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  1. To be fair, you were the one that kept talking about drinking pints. It was bound to happen. Also, hi!
  2. I've been remiss with kitty pics - here's Boots trying to nap.
  3. What mineral mix are you using for making your own mineral water? Just using a commercial powder or drops, or did you make up your own combination? I did C + mg for a little while, and it's probably not a bad idea to sub out some of my coffee for something else (I drink black coffee, so this would be more about caffeine reduction than calorie reduction)
  4. I pretty much have only ever tried cold finish, with occasional cool/cold partials (usually after a lot of summer yard work). I will most often do a full-cold head-soak at the end of a shower, especially if I'm feeling fuzzy or have a headache with brain-fog. Doesn't always kill the headache, but usually wakes the brain up. They don't really caramelize, or partially so, and they don't reheat well (according to E). I've never had an issue, but I'm happy having lots of onion otherwise. For mint - the main patch is currently being corralled by raspberries. We'll see who wins (if it were blackberries there'd be no contest and much cursing). I think the included one is sufficiently witchy. They discovered how to play in the lamp (LED bulb, so no danger of burning...just the usual danger of kittens falling off things).
  5. For the cold water, are you starting a cold shower (or cold finish) practice? Or is it one of those metaphor type things? re green onions, we actually have a pretty substantial patch off one corner of the house, which basically just get to look nice since I’m the only one in the house that likes them. There’s also a couple of different patches of mint- I blame a neighbor as they have a 3x5 or longer mixed patch ( there’s mint popping up all over) I’m trying to post a kitten picture, but for whatever reason it keeps loading upside down
  6. He’s still at my sister’s house. We might take him back after we finish another remodel project, but it’s up in the air. These two (yes, double the cuteness) are temporary as they’ll be going to my partner’s dad.
  7. Here’s a 6 oz kitten at the top of a 9’ curtain, chilling out (momentarily, the little chaos engine - she got down on her own, too), because why not. enjoy the popsicles!
  8. That might’ve been overkill to justify your current popsicle obsession. (Seriously- that sounds awful- allergy, or something else?)
  9. Well... I'm reading if not posting at least. I'm in the last part of doing my taxes. What is normally easy is sort of difficult since I sold my house last year and bought another one. I currently don't think I'll owe any capital gains, but I'll know by Sunday (I just need to sit down and do the math for the major improvements I put in). Walking has slowed down, unfortunately. With various things at work my commute has gotten a little later and I'm getting home just about dinner time now. I'm not sure if there are adjustments I can make in my schedule right now or not. Otherwise - things are going along. Tiny Toots (she was a gassy baby, what can I say) is walking a lot, and when she finally quits hedging that she can do it, will probably talk our ears off (she's getting really "verbal" with her babbling). Between my schedule and E getting more active at the barn again, eating has tended towards the convenient over the last week. Not horrible, but we'll probably want to up the veggie and salad quotient again. I also will probably need to talk with E about me doing a bit more cooking. I pretty much cooked for myself for so long that, while I appreciate it incredibly, and am more than happy to do the dishes in return, I really am having the itch to get into some cooking again. Semi-sappy parent thing:
  10. I did manage to kill some in a container once- Left it on the sunniest part of the porch and it did not like that. Get it in the ground though, and it’s nigh invulnerable
  11. I suppose I might add, post more than once a week.. As it is, I'm not doing awesome at my 'get to bed earlier' - partly it's a disconnect between my partner and I - she's a TV sleeper, I'm a "in a deep, dark, cold cave" sleeper... the sort of compromise we've worked out is she sets a timer and I come in about an hour after, right about when the timer is done. This means though, I'm going to bed at 11 or later, and my brain wakes up at 5 am or whenever there is light through the window. Something to work on. Eating has been on good though, and there was some bonus awesome this weekend - my sister-in-law (I'm not married, just calling them in-laws for lack of a non-awkward phrase) made ribs for a party Sunday, and damn... there is a sublime pleasure in eating perfectly cooked ribs. She did an oven method, not a grill, but timing was perfect and the dry rub (I skipped the sauce) was on point. Moving was mostly walking and some yard work. Weed eating and a little mowing Saturday, and finished mowing today (not a huge yard, but still, I get an extra 5 k steps out of it, according to the fitbit). At some point in the near future, there will be dirt-work. There is a collapsed something in the side yard next to the house - might be an old well-house, or an old septic (at least it's not stinky). Luckily, it partially fell-in on it's own, and not when I was standing on it (rotted wood cover). So...about a yard and a half of dirt, and I'll probably get an extra yard for some other fill-in work. So...add another project to the list. No kata/suburi to speak of.... It's actually been weirdly difficult being away from my training partners (something I know a lot of people are dealing with). We've not had class since mid march, and it's taking it's toll. I'm worried about the dojo we rent space in, too. I've had some decent rounds of suburi here and there, but I'm really missing both the camaraderie and the interaction in the kata. The county our dojo is in allows the possibility for some training, but most of the group are in various risk categories, so we're kind of holding off a bit longer. I might end up meeting with one of the kohai though - we're in the same area (well, anything under a 20 minute drive). You're very welcome. YMMV, but I'm finding my knees and feet have been the grumpiest since I wasn't doing weighted walks previously (so, probably need to do some more stretching). One thing my teacher's teacher wrote was to take a given waza, and look at it on it's own - slow it down, break it up if necessary, and work on the particular mechanics of it - sort of like making a chikung out of it, or, if you'd rather, a grease the groove type practice. I haven't dug into that as much as I should, but it is an interesting way to think of suburi. Thank you! She's very adventurous, loves to climb, and luckily, has a natural roll fall (my niece did more front falls, so I'm counting myself lucky).
  12. You could fry up three strips of bacon (eat one) and then sautée the greens in the bacon fat, and crumble the remaining bacon into them. Or.... if you want to go all healthy... sautée them in the fat of choice, add in some minced garlic, then steam briefly, then dress with a little balsamic.
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