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  1. I mean, you’re not that far off of ganache, which is essentially biteable hot cocoa. Throw some chopped high percentage chocolate in the mix and Bob’s your uncle.
  2. Contact them anyway. There may be locals that train there occasionally looking for training partners or to start a local branch, or an established but unaffiliated club. Or go into YouTube and try HEMA “your city “ and see what pops up
  3. Depending on where you're at, look for a HEMA club (heresy, I know). There may be a group that meets outside, and if not, they may be operating at an acceptable level of comfort (vax required, good air flow, masks allowed/encoruaged if not required, etc. - we're getting some mat time at club like that soon, so hopefully we'll have a warm/dry place to train this winter). A lot of sword people are our kind of nerd, so might get some star trek talk, too.
  4. Spock would say something involving the word "logically..." and then proceed to logically justify whatever it was he wanted to do about his situation. Napping isn't a bad thing. Although, if you're actually just bored or lethargic because you're generally annoyed at life right now, or otherwise mentally/emotionally tired, maybe some caffeine and a walk? if there's a natural space in walking distance, a lazy walk there might let the brain do whatever it needs to do and recover.
  5. Looking at the weapon, what comes to mind is the following conversation: Director: I need a dueling weapon, mean looking but small enough we we can get some tight framed shots of Leonard, I mean Spock, looking pissed while smacking Kirk around. *turning to shout towards the writer table* Hey Gene, do Vulcans even get pissed? .....What? What's that?..... Only when needing to get lai.... Geeze, really, Gene? Really? *turning back to the prop guy* Did you hear that, Dan? I mean, really. Ok, ok, Well, we still need a short range weapon that looks mean, and no prissy swords. He's a Vulcan, not Erroll Flynn. Slash, slash, smack kind of thing. Prop Guy Dan (former Marine): Ok boss, I'll have something later today. *comes back with an old pugil stick with a rounded spade on one end, some kind of ball head on the other* Will this work? Director: Hmmm...pain the spade silver, and make that ball end huge, make it look heavy. Aren't Vulcan's supposed to be stronger than people? Paint that silver, too. Yeah...slash, slash, smack, bang, Kirk goes flying! It'll be great!
  6. It's a bit short, and the blade is more like a spade than a short sword or a glaive. Ours are around 7.5 ft or so, with the blade around 15-18". Maybe a dueling axe? Aren't there solo jo forms, and a handful of solo exercises? Could always do some cutting from jodan and working on harmonizing breath and/or stepping (projects the person that needs to get back in the habit of daily suburi). I find this especially true when the other person has a spear. oof...
  7. Do you need to update your inputs or maybe try a different TDEE calculator? Then again, you are channeling a Feegle while writing part of this particular challenge, so anything is on the table.
  8. Apologies for missing the actual 25th, but you'll be happy to know that it was celebrated with swords and pole-arms. Glad to see the calories got back into a better range and it's having a more positive effect (hooray for happy joints). I wonder if for some people too much of a restriction raises inflammation issues, somehow related to a physiological stress response. Any of your info indicate if MCT oil/ ketones are good during stressful periods? We're having a key person retire and my stress/frustration levels have been ratcheting up. It'll resolve itself in the next few weeks, but there's potential for a lot of "aaarrrggghhh" in between now and then. I'm not anywhere near or trying to get into a ketogenic diet (I actually function really well on moderate carbs), but reading your comments I'm am curious about the effects of ketones for the brain in periods of stress.
  9. maybe roast fatty cuts of meat, then use the drippings plus butter to make a pan sauce/braise for leafy greens or other veggies? If tomatoes are ok (carbs?) I recently found out cherry type tomatoes can help make emulsions in pan sauces, so extra veggies there, too. are you doing a short IF window or something and I missed it, or can you do a couple more high calorie mini meals in day? If you do have a short window, maybe evaluate it against your ability to hit calorie needs?
  10. It’s a good thing I’m eating lunch while catching up on this thread, just saying. Also, I’ve rediscovered the joys of cooking with butter after a long time using predominately olive and sometimes avocado oil
  11. What general settings did you use for the veggies (knowing that ymmv with different fryers)? I'm almost always vaguely disappointed with frozen stir fry veggies, but being able to dump them in the air fry sounds interesting. I will add that ovens with a convection setting are nice since they cook a little faster, and they are nice for baking since the air circulation does a good job of evening out the heat.
  12. I'd say it's decent mind training to get it to be quiet enough to get sleep, instead of chasing brain weasels. The joys of ye ol' "wtf body, this is not difficult!" occurrences. Did you start using the bands you ordered? Or just floor/mat work like the video a couple of posts up? For me, it's usually some combination of sleep, hydration, and too much time in a seat, either at work or my commute. Pants, and indeed shirts, shoes, and even hats, have been worn. I can say that unfortunately, there's not much of a crumple zone from fabric ....
  13. Well, I honestly think a Feegle would probably be a good baby sitter and curtail any possible tantrums quickly, and we could pay them in eggs and well, there are sheeps in the pasture next to the horse barns (they aren't our sheep, so...). I bet the toddler would pass right out at bed time, which is clearly a bonus. It might be worth the petty larceny. Good to be back! Parenting is going well, if entering one of I suspect many periods of frustration with boundary testing. She's definitely an adventurous and independent little soul, who retorts to cautions with "don't worry, I'm very brave" (typically right before she jumps off of something). Still playing with sticks, although the dojo we were renting time in closed so we've been dojoless for a while now. We've been meeting at various parks since, and finally have a lead on at least one potential space with time to share. I can't remember the last time I put on a hakama.
  14. I sense a disturbance in the For..... Feegle History Monk!!!! It's going well. I will be a bit more active again, but haven't decided about a challenge. History Monks are a thought though... I'm having some time use and allocation issues... hmmm.... Oh - and I learned a new word recently, threenager. The toddler has discovered boundary testing and honestly could use a good Feegle or two in her life (I mean, we all could, but I feel like a Feegle could manage a small child, and maybe teach some valuable skills....)
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