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  1. Welp!  This whole thing ended up being a bust.  The only thing that has been consistent is me doing my best with water (not always 50 oz) and the dates with my husband. 


    At this point I am trying to move my body every day.  Push ups throughout the day, walking, stuff like that. 


    I'll solidify more in the next challenge

  2. 1 hour ago, TGP said:

    I LOVE the "hall passes" idea...


    I think its very good, to ensure that if you fall short one day you work that much harder to NOT fall short another.


    instead, the tendency is to give up.


    so Keep AT it!  and I will be sure to read how this is going...


    Thanks!  That is definately one of the NF core fundamentals that stuck with me in my journeys.  Never twice in a row.  This I fell short of that, but I am definately motivated to keep at it!

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  3. This week I am going to choose the Speed Feat! I am working on a timed running event and I am SO bad at it!! 


    I could use a little help.  I have a short distance timed run and I currently can barely jog for 15 seconds.  For this feat should I see how long it takes me to go the distance with maximum effort, or should I see how far I go in my alloted time at maximum effort?


    TIA for any help :)

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  4. Week 1 Recap:  This week was rough, emotionally more than anything.  It is reminding me that I need to focus on me, because if I don't I will actually murder people.


    Exercise: I infact was at the gym 3 times and moved.  I'm not the happiest with the content of my workout, but I'm having fun and getting back into the habbit.

    Water: I have officially used both hall passes :-/

    Sleep: I have officially used both hall passes and then some.  I am going to continue this habbit though!

    Life: Chase and I cut out a few hours on Friday after work and had a date.  It wasn't perfect, but it was us and great! 

  5. Day 1 was interesting....


    I went to the gym on Saturday and REALLY kicked my butt.  So when I went to the gym yesterday I literally just walked on a treadmill for 20 minutes because that is all my legs would let me do :glee:.  But it counts!  And I have a gym date with a friend for tomorrow.


    I realized that I am REALLY far away from 100 oz of water per day so I dropped it to 50.  That is still a concious effort, but an attainable one. 


    I passed out around 8:30 PM which is a huge check in the sleep category. 


    I do not have a date night on the books for this week, which is my current homework!. 

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  6. I thought I posted this already..... but apparently not!  So here we go!


    In the last few years I have accomplished a lot of life goals, but sort of let myself get overwhelmed.  In that overwhelm I let a lot of habbits that make me happy fall by the wayside.  So I'm starting back at the begining, with the community that helped me turn my life around, and the habbits that made me feel amazing.  I am going to do an exercise, diet, sleep and life goal for this challenge.


    Exercise: Go to the gym and move 3x per week.


    Diet: Drink 100 oz  50 oz of water daily, tracking using plant nanny because it's adorable! I will allow myself 2 "hall passes" for this challenge.


    Sleep: Be in bed with the lights off and my phone put away by midnight every night.  I will allow myself 2 "hall passes" for this challenge.


    Life: Have a date once per week with my husband.  For the sake of this challenge a date will be defined as at least 2 hours, just us, little phone interuption, no errands or chores and at least some level of intamcy. 


    If I successfully complete all of these goals I will by myself a yoga package for the month of February.  If I successfully complete at least 2 of these goals I will buy myself a yoga class in February. 

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  7. Hi!


    I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the nutrition section as it bridges both.  Let me know and I'll move it, if the nutrition section is best.


    I am getting into a new lifting routine which places my session RIGHT before dinner.  As with everything, the internet is really split on the whole post workout routine thing.  I know that I need to have something protein and fast acting carb dense, perferably within 30 minutes of my session ending.  What I'm concerned with is WHAT I should include in my meal.  Which is where I'm leaning on my lovely nerd herd.


    About me and my workout:

    • My food preference is paleo-ish (I eat rice, oats, occasionally snack on some less than paleo sugar snacks and eat soy sauce because coconut aminos are REALLY expensive)
    • My lifting regimen is a hypertrophy/powerlifting mix (I'm still focusing on building the big 3, but I'm also prepping for my wedding)
    • I am not trying to min/max to the extreme.  Generalizations are fine for me.  I am not breaking any world records or trying to do BIG athletic things, so I'm ok with things that are reasonable but maybe not "ideal". 
    • I live accross the street from my gym so it is absolutely possible for me to get home and have dinner within 30 minutes of finishing my workout


    What I'm confused about:

    • The carb source that I usually go to for a post workout meal is basmati rice.  I'm getting wind that my rice might not be doing me any favors.  Is there THAT big of a difference between a whole grain rice and a sweet potatoe?  (p.s, i tried so hard, but I hate sweet potatoes)
    • I'm reading that fats are a no-no for post workout fuel.  But as a paleo subscriber, fats help me fight off hunger (which is a big deal for me).  So if I eat dinner as my post workout meal is it horrible if I eat fats to keep the hangery demons at bay?
    • And I guess what it all sums up to is, is it better for me to consume a post workout snack and then eat my actual dinner an hour later?


  8. Question about finishers


    I'm pretty new to programming for myself and I recently became obsessed with finishers.  I really like the idea of putting it all out there and pushing my limits knowing there isn't anything else I have to do in my workout.  


    I currently do whole body workouts every time I'm in the gym.  However, I pick a major lift each session (BP, DL, or squat) and lift heavy on that.  I also tailor my accessory work to that lift on that day.  So I have leg-ish days and arm-ish days etc.  


    Now for the question.  When I'm selecting a finisher should I focus on the muscle group that I lifted heavy on that day, a complimentary muscle or should I do a different muscle group all together?  So for example, if I lift heavy on squats should I focus on the quads, the hams or my arms?  


    Also, if anyone has any favorite finishers I'm super interested.  



  9. Dear Princess Celestia,


    It has been so long!  I was off fighting Academia, and she proved to be a much more formidable opponent than I thought.  


    Image result for book monster gif


    But for all intensive purposes I have stood up to the vicious Academia and I have come out triumphant!  Now it's time to focus on me again.  A lot has happened since I wrote last.  I have walked away from my fitness journey almost completely.  There are habits that I had worked on previously that have stuck.  For instance, when I cook at home it's usually clean "paleo-ish".  When I workout, I use good form, warm up and cool down, and lift heavy.  I still practice yoga when I can, and have tried to keep a very mindful, gratefulness focused frame of mind.  


    The biggest change perhaps, is that I am getting married in November!!  That is the reason that I have decided to come back to my fitness journey.  I had made such good progress in 2015 using the rebellion and everything NF had to offer.  I want to get back to that place.  I know I can't recreate the past, but hopefully some of the magic of the rebellion is still there for me and I can get back to putting my health and fitness in a priority seat.  


    My Big Why:  As vain as it sounds, I want to look drop dead gorgeous on my wedding day


    Goals to Get Me ThereEat clean, Lift Heavy


    Here are my begining stats taken on 4/24/15:

    Weight 216 lbs (I weighed 219.1 the week before)

    Neck 14.5"

    Chest 49"

    Bicep R 15"

    Bicep L 15"

    Waist 41"

    Hips 49"

    Thigh R 29"

    Thigh L 29"

    Calf R 17.5"

    Calf L 18"


    My stats taken yesterday 10/29/17:

    Weight: 213#

    Neck: 14"

    R Bicep: 15"

    L Bicep: 15"

    Chest: 47.5"

    Waist: 40"

    Belly: 46.5"

    Hips: 49"

    R Thigh: 26.5"

    L Thigh: 27"

    R Calf: 17"

    L Calf: 17"



    Weight: -3 #

    Neck: -.5"

    R Bicep: /

    L Bicep: /

    Chest: -1.5" 

    Waist: -1"

    Belly: /

    Hips: /

    R Thigh: -2.5"

    L Thigh: -2:

    R Calf: -.5"

    L Calf:  -1"


    A few notes about these measurements.  Since I started with tracking my measurements I have decided to add my belly circumference.  It is measured 1 inch below my belly button, and it's important for me because I have always had a "tiny" waist (meaning proportionately, my waist doesn't grow very much).  But in recent years my belly has been the place that holds my bloat.  Also, I know have my fiance measure me which might reflect some of the changes like my thigh (he doesn't measure in the exact same place I would).  Some things to celebrate.  I finally have symmetry in my calves (haven't had that since 8th grade!).  My starting weight is 3# less than what it was when I first started.  Also, my chest and waist are down from my first starting measurements as well.  That might not seem like a big deal, but to me it shows that my body is fighting to not revert back to that same shape.  


    Last house keeping bit.  I have actually not finished all of the MLP seasons, so I apologize if some of my theme stuff doesn't quite hit the mark.  I still resonate with Twilight Sparkle, and I still love the show and my theme.  It just kind of got away from me.  And no, I have not seen the movie and I do not plan to until I'm caught up on the seasons.  

  10. Weekend recap, some successes some failures.  


    This happened......




    I made a bad decision for my cheat day this weekend.  When I built my goals I specifically said EITHER weekend day instead of just Saturday because this weekend my Saturday was pretty busy, so I was going to have Sunday be my cheat day.  Welp, Saturday rolled around and I was so excited that I forgot I intended Sunday to be my cheat day.  So yesterday (Sunday) I was stuck at home doing homework all day (which was the point of my cheat day) and no matter how much "paleoish" food I ate I simply could not get hungry.  I am convinced it's a boredom thing, but since I was tethered to my house/homework I couldn't go do anything else.  So I cheated again on Sunday.  BUT!  There's a silver lining!  It wasn't a horrible cheat.  I got a sub from Jersey Mike's and a bag of chips.  It was an actual meal, with vegetables and stuff.  It wasn't a pint of ice cream or bread sticks (which are my usual cheats).  Also, I've had a bag of halloween candy in my house since Friday left over from a work thing and I didn't touch ANY of it yesterday.  So success in that light!  In terms of my rewards, this would be my second cheat so if I cheat again I am not supposed to get my reward.  I'm on the fence about whether or not I'm counting this as a slip up.  I think I'll wait until the end to make that decision.  I'm usually hyper critical on myself so I'm not going to put the cart before the horse.  


    I did need caffeine at all this weekend, so nothing to report. 


    My friend and I volunteer Ushered for the musical "Love Never Dies".  He needed to see a musical for school and I have a hook up at one of the major theaters in Detroit.  It was his first time seeing a major production musical and it was very cool to break his cherry.  We had a wonderful time just hanging out and then watching an amazing production!!


    Ok, my fitness is what I am most proud of!  I had a work thing Friday with a very good friend.  I thought for sure I was going to find an excuse to skip my workout and hang out with her.  Turns out NOPE!  I ended up leaving straight from the work thing and went straight to my gym.  Like a good little girl, I had my go bag in my car and had no excuses.  I will admit however, that it wasn't the workout I've ever done.  Turns out working out at 7:30p on a Friday after a 10 hour workday is rough!  But I did it.  Movements included:

    Body weight squats with PVC Pipe (I'm working on form): 3x10

    Lat Pulldows (Progressive 35-55 lb): 3x10

    Squatted Knee Twists (no idea what else to call them): 1x10 (my form was horrible, I decided to not push it during this workout)

    Hip Abductor Machine (replacing the knee twists, 55 lb): 2x10

    Russian Twists (4lb medicine ball): 3x10

    Tricep Cable Push down (Progressive 50-25 lb): 30 reps (was supposed to do 50 but I went to failure)



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  11. 1 hour ago, Br0din said:


    Obviously,  I'm not a Dr/PT blah blah blah not giving med advice blah blah blah.  With that said, take it easy, try what you can/cannot do.  For me, I want the muscles around my lower back to be strong AF to protect against my disk problems.  But then I over do it and I have the problem I'm recovering from for the last 2 weeks.  I would think this would be a good question to ask your PT...  or you already know the answer and you're being polite to me.  (I'm like a 3yo who just learned something new and now has to tell everyone over and over and...)  None the less, this will be the last time I bring this subject up.  You do what you think you can do.

    Br0din, I have a good idea of what I should and shouldn't do and I do push myself (maybe less than I'm capable of, but I still push).  I just don't feel comfortable in my overall fitness right now to do burnout stuff on my LB.  And I appreciate your input!!  Don't think I'm bothered by you questioning me, I appreciate it :)

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  12. 12 minutes ago, Br0din said:


    Why not attack the things you're weak at?  Kettle Bell Swings will toughen up your lower back (believe me!). 


    Br0din, there's a lot of really awesome info in what you gave me, and I will definately look into some stuff to strengthen my pushups.  My thing with the lower back isn't a muscle thing.  I have a spinal defect that physiologically gives me a weak lower back.  Because of that I have to be really careful when I engage my LB, so I don't want to do burnout exercises for that muscle group.  I train it in my actual regimen, but the idea of doing stuff to failure in that region is really terrifying!  hahaha.  The plank thing is interesting, I didn't think of doing isometric movements for a burnout.  That could be a whole mental challenge as well as physical, lol!!

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  13. I'm checkin in now because this weekend will probably get away from me! 


    Exciting news!!  Yesterday and Wednesday I ate 100% clean (woo!).  I will confess that I allow myself an endless amount of dark chocolate, I've been using that to ebb my sweet cravings.  But I haven't tipped the scales in to ridiculous yet (which is something that usually happens to me).  Yesterday I had 8 pieces and on Wednesday I had 6, not too bad. 


    I did not need caffeine yesterday so nothing to report there. 


    This weekend I am volunteering at my local theater with a friend as my "social outing".  Technically it's school related for him, but for me it's just hanging out with a friend (he had to go see a musical for a class and instead of him wasting $150 on a ticket I told him that I could get him in as a volunteer usher with me).  I'm excited about it, but I am definately feeling the stress of taking hours out of my weekend which is usually dedicated to studying.  We'll see if the socializing eases my nerves or adds to them. 


    Now for the exercise portion.  This is going to be interesting, because I still don't know when I am going to workout this weekend.  I am hoping to fit it in tonight, but I have a work thing until 7 with a friend.  I'm thinking she might want to hang out after, and I'd be hard pressed to say no (we got moved to opposite schedules and don't see each other any more :( ).  So I thought about moving my workout to tomorrow morning instead.  But the yoga studio around the corner from my house is having an open house and all the classes are free.  So I want to yoga tomorrow.  I don't know physically if I can strength train and yoga in the same day, it might be a bit much.  So I'm holding out hope that I will go to the gym tonight!  If not, then I'll probably skip yoga (but that just feels awful, I'm a gamer and the value there is just too strong!!). 


    I do want some opinions from you guys though about my workouts.  After my deadlift revilation on Wednesday (see the mini challenge if you don't know what I'm talking about) I want to start using finishers in my workouts.  The 3 I found online that I was comfortable with were 50 reps of Cable Pushdown Burnout Set (1x50) , Rowing (500m rest 3 min, 300m rest 2 min, 200m rest 1 min, 100m) and a drop set alternating  bicep curls (heavy weight, dropping small incriments each time doing 2-3 reps at each weight).  I'd like some more ideas becuase I've never trained like this before.  Some things to know about me physically:  Push ups are out of the question (I can hardly rep at them), I have a weak low back, I really dislike lunges, jumping scares me (but I'm willing to try it out, just be gentle), and cardio is not my favorite thing.  TIA for any suggestions. 


    Last point of order, I still need to figure out rewards.  I've been thinking about the fact that this challenge ends the week of Thanksgiving.  I am going to have some time off for the holiday and I might want to play around with what those days look like.  I also want to make sure that whatever I do promotes my health (because right now I'm really feeling a celebration feast for my diet goal and that seems counter productive).  I have a coupon from my gym for a free PT session, and I think I'm going to use that as a reward for my exercise goal.  If I am successful I will use my PT coupon and ask him to help me identify my 1 RM on my big lifts.  Here's my megazord idea for socializing and diet.  If I am successful in my diet I will have my fiance make me a really nice dinner with my favorite things (not ridiculously unhealthy, but also not pure paleo).  If I am successful at my socializing goal, my fiance and I will do some date activity out of the house that is not a movie (ice skating, looking at christmas lights etc.).  If I do both socializing and diet he will take me out to a nice dinner instead of cooking for me and our date will be somewhere nice like downtown or in one of our surroudning affluent areas.  I have no idea about the caffeine goal right now.  I'll get back to you on that one :) 

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  14. 15 hours ago, Br0din said:


    Lots of us are.  You being a complete extrovert is rare here.  Like you and one other.  Its good, you can get us out of our dark rooms in front of screen and do things.

    and for me for tone... if there are 2 ways to take it, take it the funny way, if that doesn't work, default to sarcasm.  


    That video really made my day!!  Thanks for that.  Believe you me I am familiar with the fact that extroverts are like unicorns in these parts.  I struggled with it when I first started with the rebellion, but now I think I'm at a good place with it.  I just needed to realize that my rebellion friends that live in the computer would need to stay in my computer.  Asking them to venture into the wild was a big ask.  I still extend the invite, but I just realize that it's a rare thing when they accept, lol. 


    16 hours ago, Grumble said:


    I mean.... you right.....


    On ‎10‎/‎26‎/‎2017 at 7:09 AM, Gemma said:

    Hey, I'm impressed - you went through a significant stress event, still kept to your workout schedule, only broke your diet once... I'd call that a win! 

    Hahahahah, thanks!!  I feel like I've upped the anty because I have ice cream chilling in my freezer right now.  It's like a bonus challenge!  (I get to eat it tomorrow, I'm pretty excited about that). 

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  15. Well this challenge has had an interesting start..... Something along the lines of:




    The important thing is I GOT BACK UP! 


    Hours after posting my goals I had the craziest thing happen to me.  While I was in the bath a stranger walked into my apartment (the door is feet from my bathroom) and immediately left.  Naturally I thought I was going to be murdered in my bath, which thankfully didn't happen, and once that emotion passed I realized that my dogs bark sounded a little weird (she tends to bark at strangers, I'm finely attuned to her barks).  So I get out of the bath to check on her only to realize that my front door is wide open.  This fucktard not only accidentally walked into the wrong apartment, but he didn't even have the decency to close my door when he left.  Apparently my dog decided to walk out of said door and go on a merry adventure.  I found her in the next apartment well over.  She had corralled my neighbors into a corner and was barking at them.  They rudely informed me that my dog had chased them and their dog home and were clearly giving off the "why are you an irresponsible dog owner" vibe.  Even after I informed them that my house had JUST BEEN BROKEN INTO they still were irritated with me.  As you can imagine, this triggered a massive emotional eating event.  Not great hours after posting this.  But there is a silver lining!!  I bought a whole pint of ice cream and only ate about 1/3 of it.  And more importantly, I didn't eat it today either, I'm saving it for my cheat day.    


    So I've broke my diet once, not great.  However, I today I chose to take a caffeine pill today instead of buying a soda (and I had it on me, which is another win!).  


    I've also kept to my workout schedule.  I lifted on Monday and today.  Here's a breakdown of what I did.



    Warm Up:  Body weight workouts including squats, pushups, waiters bows, bear walks and arm circles.  

    Kettlebell Deadlift: 50lb 3x8

    Cable Rows: 25lb 3x8

    Bench Press: 55lb 3x5 (weight was more intense than I thought it was going to be)

    Leg Extensions from Kate Galliettes Unbreakable body: 1x8 (it's an isolated hip abductor set of exercises) 

    Hip Adduction Machine: 45 lb 3x12

    Foot and Wrist accessory stretches/exercises

    Cooldown: Yoga/Stretching 15 seconds per stretch



    Warm Up: 2 minutes on rowing machine, arm circles, body weight squats, body weight abdominal twists and arm circles

    Deadlifts: 65 lb AMRAP 1 minute then 2x8

    Hip Abduction Machine: 40lb 3x12

    Pull Up Machine: Full body weight assistance (just wanted to work on the neural pathway) 3x12

    Skull Crushers: 30lb 5x5 (planned on doing 3x8 but the weight ended up being more intense than I planned, and someone was using the next weight down)

    TVA Wallbraced Leg Drops (another UBB workout): 3x12

    Foot and Wrist accessory stretches/exercises

    Cooldown: Yoga/Stretching 15 seconds per stretch


    Hopefully as the weeks go on I'll settle on some core movements so we can see my progress.  My biggest focus right now is on my glutes (mostly because I already have strength in them so I can lift heavy) and on my arms (need to get wedding dress ready!!).  

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  16. 14 hours ago, Gemma said:

    Awesome goals! 

    Can you reward yourself with time for non-school fun stuff (e.g. an hour of uninterrupted, guilt-free wedding dreambook/window-shopping/browsing, or anything else that you enjoy but don't often have hours for)?  That doesn't necessarily motivate everyone, but I know it works for some. 

    ETA: Congratulations on your engagement!!!! 


    Gemma,  that's a really good idea.  I'm thinking about recruiting said fiance in on this time thing too.  Like maybe a weekend staycation with the two of us or something.  I am hoping to have my rewards for each goal by Sunday.  I'm thinking about making a megazord style reward.  Like each reward is great on their own, but if I do all the things it's like the BEST reward.  


    Laghail, what a perfect meme!  Love it!


    Br0din, I'm horrible at tone in digital media.  I am to assume you are an introvert?

  17. I DID THE THING!  And then the video was too big to upload so I posted it to YouTube (one day I'll figure out how to be good at message boards!) 



    Since I haven't been in the gym in a bit I went with what I thought would be the easiest variation, the 1 minute light weight AMRAP.  I decided on 65 lbs since 10lb plates were the lightest my gym has.  


    Welp, it wasn't a walk in the park I'll tell you that!!  The 30 second mark is actually tangible.  I felt like a python got a hold of my lower back!  I intended on posting that me jumping into this was a mistake, that I didn't head my own limitations yada yada yada.  However, after a day of paying attention to my body I'm actually super stoked I did this!  


    Normally deadlifts are tricky for me because I have a mild spinal defect that makes my lower back more susceptible to injury than most.  Normally I just keep everything very controlled and progress cautiously.  Well that went to hell today with this variation (my form was all over the place, I wasn't paying attention to my breath and so on).  I felt a lot of tension in my lower back towards the end of this so I thought I had injured myself (hence all the negative self talk).  But after a day of no back pain I think what I felt was my lower back engaging, not straining, which makes me wonder if I've been cheating myself in all of my previous workouts because I didn't feel that tension!


    Long story short:  This took me outside of my comfort zone, it was scary, I overcame my physical and mental limitations, and now I'm curious about and more confident in what my lower back is capable of.  

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  18. Hi everyone!  Thanks for following along :)  Quick tangent, I noticed that my signature is WAY out of date, so I'll be playing with that over the course of this challenge.  I haven't really been active on the forums since 2015, so bear with me while I get caught back up.  


    I'm so happy to see I'm not the only person who struggles on the caffeine front!  It really is comforting to know that other people (who are not addicted to amphetamines) have sought out pills as the solution.  


    To get right to it, I promised my goals today and here they are.....


    MAJOR GOAL: Look bad ass in my wedding dress!  (AKA - Lose 60 pounds) 

    This is outside the scope of this 4 week challenge, but it is the underlying motivator for most of my fitness related goals right now.  I plan on getting back into the habit of posting updates in my battle log so follow along there if you'd like (link is in my signature).  Side note: my battle log is MLP themed for those who are fans >.>


    DIET GOAL: Eat like an adult

    Every week I plan and prep every speck of what I should be eating and then like a toddler I throw a temper tantrum and wont eat what I made.  Instead I decide ice cream or fast food is a better meal choice then the nutritious food I've already bought AND COOKED!  Well NO MORE!!  

    Specifics of this goal:

    1. Continue to meal plan and batch cook weekly

    2. Only eat food that I have planned for

    3. I will allow one weekend day to be a full cheat day (For those naysayers on cheat days I am still a student and commit one day to full blown hermit style studying.  If you haven't ever experienced that it's necessary to have comfort food to survive)

    4. I am hosing a "friends-giving" on November 12th.  I am allowing myself to cheat both on the 11th and the 12th (one day for studying and one day for my event)

    5. Success will be 2 or less slip ups between now and the end of the challenge


    CAFFEINE GOAL: It's better to be a pill popper than a soda drinker! 

    I have to get over my angst about taking pills for energy.  I have tried a lot of things (most energy drinks REALLY mess me up, I hate the taste of coffee, tea makes me sick and well soda is a problem) and it seems all I am left with is caffeine pills.  I have taken them a few times without any physical symptoms, the process just makes me feel weird.  But I am going to overcome that in this challenge!

    Specifics of this goal:

    1. Whenever I feel I need a boost I will take caffeine pills

    2. I will keep pills in my pill pocket on my key chain at all times

    3. I will not drink soda even on my cheat days or friendsgiving

    4. I am setting up two ways for me to fail in this challenge (seems harsh I know) but I think it's necessary.  If I drink less than 2 sodas AND had my caffeine pills on me every time I need them I will be successful.  


    FITNESS GOAL: Workout regularly

    See previous comments about exercise ADD.  Because of that I am not going to create a "regimen" but instead just commit to strength training a certain amount of days a week.  I will post my workouts and expand on what I am doing (and probably ask for A LOT of help) in true warrior fashion.  I just don't want to set myself up for failure knowing my own tendencies.  

    Specifics of this goal:

    1. Strength train 3 days per week (Monday, Wednesday and Either Friday or Saturday)

    2. I will post weight progression here to create accountability surrounding my workouts

    3. I will also post on Instagram surrounding my progress to create even more accountability

    4. The weekend of friends-giving I will allow myself to do an at home workout instead of the gym for my Friday/Saturday workout

    5.  Success will be if I miss 2 or less workouts between now and the end of the challenge


    LIFE GOAL: Make new friends but keep the oooooooold, one is silver the other gold.

    I am a hardcore extrovert.  If I do not engage in interesting conversation at least once every other day I become wildly depressed (which usually causes severe emotional eating).  Since going back to school I have backed away from a lot of my social ties because I have a tendency to over obligate, and I knew if given the chance I would chose friends over school every time.  So for the past 3 years I have intentionally socially isolated myself.  My poor fiance has been my life line, but frankly I'm past just having him.  So I am going to make a conscious effort to see my family and friends again.

    Specifics of this goal:

    1. Get together with someone other than my fiance once per week

    2. These meetings need to be in person (phone or online conversations do not count)

    3. The meetings need to be intentional (running into someone at the grocery store doesn't count)

    4. These meetings need to be at least 30 minutes long

    5. Success will be if I do not miss a week of meetings (harsh I know, but there are only 4 weeks!)


    Jury is out on rewards.  I don't have a lot of money so my rewards need to be either free or cheap.  Given the way that I set up this challenge I'll probably need rewards for each goal.  I am open to ideas and suggestions.


    Thanks again for following along!  

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  19. Along for the ride!  I'm also planning on doing a social media accountability thing, especially with Instagram.  


    Also, my mom is FODMAP sensitive so I totally get that world.  I hope you figure out what works for you and what doesn't.  I can't wait to see what you do :)

  20. Hi everyone!  First time posting as a warrior (I think) and first time posting in a LONGGGG time!  I took a break from making health and fitness a priority because I was focusing on school.  Well good news, I graduate in 2 months!!!   


    Also good news, I'm getting married next November!  In light of my walk down the aisle I want to work on getting my physique back in order.  I like lifting heavy and I am definitely interested in overall strength as well as physique.  


    My training style is sort of all over the place right now.  I like the concept of training the powerlifting lifts plus accessory work, but the reality is I have workout ADD and can't keep to a regimen.  As its been awhile since I've focused on fitness I'm building in some leeway on my workouts.  


    Diet wise, I prefer to keep to a paleo-ish lifestyle.  I eat mostly clean with rice, white potatoes, oatmeal and sometimes butter added in without consequence.  My pitfall is that I emotionally eat and I love sweets, so I struggle with snack foods like ice cream and candy.  Also (as I am a student) caffeine is important to me when I study.  I hate coffee and most tea makes my stomach upset.  This means when I have to turn to caffeine it's in pop form.  I've purchased caffeine pills as an alternative, but taking them is a struggle.  I feel like a legit drug addict when I take them!  


    Lastly, on the life front I want to focus on getting back to my social life post school.  So my goal will include some extrovert time.  


    Sorry I'm late to the party (I know it started yesterday).  I just decided yesterday to get back on track and I was lucky that the challenge had just started.  I will post my actual challenge tomorrow when I'm on a computer and not a phone!!  

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