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  1. Wednesday Sep 21, 2022 I've been battling a ferocious man-cold for the last week. First one since masks became a thing. Also, it's that we're back to the days of coming to work sick and muscling through it. Although I did take yesterday off and slept. Before I got sick I was keeping up with the every other day workouts. I'll try to do replies tomorrow. Peace out.
  2. Hooray for doing the things! It might be bad air quality from the smoke blowing in.
  3. Wednesday Sep. 7, 2022 School is all consuming right now. It was a pretty good day though. Also I have the best teammates this year. Did I Discipline My Body? Conditioning Warm up + 6 rounds of One-handed Kettlebell snatch at 16 kg X 4/4 A real short session because I ran out of time, but it felt great and I wish I could have kept going. I also did 6 sets of Lateral Band Walks because I want a perky booty. Peace Out Nerd Friends.
  4. It won't be bad at all having you around. The guy who wrote "How to Speak Minnesotan" died this last week. It was a blow to linguists every where. It might not be as bad as you'd think. Hahaha. If it has tater tots I am in! It's good to have you here Raze. That's an OG Nerd avatar; did I miss a name change while I was absent? Hah. Thanks for the welcome. Those F'n robots are going to get what they deserve. I'm glad you're here Puck. I can't believe I forgot about Shovelglove. I should dust off my hammer. I love that MAMIL is my legacy.
  5. Monday September, 5 2022 - Labor Day Chill day. I mostly sat inside and pretended to prep for the first day of school. Discipline my Body? A simple workout - I set the before benchmarks on a few lifts Trap bar deadlift - 200# / 91kg Double Kettlebell Front Squat - 16/16 kg / 35/35# Kettlebell Clean & Press - 16/16 kg - 12s might actually be better Pull Ups - no; Inverted Rows - yes. Curl Bar - 75# / 34kg Tuesday September 6, 2022 First day of school. It went well enough. Discipline my Body? No - the first day is hard. Peace out nerd friends.
  6. Sloth has to discipline his body 'Cause I know that it's demanding To defeat those evil machines ETA: Apparently this song is about fighting cancer. Do not worry I don't have cancer, I just like the song.
  7. Friday August 26, 2022 Hello there. I started the summer with a couple of weeks of Covid. It was mild, but I basically slept for the whole time. I was given anti-virals and when I woke up from Covid the long-covid symptoms had disappeared (except for the asthma). So my life is much easier now. I'm slowly starting to rebuild my fitness. I've been Kettlebelling about twice a week (warm up + 20minutes work) and biking once or twice a week (~75 minutes). That's kind of the limit of my work capacity right now. The trial was a murder trial that was on the news every night. I didn't watch, but I skimmed some articles and it is pretty amazing how much they didn't tell us. It was about three weeks including three days of deliberations. It was a really stressful experience, but luckily all of the other jurors were nice and genuinely good people. The last week of the trial my family was away at a rented cabin. When we rejoined as a family my positivity challenge was to really focus on my marriage. Mrs. Sloth thought I was good husband already, but she is really appreciating this. A good friend died of cancer near the end of summer. I was a pall bearer and at the end his sons and I and a couple of others filled in the grave (it was a Jewish service). It was an honor to do that for him, but I was emotionally wrecked for the whole week. I can't even imagine what his wife and kids were/are going through. This was the first of two weeks of professional development. I moved grades (to 5 (11 year olds)) and classrooms and there's a new math curriculum so I have a lot of work to do both in setting up my space and planning for the year. I'll have a lot of support again this year because I have great teammates. I'm starting to get excited and a little nervous about the new year. I've been updating my wardrobe so no matter how the year goes at least I'll look good. Peace out Nerd Friends.
  8. Oh that looks great. The kitchen looks super handy. I want to modify the mini-van to make it better for camping and one of the goals is cooking out of the back.
  9. That looks like it was incredible! I hope it was fun.
  10. I enjoyed catching up here. Nice job on the bars. I’ve been procrastinating a brake switch and recabling for about a year now. All those hand positions are going to be great when you’re on RAGBRAI.
  11. Oof. Sounds like you’ve been through a lot recently. I gotta give you props for lifting and squatting through all that. If possible I’d love to see how you modded your van.
  12. Thanks again! Thanks! I don't feel too badly. Hah. I can't quit you; I'll always be back. At least until Spezzy shuts me down. This GIF always makes me happy. Thanks Brother. Your support was instrumental in those early positivity challenges. Hah. I can't promise I'm still funny. Thanks. It is a million times easier this time. I don't have anything new around here. Mrs. Sloth just gave the revised version of "Neverwhere"by Neil Gaiman; I love urban fantasy. I am also rereading "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. Professor Pausch had terminal cancer and this lecture is life advice for his kids. I read it 10 or 12 years ago and I wondered how it would read with 10 more year's perspective and having gone through all of this. Here's the lecture: Thanks brother. It's been a hard year, for everyone, but you're right I'm handling things much better than I used to. I'm good at the vague come over whenever you want, but turning that into an action is much harder to remember to do. This is my first time on a jury too after being on the voter rolls for 35 years. I was kind of excited. My back of the napkin math suggests you have about a 4% chance per year. I was looking forward to two weeks of sitting quietly in the jury pool just decompressing after this school year, but I was pulled into a panel immediately. At the panel I answered a really long questionnaire and went home. After the positive I emailed the clerks right away assuming I'd be excused from duty, but they wanted me to do the next step by Zoom. They asked a few questions about my health status. For one of them I answered, "The doctor said I'll be free to be in public on Friday and I wouldn't disagree with her." They were confused and I had to elaborate. Fancy-ass lawyers with their fancy degrees not even knowing how to speak Minnesotan. Anyway, the trial starts on Tuesday and I'll be able to attend in person then. I can't say much more until it's over. Thanks everyone. Not much to report as I'm still stuck in isolation. I'll likely have to ease back into exercise slowly so not much will happen that way for a while either. Today I sat on the patio all day, trying to figure out my paystub (the school district messed up a lot of people's final paycheck) and watching the kids in the pool from the far end of the patio. Slothchild returns from the Boundary Waters tonight and I'm excited to hear about their adventures. Peace out my friends.
  13. Wednesday June 29, 2022 Crap. I didn’t mean to disappear again. I have a bad news dump up ahead. Feel feel to skip ahead to my next update. School happened; the last day was Friday. There was a tragedy in the last weeks and it made an already stressful time almost impossible. This year was awful for a wide variety of reasons. It was as hard as the year that almost drove me out of the profession - and it did drive a surprising number of our teachers out. This year hit different though because: - I have a strong support system at school. I probably always did, but I’m a more grateful person now and I noticed it and I tried to show my appreciation to those people. - If you’ve been here forever many of my early challenges included a positivity aspect because I was a grumpy ass curmudgeon. They’ve paid off and it allows me to absorb more before I’m affected. - I’m more able to redirect the students in a positive manner. My students all loved and respected me even when they weren’t able to regulate their behavior. - I am world’s more social now than I ever was before. I certainly wouldn’t say I have extrovert energy though. I don’t know why this helped. - Which led me to have happy hour Fridays with my fellow staff on my patio the last few weeks of school. We blew off steam and commiserated. This week: Friday I was at a wake and I thought my allergies were bad. Saturday I was coughing and Mrs. Sloth made me test before the funeral. It was positive of course. I went and got an official test and the rapid test was negative. I figured the home test was more likely to be false and ignored it. Monday I went in to jury duty. In the afternoon my slow test came back positive. So I have Covid again. This time is a whole lot easier than the first time. I am also on anti- virals. Tuesday I had a Zoom meeting with a judge and lawyers and I’ll be on a trial next week. I also finished up the last of my school paperwork. I figure I can ignore school until August. Wednesday - laid around all day. Watched some bike racing and some Star Wars animations. Tried to read. Thanks for believing in me and supporting me. I know not to promise, but I’ll try to be present again. Peace out.
  14. Oh my God. You guys are the best. I must have my notifications turned off, I didn’t know I had any posts. I had a bit of relapse and stopped working out again. I’m better again, but it broke the habit train and I haven’t gotten back into it. I just hate posting to say I haven’t done anything. I came back because I heard about Willy.
  15. That’s so awful. I’m going to miss Willy.
  16. Thrilling is an interesting word choice for that. Hah. The kindergarteners were fantastic. Nice. Cave of the Mounds by Mt. Horeb. With the long distances in Texas, I bet running out of gas is still fairly common. Wow. When I was a single man with untreated ADHD I used to forget to eat fairly often and I’d break my fast with a frozen pizza and macaroni and cheese and maybe ice cream too. Aramis is on the right track. It was the day after spring break. So in the morning, when I normally have breakfast, I was running around like a crazy man taking care of the things I ignored before I left, the same at prep, and at lunch I had a meeting I wasn’t expecting, after school there was a crisis on the bus with my new student so I was in the office dealing with that. I got home and Slothchild and their History Day group was freaking out over computer and other tech issues. By the time I finally had a moment to sit down and eat my yoghurt and granola it was 6:00. Shortly after my late breakfast Mrs. Sloth and I went to dinner to celebrate our 13th Anniversary (21st or 22nd as a couple). We had Ramen; I could have eaten two. Our new school day is 45 minutes longer to make up for lost time due to the strike and I might need a while to adapt to that. I can’t think of anything else going on with me. I’m about to work out for the first time in my a week. Wish me luck. Peace Out
  17. I’m breaking an unintentional 22 hour fast. Those of you who do this on purpose, What the Heck? WHAT THE HECK! This is awful.
  18. How does one celebrate Tomb Sweeping Day, besides the obvious.
  19. Hello Conquius. I’ve mostly been off the bike for the last couple of years because of long Covid. Before the pandemic my focus was marathon mountain biking. I’d like to get back into it this year. I have a few bikes, but I mostly ride a Ritchey P-29 (steel hard tail). I have gravel tires on it right now for urban cruising and base miles. I’m seriously considering selling my stuff off and simplifying to just this bike (or a different hard tail) and having two or three wheel sets for different rides. This will sound cheesy, but as long as I’m outside and the weather is good I really enjoy whatever ride I’m doing and that my favorite ride. I mostly put in zone 2 road miles or mountain bike on metro trails. What kind of bike adventuring are you doing.
  20. Wednesday April 6, 2022 No fitnessing today. Today’s drama was trying to drive into town. The ‘low fuel’ light came on on the way home last night. This morning going into town we hit an intersection 9 miles from town and the car’s display said 5 miles range. We diverted to a town that was 7 miles away and hoped for the best. The last mile wound downhill and we coasted all the way to the gas station. This tiny town of less than 900 people in the middle of nowhere had a super high end bike shop. It had bikes I’ve only seen online. I bought some mountain bike tires. I guess I’m mountain biking again after a couple years off. Our big ticket event was a cave tour. It was really cool, but it was self-guided and needed more signs so we knew what we were looking at. Peace out my friends.
  21. Thanks. This post needs a ‘love’ button. The secret to ghosts is to make friends with them. I gotta admit, the rattling chains are a bit much.
  22. Wednesday April 6, 2022 Hello Nerd Friends! Last week we were back at work and it was a killer. Teaching is like acting on stage - you’re not doing anything physical, but it’s exhausting. I also tried to put in my very best teaching to help get them back in a proper groove. Friday the building didn’t have enough reserve teachers so I ended up with half a kindergarten class added to mine. It was the best day all year. We made messy art, played a lot of games, and had an extra recess slot. I don’t remember if I mentioned this, but I basically stopped working out during the strike and started eating lots of doughnuts. Over the last 4 weeks or so I put the three inches back on my belly that I had just worked off. I did one Trap Bar Deadlift workout, I wasn’t feeling it so I only worked up to 205# / 93kg. This week is spring break. We wanted to get away, but not spend too much so we are in Wisconsin in a haunted one-room schoolhouse that has been converted into an Air BnB. There is nothing around for miles, but there must have been a village here once. It’s really relaxing. Yesterday we drove to the nearest city and did an urban hike with my cousin’s family. I brought a 16kg kettlebell. Last night I did snatches (super smooth), cleans (super ugly and bashing my wrists) which I shut down right away, and one-hand swings. Peace out.
  23. Just get rid of them. You’re not going to want work on the yard if you feel fat.
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