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  1. Wow! I read the beginning of your thread and this last post. What a journey you've had. I'd like to know more about the hiking group. Can you send me info? Thanks.
  2. Hey Ajaxus, 

    I'm a fellow Missoula rebel. I saw you post and thought I'd say hi. 

    Perhaps we work out at the same gym? I belong to the Peak (Downtown Missoula). 


    What kinds of goals do you have? (Fitness and otherwise?)

    1. MissoulaSquatch


      Hey! I saw your post the other day and forgot all about it.

      I actually work out at MUST, Missoula Urban Strength Training Center, it's like a block or two from Draught Works out in the Railyard, pretty cool place.

      So the hiking group is on Meetup.com, and we just started a Facebook group as well since it makes it a bit easier to disseminate information to people.



      We typically go out for a meal and a beer after the hikes if we aren't tired of each other yet, lol

      A nerd I met at Camp NF last year just moved up here a few weeks ago and co-Admins with me now, he is an Appalachian Trail Thru Hiker.  Tonight we have to discuss some logistics but I want to split things up a bit and put him in charge of the Intermediate/Advanced hikes while I take over the Beginner/Intermediate hikes.  I start a bulking routine this week that's pretty freaking intense..and I'd be risking a major burnout/injury if I continued to do some of the insane climbs we've done.  So we should have a ton more variety in hiking options soon with the two of us going independent of each other for a bit.

  3. I just reread my last post here. In case you are wondering, I meant to say that I am trying to grow spinach "in pots on" my porch. Not in poison. ☺
  4. Hey. Checking in on a restful Saturday morning. Hope you are doing well. I love that you have a garden. I wish I could, but the deer would destroy it, and I'm not allowed a fence really. I'm trying to grow some spinach in poison my porch. . We'll see if I can pull it off. Have a good weekend.
  5. Doing well considering all that's been happening. I've getting in regards home workouts but missed yesterday. I will make it up today. Eating is good. I showed great restraint the other day when I said no to cake at the office I sometimes work at. I need to keep on the pull ups to reach my challenge goal. Beers are on track, and tracking my time is getting better and better. I would say meditation is still my worst performance. Tried to use a YouTube video yesterday to meditate as I was really stressed. It crashed my computer, causing even more stress. Lol. Kids are away this weekend, so I hope to do some rest and relaxation.
  6. Did day1 of c25k the other day. And did a nice home workout the next... Sort of a modified advanced body workout. Certainly met the 5 mile walk mini goal... The dog is happy. With mounting medical bills, I'm not buying beer, so that goal is going to be easier to meet... Meditation class starts Wednesday at noon. Wish me luck. ðŸ˜. Time tracking continues to improve. I'm giving myself permission to get better at this in increments. I had thought I could just flip a switch and be instantly good at it, but it's more if a steadily improve sort of thing. I will do a strength wo today, and lots of home projects like housecleaning, and yard work. I hope everyone is well.
  7. Welcome! I'm pretty new too. Been reading steve's emails for over a year though. finally dove in to the forum. It took a bit of reading to figure it all out. I'm still not sure I get all of it... but it's a fun little game to play around on here. Post some goals, and we'll cheer you on.
  8. Hi Durzo. Just checking in with you. I hope you've found a challenge group to work with, including some accountability buddies. If not, you should join our little band over here. I'm sure you'd be welcome. We're a fun little band of misfits. :-) I know if feels odd to be posting updates into the webesphere... that's where having a few folks who are there for you no matter what can be good. Drop me a note to touch base. Hope you are well. - RedDavy65
  9. Hi to all following my progress here. Quick update. I had a week off last week, as my wife was in the hospital for most of it, and I was by her side. She's home now, resting, minus an appendix that had turned to the dark side. We put our gym membership on hold while she recovers, so I'm working out in our home gym. (dumbells, pull up bar, pushups, squats plus recumbent bike and treadmill. I'll be taking the dog for lots of walks too for the walking mini challenge. I'm looking for ideas of other home workout options. I know there is the body weight workout. But other options are welcome. I did 5 pull ups about a week ago. and 8 chin ups yesterday. I don't know if I'll get to my goal of 8 traditional pull ups.. but I'm over half way there. For my meditation goal, I'm trying, but need some help. I've signed up for a meditation class, but it starts on the 20th. So I may not get full points for that one... As for the less beer quest... it certainly helps me choose not to drink a beer every night, but I would not say I'm very excited about doing well on this goal. I don't know why I even set it. Feels like I'm giving it up for lent. Finally, the billable hours deal. This is the hardest. Still needs work. But I'm doing a bit better on tracking my time. This one will have to be repeated. It will get my lowest score during the challenge.
  10. OK. here's an update. Wife is home, resting. Doing better each day. I worked out at our gym on Monday, but put our membership on a two month hold while my wife heals. This means home workouts for 8 weeks. Which is fine. I'd like to drop the gym membership anyway. That's 20 minutes of driving each way I could save and put to better use. (quick question; does anyone know some other good home workout resources found here in the forum or elsewhere)? On Sunday I did pullups, pushups and squats. Monday - final workout at gym. (pushups, chin ups (8 in a row) etc etc. Today (Tuesday) I did 36 minutes on the home recumbent bike while watching an episode of N0VA. Points for working out... Food: I'm working at a remote office today, and brought a healthy lunch. In the kitchen was a huge cake with a sign saying "have some". Funny, I was reading the Avenger's Email about how Thor or Blackwidow would say "I don't eat cake". So I said it too, and walked away. (do you know what they make icing with? It's really not good for you). I'm working at a stand up desk today this afternoon too. Getting a lot of stuff done without the distractions at home. )(dog, wife, dishes). So all in all pretty happy with the week so far. points for working out points for standing points for NOT EATING ANY CAKE
  11. Hey guys. It's been a while, so I'm taking a moment to update you. I've not worked out this week, as rushed my wife to the ER on Sunday night and then again on Tuesday. We finally figured out she needed an appendectomy. She's now in hospital recovering for a few days after a few complications with the surgery. So I'm extra busing doing the extra work around the house, spending most of my days by her side at the hospital, and then trying to catch up on work after I tuck in the kids. Doing high-knees is the last thing on my mind! :-) That said, I know getting a little exercise is going to be important for MY health and so I can be able to be supportive of her. I plan to walk the dog this am (He's not getting as much attention as he likes either). And I'll try to get in 30 push ups, 15 pullups, some squats and some situps before heading back to her hospital room. Oh, I do have one interesting story, which makes me grateful for my current fitness level. I spread about 5 yards of mulch on Sunday afternoon (before she got sick) and was pushing a wheel barrow full of mulch up a ramp, when it started to slip. It began pushing me back down the ramp backwards, but I was able to muscle it enough to keep it from falling on me, and when I finally fell, I was uninjured. Had I not been in better shape, I might have also been in the ER that day! So keep up the good fight for me. I'll report back when I'm on track again.
  12. Happy Birthday Crar! I hope you have a great one.
  13. Hey guys. Quick check in. I did a body weight workout yesterday, with push-ups, pull ups, handstand push ups and body rows. There was a yoga warm up. Today we did cardio... 5 rounds of 40 seconds filled by 20 seconds rest. 6 stations. Jump rope, burpees, med ball slams, kick outs, box jumps, bear crawl. Last night I attended a movie premier of a documentary type craft beer industry in Montana. I had only one beer. I could have easily ordered another if not for my commitment to this round. Hurray for accountability buddies! I'm getting a late start on work today but hope to get in my 4 hours billable for the day. Starting NOW.
  14. We did high knees as part of our warm up today, but I'll try to do some more soon. Question: Do you guys like to see my workouts? or can i just say "bwb" or "cardio day". Also, should I also be posting anything in the Adventurer Challenge Forum? I have that post over there.. which I link to in my signature... so I feel like I should. Let me know what you think. We may need to get Cheerful Dame and others to chime in again. I'm curious how they are doing. As for the procrastination thing... This forum could be my biggest challenge! (irony). I also spent about 30 minutes organizing my browser's bookmarks yesterday. Not productive at all really. Oops!
  15. Hey ironchefed, great job on finding healthy food on the road. I'm impressed.
  16. Hey guys. Quick check in. I did a body weight workout yesterday, with push-ups, pull ups, handstand push ups and body rows. There was a yoga warm up. Today we did cardio... 5 rounds of 40 seconds filled by 20 seconds rest. 6 stations. Jump rope, burpees, med ball slams, kick outs, box jumps, bear crawl. Last night I attended a movie premier of a documentary type craft beer industry in Montana. I had only one beer. I could have easily ordered another if not for my commitment to this round. Hurray for accountability buddies!
  17. Welcome Durzo. I'm new here too, but already feel part of a large group of friends. Check out a beginner "challenge". It's fun to set little goals, and feel like there are others watching you compete with yourself to accomplish them. Friends online, like the ones you find here, can be just as helpful (perhaps more so) than people you know in person. They say we are like the 5 people we hang around with most. (or something like that). so surround yourself with positive, motivated people.. online or in person. Set some goals (study more, sleep during the day less, take an online course) and find a group here who will cheer you on. Hang in there.. even the longest journey starts with the first step.
  18. Wow. What a day. Volunteered at a community garden this am to help week garden beds. Then to church to clean after coffee hour. Tons of shopping.. Then more yard work, laundry, and helping my wife cook and clean up dinner. I stopped for a few minutes to see how many pull ups I could do. (5). Then did some sit ups and push ups for good measure. I had reached my weekly drive limit, so instead of a beer I made some ice tea. Also said no to the girl scouts cookies calling my name. All in all a plus day.
  19. Thanks crar4221. That was the push I needed to figure it out.
  20. Saturday 4/25 The girls had a friend over last night, so for breakfast it was homemade sourdough pancakes. I had fewer than I normally would and still felt full. went to the group class today. It was hard. a Pyramid of 20/25/30/35/30/25/20 reps of these exercises... Skaters Russian Twists Log Jumps Umpas Burpees I must do harder versions than other people, as many finished in 40 or 45 minutes. I ran out of time (50 minutes was the max) and had just finished the 2nd to last round. That's OK though. I was working hard, and that's what matters. Also volunteered at the church rummage sale, carrying heavy tables, etc during the clean up. Felt strong. and then ran around the yard getting wet as I turned on the lawn sprinklers for the summer. Tomorrow will be some yard work I suspect. Oh, and more "yard work" via a community service project at church (If I get to bed soon so i can get up and do that).
  21. Nice Job! I'm impressed with your achievement while on the road. Keep up the effort. We're cheering you on. How do you keep track of your goals? I just have a sheet of paper on my desk. Easy to reach over and pencil a note. You?
  22. Sometimes my character goes as Red Davy or RedDavy65. This comes from a website I visited long ago where you put in your real name and it created a pirate name for you. I'm new to this forum, but have been a subscriber of nerd fitness email updates for about a year. I've done lots of exercise in my life, and I think it's a good thing as my family seems to have a genetic predisposition to be a bit heavy. A quick history of my journey low these 50 years. kid. biked everywhere, played a little soccer and hockey (didn't really like either all that much). Played baseball until the pitchers started throwing stuff I couldn't hit. (I loved being catcher). highschool. ran track, swim team. Never the star, but enjoyed both. Ran cross country.. didn't so much like that. Discovered I'm more of a sprinter than long distance sort of guy. college. not much.. began lifting a bit, played intramural sports. Ultimate Frisbee...*love". Post College> Really got into weight lifting. developed decent size.. then my weight lifting buddy (a woman) started dating a triathlete. She wanted me to work out with her. I did so just to be supportive... but got into it as well. Ended up completing a variety of triathlons including the Ironman Canada in 1994. My time as 13.5 hrs. Was pretty burned out after that... and took a bunch of time off. Since then, just a regular commitment to hitting the gym, for both weights and cardio. i really enjoy a good spin class. about 7 months ago my wife and I joined "Monkey bar Gym". This is sort of set up like a cross fit gym, in the sense that there are set times to go and work as a group in doing a workout of the day. but this place has almost no equipment. There are pull up bars, and some straps with handles we use for things like "body rows". Otherwise, it's a lot of pushups, and burpees, and oh yeah, the Power Wheel. I'm up to about 40 yards of Power Wheel Crawl... which is pretty cool since when I started I couldn't do 2 yards. For diet, I do pretty well. I enjoy craft beer, so that probably is my biggest sin. I also haven't met a cookie I didn't like. But even in this first week am finding myself saying "eh, I don't really need to eat that". My wife is a dietitian, so we eat really well. She doesn't bad mouth the paleo diet, but I'm pretty sure we're not following it either. But I need to learn more about it. What's really inspiring about this is the Attributes in the Role Playing are making me think about other areas of my life I've ignored... like Yoga or Meditation, or time management, etc. So I'm excited to think about how to work on working on leveling up, or gaining experience points by creating and working on goals around that. I'm married, and have twin daughters. We live in Missoula MT. If you know anyone in my area let me know, It would be fun to meet fellow Rebels in person. Thanks for taking time to read this. I wish you all the best in your journey... Red...
  23. Newbie question for my new friend here... how do I get those goal bars and the attributes to show up below my posts like some of you? Is this in the signature or something?
  24. Oh I can really relate to the "just do 10 minutes" thing. I'll put off something for weeks, thinking it's a big deal, and then when I finally have to do it, it turns out to be pretty easy and sometimes doesn't take as long as I imagined. Just doing 10 minutes of all the things on my list would get so many checked off, and others under way. This coming week I'm going to schedule some time to try to spend 10 mins max on a bunch of things that i've been putting off.
  25. Hi guys. Thanks for making me feel welcome in this group. This is my first challenge. I posted elsewhere my goals for this week. I'll copy that post below, but Here I'll just talk about challenges, and highlights. You'll be my more inner circle. Who knows how much I'll open up. Too early to tell. I think at least a weekly check in would be great, but I've followed this thread and if I see others asking questions, or needing support, count on me to be there to do my part. Here then is the copy of my post from the adventurers mini forum. The big "life goal" is to become more well rounded and at peace. 6 week (ok 4 weeks now) goals: Exercise: Work out 4 x / week minimum. (2 cardio type / 2 strength) By end, be able to do 8 controlled pull ups Food. Eat Healthy, and start to learn about paleo. Limit alcohol to 5 drinks per week. Time Management: This is my worst attribute. I'm not sure how to create a smart goal around this.. I work for myself, so I haven't got anyone buy myself (and the fear of losing a client) to motivate me. How about "Log at least 20 billable hours into my time tracking software each week" Stress Management: Try to learn about Meditation and at least twice a week sit and try to meditate for at least 10 minutes each time. I like how we are encouraged to work on many aspects of our selves. Ok, so as i understand it. I can just come back and reply to this post with updates along the way. Next step... see if I can figure out minis. etc. Lots to learn. Wish me luck, and I'll try to be here for you all too. Red.
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