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  1. ChrisWithaStick

    Chris vs the holidays

    Went a little lighter today. 1x10 bodyweight squats. 2x10 +kitty weight with OHP. 3x10 pushups 3x10 ring rows. skipped the lunges as the quads are tight, and I don't want to trigger knee pain. some technique work, including a review of kodachi kata, and some naginata techniques, but using a bo instead, due to space limitations (most of the techniques that aren't cuts can of course be done with a long staff... you don't quite get the distance advantage, but they work, none the less). cooked again - broccoli, shallot, ginger, a few splashes of soy sauce and some tuna with left over rice.
  2. I've gone through a couple of big life shuffles, and so has a family member, and we chatted about experiences. Generally, we found that sometimes there's another round of decompressing when you settle into the beginning new path that is 'letting things out' for lack of a better term, complete with random 'Why the heck and I crying?????'. So - continue to be kind to yourself and work on whatever processing works for you. You need to read 'Going Postal' by Terry Pratchett. Some things make more sense if you've read previous books of his, but this works pretty well as a stand alone. Basically, it's about a con man turning over a new leaf in the postal service, with golems, and the world's oldest letter carrier (also a golem). A werewolf and banshee make appearances, too, and a space-time warping sorting engine. Good fun all around. You'd never lack for the 10k steps per day thing. My kind of music.
  3. ChrisWithaStick

    Chris vs the holidays

    So... Saturday involved other bad decisions - having anxiety issues is rather new, and I didn't handle well. I'm a little happy that I still did some cooking, making a batch of chicken curry (chicken, onion, garlic, ginger, assorted spices, and carrots and potatoes). Sunday was class - shorter on, working on kodachi forms again. Bonus for a nap, light house cleaning, and eating some left over curry for dinner, and left over braised roast for lunch. Today was a bit better brain-wise. Also got a work out in: 1 set 5 each side squat with a 16 kg bell, with press at the top. 1 set 5 each side squat + windmill (same bell) 1 set 10 squats with the bell racked on one side for 5 reps (a shoulder got shaky on the last couple of windmills, thought it best to not push - weight on the squats was in the pocket though). Following each set of squats: 10/leg rear lunges 10 pushups 10 ring rows. Dinner was roasted chicken breast (I need to get skin-on next time, or thighs), broccoli, and baked potato. Of the habits, I really am enjoying doing more cooking again.
  4. ChrisWithaStick

    Chemgeek exercises CONSTANT VIGILANCE

    Given I live right next to Rainier (well, geographically speaking - Seattle area), I'm both intrigued, and also having the 'do I want to ask?' heebie jeebies. Although, I do know about ash-fall and gasses. Also - if Yellowstone goes up, isn't that basically a 'humanity is screwed' kind of scenario? I haven't heard of Long Valley.
  5. ChrisWithaStick

    Sara Kingdom's Hogswatch Challenge

    That's some high-quality co-worker gifts. Very nice.
  6. ChrisWithaStick

    Jigme Walks Away From Zombies

    I've only read a little bit about blue zones, so don't have a lot of thoughts about it, but if they are modeling certain societies, or saying 'try to model' for longevity's sake, I wonder how much of that is relatable to other societies/cultures. If you're in a culture that tends to have more villages or smaller communities, it might be easier to get more social time throughout the day. Larger, metro type areas? Could end up in a few larger chunks of time, and harder to 'digest', so to speak. For introversion and enjoying a crowded room - I don't know about being able to just 'change your mind' - you can probably work on it, but just 'decide'? Hmmm... You might be able to strategize a bit - I don't like crowds, but if in one, I try to find someone I know, and failing that, look for the area with people standing and people watching/being content with an amiable lack of talking. Failing that, I have found - and your mileage may vary - if I can engage and focus on one or two people and conversations, I can exclude the 'noise' easier. This is something I picked up from work - we have really busy lines at times, and our approach is that the customer in front of you is the only person that matters. Full attention in one direction seems to help with mental efficiency, for lack of a better phrase. It gets easier with time. I can sometimes, though more rarely, do the fake-it to make-it route, and put on the mask of Chris that will smile and offer you samples (this approach is the most draining to me, though). Then again, I do my damndest to avoid big social events and crowds.
  7. ChrisWithaStick

    Sara Kingdom's Hogswatch Challenge

    I'm convinced he occasionally gets defective sand. Cordials? Honest to goodness fruit cake (the kind with real citrus peel soaked in rum or brandy)?
  8. ChrisWithaStick

    DarK_RaideR takes lessons from the Kai

    Well.... aside from a couple of battle logs I follow, I rarely venture outside of the monastery. I'm endeavoring to do so a bit more now. Being social can be a good thing. I haven't really watched wrestling in a long, long time, but came across the Celtic Warrior Workouts on youtube. Basically Sheamus trying out different workouts and usually, but not always, getting smoked - its interesting to see how challenging training outside your own usual methods can be. Congrats?
  9. I need to know more about this blessing. Because hashbrowns. And now I'm hungry...
  10. ChrisWithaStick

    Chris vs the holidays

    Like Crowley in Good Omens, I didn't mean to get into hell retail food service, I just hung around with the wrong people (namely, my family). With the holidays, it's go-go-go, and lots of added stress. This challenge will be all about keeping a little balance and some self-care in the midst of The Holidays (HO HO HO). Food - eat cleaner than the last few weeks. So - back to more cooking at home. In deference to the winter (more dark/gloomy here than holy-s* cold), root vegetables and soup type things are showing a bit more in the menu, but watch the portions. Sleep - maintain a regular-ish bed time before midnight. My 'go to bed' timer is currently set for 11, and that seems to be working out ok. It helps that a) it's dark by 5 pm (booooo) and the cat is up by 6 am (sigh). I have a bad snooze button habit though. That needs to stop, since I end up with a lot of lag in the morning. I also need to keep the schedule in the weekend, maybe allowing for some sleeping in, but definitely not going to be later (assuming I'm not out being social). Mindfulness - I don't have a current meditation practice, and I'm not sure about starting one. However, as noted in the Black Ribbon thread, I've had some success with a mantram practice in the past, so I will be re-introducing that. It helps corral the hell-kittens of distraction, self-doubt, 'things Anxiety thinks about at 3 am', and 'grrr' (formerly known as Annoyance), among others. With the holiday season, I need all the help I can get. Body - I've been a bit slack in the last few weeks, which while in general this isn't good, it has apparently let my knee get a lot less creaky. I can do do-giri/lunges without the knee-cap area complaining. There's co-incidental timing with starting an omega-3 supplement, and upping my cold-water fish intake in general (which relates back to making more soup type meals - I like both cod and salmon in soups), but I figure a big part is letting it be. It's time to build back up, though. I also need to work on stamina. So... I think I'll go back to what I was doing mid-to-late summer. The hard part is that I really, really, really... just want to sit on the sofa at the end of the day. There's a lot of mental tiredness going on, and it's a vicious circle. I need a kick in the pants and a bit of discipline. Core movements - Goblet squat Hip Bridge KB Swings Get-ups Push-ups. Ring-rows to have some balance to the pushing (I have a pull-up bar that I do hangs and scapular retractions on, and a set of cheap rings). Accessories will include presses and windmills, because those are fun and very kinesthetically satisfying, and some of the movements Machete showed in video - the connected core-hip work especially. Hangs and possibly pull-up progression work, too, since those are good for the shoulders and back. And of course, there's the ever present naginata and associated weapons work. That's pretty much it.... Oh - and read some Pratchett. 'Tis the season HO HO HO