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  1. Hiya This is the second time I'm trying to do a challenge. I didn't complete the last one. Quest: Work out more than once a week Challenge 1: Go to the gym for one hour, 3 times a week Success: 3 hours of exercise a week for 4 weeks Challenge 2: Eat 5 servings of unicorn veggies per day Success: 5 days a week fro 4 weeks Challenge 3: Drink water instead of sugar drinks Success: <2 sugar drinks in 4 weeks
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    Woohoo! I made it below 1270 cals on Friday! And then I messed up some on the weekend. So here's how I did: Quest 1: C - I did only 2 classes last week. I was meant to do one on Saturday and one on Sunday but the weekend was a difficult time. Quest 2: B - I was able to manage my intake for 6 days and then on Sunday it all went downhill and I killed insane amounts of food in an emotional eating frenzy. Quest 3: A - yaay! I actually managed to complete one of my quests well. I'm not sure if all weekends are my weak spot or just this weekend with a certain combination of triggers that l
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    Just checking in. So I've managed to keep on track so far this week. I still have to do 2 more group classes and I missed a bike ride on Tuesday but I can make it up by biking during the weekend. I have mad cravings for a cupcake right now. And I'm going to a sketching event. There will be beer and I might have trouble keeping my calorie intake below 1270.
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    Hello! I'm late to this challenge so it's 4 week challenge for me. I hope I'm doing this right. I'm a US size 10 and I'd like to go back to what I was 3 years ago - a size 6 by the end of November, 2015. I miss my old clothes! I enjoy doing yoga a lot and biking when the weather allows it. I like taking group fitness classes at my local YMCA because I don't like working out alone.I work at a computer from 9-5 and don't move around much during that time. I LOVE food. I love tasting new flavours and experimenting with my cooking. I would like to be to get strong and flexible and be able to
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