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  1. thist514

    Back To Basics

    Welp! This whole thing ended up being a bust. The only thing that has been consistent is me doing my best with water (not always 50 oz) and the dates with my husband. At this point I am trying to move my body every day. Push ups throughout the day, walking, stuff like that. I'll solidify more in the next challenge
  2. thist514

    Back To Basics

    I thought I posted this already..... but apparently not! So here we go! In the last few years I have accomplished a lot of life goals, but sort of let myself get overwhelmed. In that overwhelm I let a lot of habbits that make me happy fall by the wayside. So I'm starting back at the begining, with the community that helped me turn my life around, and the habbits that made me feel amazing. I am going to do an exercise, diet, sleep and life goal for this challenge. Exercise: Go to the gym and move 3x per week. Diet: Drink 100 oz 50 oz of water daily, tracking using plant nanny because it's adorable! I will allow myself 2 "hall passes" for this challenge. Sleep: Be in bed with the lights off and my phone put away by midnight every night. I will allow myself 2 "hall passes" for this challenge. Life: Have a date once per week with my husband. For the sake of this challenge a date will be defined as at least 2 hours, just us, little phone interuption, no errands or chores and at least some level of intamcy. If I successfully complete all of these goals I will by myself a yoga package for the month of February. If I successfully complete at least 2 of these goals I will buy myself a yoga class in February.