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  1. Thanks Scaley! It’s good seeing you too. Thanks. You too. Man, I almost bought chips and hummus yesterday too, but I did have coffee and toast this morning. Oh wow. Tank’s & @WhiteGhost’s recipes! This will be a great start. Thanks. —————- Thursday 12/22/22 The cookie baking was fun. We tried making Krumkakas which are a Norwegian cookie that’s kind of like a hard crepe wrapped into a cone. These are a big deal in Minnesota. You make them on an ancient piece of iron that is similar to a stove top waffle iron. The Krumkaka irons all came over on the boat from Norway and were passed down from eldest daughter to eldest daughter - if you weren’t an eldest daughter you are only ever going to eat a Krumkaka if your aunt likes you enough to give you some. The thing about Krumkaka batter is that it’s very flammable. After the second time that we started the stove top on fire we gave up. We instead watched a Hallmark Christmas movie about a secret agent who fell in love. Today I went to my ex’s house and shoveled it out - the snow was deep, but fluffy - I’m calling that my workout. I also did the neighbor lady’s. It was about -7 F / -21 C when I did that so I spent about an hour in a hot bath when I got home. The rest of the day was lazy. Right now I’m trying to make fish curry (paste from a jar) for second dinner, the sticking point is figuring out how to work the rice cooker. Peace Out Nerd Friends.
  2. Thanks. I’m always glad when I come back and see that the OGest of the OGs is still here. That would be an incredible resource. You what else would be awesome? A Tank Cooks Tik Tok channel. That would certainly be better than the candy and Mountain Dew I was having for dinner when I read this. ——————- Tuesday December 20, 2022 I was able to see the kids*. We went Christmas shopping for their mom and adult brother. It was really nice to spend time with them just being normal. *Getting to see them has been more difficult than I anticipated. No training, but I got my steps in. Wednesday December 21, 2022 A C&P of my FB Solstice blessing. We’ve all lived through dark times in our world, or worse in our hearts, that seem as endless as the dark and cold of winter. As the Sun returns to us to begin to chase away the dark and the cold, may Light and Warmth and Love also return to us and chase away the dark in our lives and in our hearts. A Joyous Solstice to you my friends. I slept in and attempted to work out. After I get out of the tub (I’m taking a page from @deftona ‘s life hacks and staying here all morning) I’m going to run a couple errands and then go to a friend’s for cookie making. We might be in for some real snow so I’m bringing gear so I can sleep on the couch if need be. Training S&S warm up at 12kg Attempted ABC, but couldn’t get below parallel because I was so stiff. Ended up doing Double KB cleans at 16/16 kg, 5 sets of 8. I meant to do 4 sets, but lost count. Finished with some ab work. Happy Solstice my Friends
  3. Oof… Thanks brother. Thanks Bouncer. I hope you have a warm place to hole up tomorrow. Monday December 19, 2022 I went Christmas shopping with a friend and that was about it. Relearning how to cook is going poorly. Tank, did you ever compile a cookbook? Training: I did five rounds of the Armor Building Complex at 16/16 kg + 5X10 KB swings afterwards. I felt great afterwards, but my lower half is sore and achey today. Peace Out.
  4. The One Week Challenge Version There’s a whole lot of rebuilding that needs to be done around here. Your body, mind, and spirit are all one. Rebuilding my physical state will improve my emotional state and give me mental clarity. I’m going to focus on Dan John’s Armor Building Complex - warmup + a complex of 2 KB cleans, 1 overhead, and 3 front squats with double 16 kg kettlebells. If I have time and energy I’ll finish with 2-hand kettlebell swings at 24 kg. Armor Building Complex article I’m going to copy & paste this challenge next time. TIA for your support. Peace Out my friends.
  5. Hah. Shovelglove was supposed to be the shorter, easier thing. The proscribed Shovelglove workout is a 14 minimum effective dose workout. 10 X 10 KB swings would also work as a MED. That would be the start of a habit. It's not a bad goal. Yes. Shovelglove is like going home again. It's not like I was a regular poster. So... News. My personal life has been really difficult for quite a while now and after Thanksgiving Mrs. Sloth and I separated. I've been meaning to start a new challenge, but life has been hectic with setting up a new apartment and trying to figure out all the things I need to take care of to start shared custody. We'll all get through it, but the next few months will probably be difficult. Peace Out Nerd Friends So... News. My personal life has been difficult for a while now and shortly after Thanksgiving Mrs. Sloth and I separated. Things are pretty hectic right now as I sort out and equip an apartment and trying to figure out shared custody of the slothlings. I keep meaning to start the new challenge, but there's been a lot of other stuff filling my time. Peace Out Nerd Friends.
  6. Thanks brother. I can't say I've had more encouraging support. Thanks brother. Thanks. Oh definitely. It's really easy to backslide. Thanks brother. Monday November 21, 2022 I've had a lot of trouble motivating myself lately. I've only Shovelgloved once. Not a whole else going on otherwise. Peace out.
  7. YOU CAN DO IT SHAAR! I believe in. you. Sunday November 6, 2022 Today I Shovelgloved for 25 minutes at 16# and did KB swings for 10 minutes (99 swings) at 24kg. I'm revisiting the positivity goals from my early challenges. You'd think after all these challenges I'd be the most positive MFer ever. Anyway, I've started keeping a gratitude journal a week ago. I'm also focusing on expressing my gratitude to others. There are a surprising number of people who support me including all of you fine folks. Thank you; you've helped make me a better person. Yesterday I went to the funeral of a woman I've never met. It was my wife's brother's wife's mother or my sister-in-law's mother. By all accounts this woman was viciously mean and Grandma thought it would be an empty chapel, so we went to support my SIL. The only people there were her two children, their spouses and people like us who came to support them. My point here is that I'd better keep working on these positivity challenges. Peace out Nerd friends.
  8. Thursday November 3, 2022 Still ShovelGloving. Not much else going on. The students have been challenging me to challenges at recess - I can still go across the monkey bars, can shimmy across a long horizontal bar, and can hang upside down on the monkey bars. If only they were still running Hammer Races, I think I'd be ready.
  9. Tuesday November 1, 2022 I've been Shovelgloving, but not everyday more like almost every other day, I'm using a 16# hammer for 20 minutes and do 2-handed Kettlebell swings at 24 kg for 10 minutes. Soreness has migrated to my mid-back. I think I'll be done being sore soon. Halloween was a huge deal in our neighborhood. The slothlings were off on their own for the first time so I got to sit around and hand out candy.
  10. Moreso the shoulders. Thanks. I think I gave it to them; I've the last few weeks sick. I'm glad you're here sister. Willie Nelson is amazing. The second slothling wouldn't fall asleep if I sang Johnny Cash so I had to switch up my repertoire to Willie.
  11. Monday I Shovelgloved - 20 minutes swinging the sledge and 10 minutes swinging the kettlebell. Since then my arms have been cripplingly sore. Hopefully I'll be able to go again tomorrow (Friday). The rest of the family is sickly, maybe the flu. So we haven't been doing anything. Peace out Nerds.
  12. To quote the great Tank, "Fix it with Shovelglove!" Thanks! Thanks Brother Jedi. Woot! Consider them shoveled! Thanks Brother.
  13. I started with ShovelGlove and in my time of need I feel an undeniable urge to go back to the start.
  14. Dang, I missed the whole challenge. The pink robots destroyed city. 😥 That was a horrendous man-cold, it took about four weeks to stop coughing and start feeling human again. I did my first workout last night. I felt tired and weak, but it'll come back. Looks like I'll be thinking of a new theme.
  15. Wednesday Sep 21, 2022 I've been battling a ferocious man-cold for the last week. First one since masks became a thing. Also, it's that we're back to the days of coming to work sick and muscling through it. Although I did take yesterday off and slept. Before I got sick I was keeping up with the every other day workouts. I'll try to do replies tomorrow. Peace out.
  16. Ahhh. That’s who you are. I’m glad you’ve returned too.
  17. Hooray for doing the things! It might be bad air quality from the smoke blowing in.
  18. Wednesday Sep. 7, 2022 School is all consuming right now. It was a pretty good day though. Also I have the best teammates this year. Did I Discipline My Body? Conditioning Warm up + 6 rounds of One-handed Kettlebell snatch at 16 kg X 4/4 A real short session because I ran out of time, but it felt great and I wish I could have kept going. I also did 6 sets of Lateral Band Walks because I want a perky booty. Peace Out Nerd Friends.
  19. It won't be bad at all having you around. The guy who wrote "How to Speak Minnesotan" died this last week. It was a blow to linguists every where. It might not be as bad as you'd think. Hahaha. If it has tater tots I am in! It's good to have you here Raze. That's an OG Nerd avatar; did I miss a name change while I was absent? Hah. Thanks for the welcome. Those F'n robots are going to get what they deserve. I'm glad you're here Puck. I can't believe I forgot about Shovelglove. I should dust off my hammer. I love that MAMIL is my legacy.
  20. Monday September, 5 2022 - Labor Day Chill day. I mostly sat inside and pretended to prep for the first day of school. Discipline my Body? A simple workout - I set the before benchmarks on a few lifts Trap bar deadlift - 200# / 91kg Double Kettlebell Front Squat - 16/16 kg / 35/35# Kettlebell Clean & Press - 16/16 kg - 12s might actually be better Pull Ups - no; Inverted Rows - yes. Curl Bar - 75# / 34kg Tuesday September 6, 2022 First day of school. It went well enough. Discipline my Body? No - the first day is hard. Peace out nerd friends.
  21. Sloth has to discipline his body 'Cause I know that it's demanding To defeat those evil machines ETA: Apparently this song is about fighting cancer. Do not worry I don't have cancer, I just like the song.
  22. Friday August 26, 2022 Hello there. I started the summer with a couple of weeks of Covid. It was mild, but I basically slept for the whole time. I was given anti-virals and when I woke up from Covid the long-covid symptoms had disappeared (except for the asthma). So my life is much easier now. I'm slowly starting to rebuild my fitness. I've been Kettlebelling about twice a week (warm up + 20minutes work) and biking once or twice a week (~75 minutes). That's kind of the limit of my work capacity right now. The trial was a murder trial that was on the news every night. I didn't watch, but I skimmed some articles and it is pretty amazing how much they didn't tell us. It was about three weeks including three days of deliberations. It was a really stressful experience, but luckily all of the other jurors were nice and genuinely good people. The last week of the trial my family was away at a rented cabin. When we rejoined as a family my positivity challenge was to really focus on my marriage. Mrs. Sloth thought I was good husband already, but she is really appreciating this. A good friend died of cancer near the end of summer. I was a pall bearer and at the end his sons and I and a couple of others filled in the grave (it was a Jewish service). It was an honor to do that for him, but I was emotionally wrecked for the whole week. I can't even imagine what his wife and kids were/are going through. This was the first of two weeks of professional development. I moved grades (to 5 (11 year olds)) and classrooms and there's a new math curriculum so I have a lot of work to do both in setting up my space and planning for the year. I'll have a lot of support again this year because I have great teammates. I'm starting to get excited and a little nervous about the new year. I've been updating my wardrobe so no matter how the year goes at least I'll look good. Peace out Nerd Friends.
  23. Oh that looks great. The kitchen looks super handy. I want to modify the mini-van to make it better for camping and one of the goals is cooking out of the back.
  24. That looks like it was incredible! I hope it was fun.
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