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  1. Hah. I don’t think brunch with me has ever been rated at 10/10 before. It was nice to meet you too.
  2. Geez, it’s been a while again. I’m still on vacation. Doing a lot of nothing. The humid air feels depleted of oxygen so that helps the doing nothing. I’ve thrown the KB around three times since I last reported and gone on a couple of 14 mile rides, but my gps quit working so I don’t have a record of them. ETA: I looked up an anti-inflammation diet. NO fried foods, NO sugar, NO simple carbs, limited red meat, limited processed food. I guess starving is anti-inflammatory. Peace out nerd friends.
  3. May your uncle’s journey be peaceful.
  4. That makes more sense. I’m terrible about figuring out light, medium, and hard. That’s part of why I stick with the high frequency programs. Maybe go down a bell size on light days and focus on technique?
  5. The last two or three days have been hard breathing days so I haven’t done a whole lot. I’m not sure why, there don’t seem to be any triggers unless 90% humidity is one. I had a snatch day- 8X7/7 at 12 kg. It felt good. We went to a real museum and the Museum of the Bizarre. The bizarre museum was a small warehouse-sized room crammed full of weird stuff, like “alien” skulls and the Fiji mermaid and movie props. It was well worth the $3 admission. Here’s a pic of Slothboy and me with a giant sloth skeleton.
  6. Yeah, he’s a pretty nice kid. Hah. Thanks. I thought you would think it was stupid. I had five scrapes about the size of a Euro coin and four are healing cleanly and one is a bit infected. 😇 Thanks. I think all kids start out good like that and are taught not to be.
  7. Erythritol is evil. A snatch day following a press day isn’t exactly a rest day 😉
  8. You had Covid and now walking makes you breathe hard? Here’s my unasked for advice, fuck the gym. Walking is where your fitness is right now, work on that on the days when you feel good. It’s a long recovery and you can only do what you can do. Good luck with it. I’ll try to pop in more often and see how you’re doing.
  9. Wow. Taking care of chronic pain and depression are huge accomplishments.
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