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  1. Sloth the Enduring

    The Courtyard (Monk General Chat)

    I thought this might be of interest to y’all. Japan’s Ninja Shortage
  2. Sloth the Enduring

    The Broken Mirror

    Wow. That’s cool. I’m impressed with all the stuff you manage to do with 3 kids.
  3. Sloth the Enduring

    The Broken Mirror

    Welcome to NF. 35 is young enough to do whatever you want. I like the idea of Kali, but I’ve never figured out how to carve time to try it. I also like blacksmithing and have a propane forge, but I haven’t figured out how to make time for it. Don’t be like me @Jakkals is a blacksmith and a bladesmith. Good luck with your goals.
  4. Sloth the Enduring

    Emrys Joins the Rebels

    Woot! Congrats on the PR. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Sloth the Enduring

    C_Q Makes Waffles

    You’re also at the end of a hard training block. You’d kick that tests ass after a taper.
  6. Sloth the Enduring

    Sloth: The Man with the Hammer

    7/15/18 Sunday This was a terrible back day. Like a bad toothache punctuated by kicks to the crotch for no apparent reason. Being in a bent over bike position is relatively painless, I went on a slow 39 mile ride with a friend. IIRC It took nearly 3 hours. 7/16/18 Monday I got a massage. It was terrifically painful. Massage dude said I had some of the tightest glutes he’s ever seen. I was walking better afterwards. I implemented the def-con 1 back protocols. -walk the dogs 3 times/day. Walking helps most everything. This adds about 4 miles. - rumble roll 3times/day. Rolling cures all. -15-20 minutes yoga morning and night. This is the maximum my brain can handle. -When I’m able I’ll add in shovelglove and ab work. 7/17/18 Tuesday still a bad back day when I woke up, by the afternoon things started to tone down. My big big race is 10 days. It doesn’t look like I’ll podium this year either. I went to my local trail to see if I could ride. I was able to, but not fast or hard. I could, however, handle small drops and standing on the pedals. It looks like I’ll be able to race. I think I got in 7 miles in 50 minutes. Song of of the day since I’m feeling a bit better. NSFW B/c theme & bikinis.
  7. Sloth the Enduring

    Sloth: The Man with the Hammer

    Ugh. I’m not even heavy by American standards, but I suspect you’re right. Sounds gruesome, but I’d do it to end this pain. I might get another cortisone shot. Older than @EricMN? I feel relief when I hook my foot on something and pull, so I’m hopeful. Where would you put it though? You’ve no basement. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great dog, but I’m allergic. In fact I put my foot down as a hard no when Mrs. Sloth asked about fostering this one. When we’ve visited former foster dogs in the past they’ve all been, “Who the fuck are you?” I just don’t like that sort of attention or sympathy in general. It makes me feel useless and and stupid. I’m not that bad off anyway, I’m functional, I just can’t train hard. Or bend over. Or climb stairs. I like that you get me. I would also accept a “harden the fuck up.” NSFW language Even better, I didn’t ride with him, I just compared Strava times. I wear the stars & bars jersey whenever I’m in red zones. It affords me another foot or two of distance when I’m being passed by pickup trucks. However, it doesn’t make a difference in blue zones when I’m passed by a Prius.
  8. Sloth the Enduring

    Like a Battle Axe

  9. Sloth the Enduring

    DJTrippyT: AMAZON

    Criminy. I’m sorry you have to go through that.
  10. Sloth the Enduring

    [Sylvaa] Takes a Break

    It sounds like things are a little rough right now. @Bearlee had his gallbladder removed recently and it seemed to go smoothly. Enjoy the corn picking and don’t overpack. Are all the kids coming with?
  11. Sloth the Enduring

    TGP is trying to get it back

    Whew. Quite a day. Good luck with it all.
  12. Sloth the Enduring

    The UnChallenge: Tanktimus Continues

    It’s good to see you lifting again. The bronchial tubes must have cleared up.
  13. Sloth the Enduring

    When a Ranger is down, she turns to the Corps

    Yep, gotta keep emergency food in the car. You don’t want to be driving around when you’re hangry.
  14. Sloth the Enduring

    Bearlee is ...

    Minnesota snob here, I actively dislike Iowa and Missouri, I’m meh on the Dakotas and Kansas, I really like Wisconsin until they remind me that they’re racist, redneck hillbillies.
  15. Sloth the Enduring

    DJTrippyT: AMAZON

    I’d call more endurance despite less riding a win for CE. This is the first year I’ve strictly been a cardio bunny and I think I’ll need to mix in a strength component next year. I’m not as resilient and I’m not climbing as well as I should, although that may also be age.