I was also bringing in a lot more moolah so I think I was a bit better about variety? Now I have less cash and less time (yay student life!) so figuring this out seems to be taking a lot more energy than it did before :P Things I already go/will be doing shortly: Individual applesauce cups (from costco) - comparatively inexpensive and don't go bad (like when I get 2 servings into a jar and decide I don't want any more for 3 months) spiralizer (for replacement 'noodles' and to vary the texture of meals) frozen veggies (peas, broccoli, ... I've got frozen brussels sprouts but haven't figured out how to cook them so they aren't just mush) frozen chicken (I literally don't know how to cook any other meat, unless it's ground, but meat's usually expensive anyway >_> Whew. Thoughts? :x