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  1. Wow, you are killing it dude. I wanna be you when I grow up.
  2. Well... not really. With my wife it was a matter of her having some other health issues that she knew were being exacerbated by the extra weight (Sleep apnea, psoriasis, etc.). But really, what really brought her around was my dogged determination in achieving my goals (quitting smoking, working out and dieting while sick, etc). I never told her that I wanted her to do it with me or that she needed to, but when she mentioned it I'd always tell her that if she chose to, I'd help. BTW- Have I mentioned how much I love Keto? Last night had a Filet Mignon, rested in a Beurre Monte which was then used to make a garlic-butter-herb pan sauce and some riced cauliflower mac and cheese style.
  3. So yeah... it was an "OMG I've caught something awful" kind of cough. Still held true to my goals (I didn't run, though I did walk on the treadmill) and now I'm in a "biggest loser" style of competition with a few friends so theres some extra incentive. Pretty much better now (my entire 4 day weekend was spent sick, awesome right?) so if I can maintain a bit longer, I should be back to my equilibrium and back to my old self. Oh, and my wife has decided to hop on the fitness train with me finally and is going to be making changes to her diet and exercising with me. This should make things a lot easier.
  4. Here I go, trying yet again to organize my life despite my affinity for chaos. So many goals, so many challenges ahead, and yet so much accomplished in 2016 that I'm confident and optimisitic. 2016 was a year of improvements for me: I lost around 50 lbs, give or take 10 or so depending on my bloat level. I got a new job that I don't hate with a passion (used to regularly tempt myself with the idea of hopping into traffic on the way to work, not to kill myself but because an injury would mean at least a day off). I began dressing like an adult- no more hoody and jeans for this guy, as I type this, I'm wearing corderoys, a collared shirt, shawl necked cardigan, and a dress shirt with a Star Wars tie (gotta rep the nerd in me). 2017 is going to continue the trend or kill me as I try. I've got multiple long term goals and a few short termers laid out. Long-ish Term Goal: Run a half Marathon by September- Diet/ Fitness Goal # 1- Do Couch 2 5k/Zombies Run 3 times a week without exception- If I can maintain that pace, I should finish the C25K by March and be able to meet my goal of September. This should assist me in... Long-ish Term Goal: Hit 185ish lbs by April- (Vacation time) Diet/ Fitness Goal #2- Maintain keto 6 days a week- I've had really good luck doing the CKD... kinda. My wife doesn't do it with me so its a difficult lifestyle situation. However, I was able to lose quite a bit of weight with a 5 day a week program. If I can maintain 6 days a week, I should reach my long term goal, exepecially with... Diet/ Fitness Goal # 3- Resistance training 3 times a week- I'm getting a sleeve tattoo done this Saturday so, while I naturally have okay definition, I really need to start trying to build some muscle (I don't want to be showing off my new tat on a spaghetti noodle), expecially with the running and keto diet. Life Goal: Quit Smoking This is already underway. As we speak, I'm jittery and longing to take a nice long drag on that sweet cancer-causing, lung-destroying, burning roll tobacco. It's especially difficult because I don't dislike smoking, I actually enjoy the act itself, I'm just very aware of all the negatives. So I'm 2 days in now, it wasn't really a resolution but I promised my wife I would quit with the new year so now I'm stuck. Also, this should go a long way to helping me with me with my fitness goals. Will Jayfive succeed in his quests? Will his love for lying about smoking cigarettes while eating carby foods and playing video games on the couch overcome his deep desire for self improvement? Will he be able to maintain his discipline? Will he get caught by the zombies? WIll his tattoo look good? Find out on our next episode- same nerd time, same nerd channel.