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  1. Results for Day 2: +4 Running total: 8
  2. Day 1 Report (2/20/20): Today's total: 4 Grand total: 4
  3. I've been currently going through some major life changes. Part of what I need to do to continue to level up my life is pay at least some attention to my physical health and well-being, thus this challenge...late though I am! I've played in the Rebellion before, but that was years ago, so I feel the need to start back at the basics. I'm keeping my goals for this challenge strictly in the health and fitness category, since I have a whole lot going on in life outside of this. Just getting through each day is an accomplishment, but I'm hoping that putting some effort into my health wi
  4. Thanks! Yes, I think I'll post some drawings as I get them done. Right now I'm waiting for a couple of my supplies to arrive in the mail, so I just have two (soon to be three) drawings in very rough stages. They are awaiting some ink and watercolor.
  5. Oooh, I want to play too! This will probably be a fairly quiet challenge for me because life is hectic at the moment, but I want to make sure I do something creative each week. My guess is it will involve a lot of drawing, because that's the class I'm taking at the moment. For my semester project I'm working on a series of pen and ink and watercolor sketches, which are a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to this challenge and getting to chat with you all!
  6. Hey there! I thought I'd come over from the Assassins and play here for a while. I may not post too much this challenge, as I'm in the throes of a new college semester on top of the rest of life (work, kids, et cetera), but I wanted to play anyway. My challenge this time is pretty plain and to the point. I've found something that's working for weight loss, so my challenge is to stick with it in the middle of life. This challenge I want to walk 2 miles at least 5 times a week and to eat fairly low carb (avoiding most of the whites). Just for fun I'll throw in a Life Quest of doing som
  7. I will also disclaim that I'm not a doctor, et cetera. :-) My aunt has/had severe food allergies, and one thing that she ended up needing to do was rotate her food. She had to wait several days before she ate one food before she ate it again, because otherwise she'd end up becoming allergic to it as well. So maybe this won't be helpful now, but maybe something to consider later. I think she went to a naturopath to get it all figured out and find out what she could and couldn't eat. If you're open to alternative medicine for diagnosis and treatment, you might try this place out: http:/
  8. Challenge Results: Challenge completed! I get to level up! I will be moving over to the Rangers for the next challenge, and I'm looking forward to it. Also, as a result of going to the doc, I am seeing weight loss that I haven't seen for the last couple of challenges, even though I was working on it almost the entire time. Woo-hoo! Training: 86.7%, or +1.7 STA, +1.7 DEX Water: 90%, or +1.8 STA, +1.8 CHA Eating: 90%, or +1.8 STA, +1.8 WIS Relaxing: 100%, and Creativity: 100%, or +3 CHA
  9. I got the creative part of my challenge done, but struggled with the fitness parts. However, I think going to see the doc may have provided the missing piece needed for weight loss, so that makes me hopeful for my next challenge!
  10. I've already finished my creativity goal for this challenge, so my goal is to figure out the notebook layout I want to use for my art class. My project is themed around trees, so I'm trying to come up with a good notebook design and cover, since I'll be binding my own.
  11. Thanks! Me too! I have been doing well keeping up with my walking, not so much with drinking enough and eating right. Over this last week I'm down a pound (hurray!), now let's see if it's one of those pounds that stays off. It has been a busy week for me, and this one promises to be busy as well. So probably not as much posting as I'd like, but at least I'll get my walking in!
  12. One thing that I found makes getting to sleep easier is melatonin. My doc said the max dosage is 9 mg, so she recommends getting the 3 mg pills to make it easier to adjust the dosage as needed. I had 5 mg pills on hand, so have been using those. It's really nice for the nights when I would otherwise just stay awake and worry.
  13. You might check out the Noom Weight Loss Coach. I've used it as an Android app. It sorts food into red, yellow and green levels of calorie density, which might make it easier when you're using guesstimation.
  14. Thanks, jrosto! I like your game plan. Thanks for the encouragement as well.
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