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  1. Oooo thats a good idea! Nah havent found a gym yet -I need to get to looking around! For now I'm still doing yoga Yeah! I had no clue -they maaaaay have emailed me... but who checks emails! hahhaa ooops! Yeah I bring almonds to work to chomp when I need something quick! Doesnt help in those "Argh! Stress! Need something sweet asap!" moments though..... :/
  2. Thanks 😊 I do I have a litre bottle that I take around the office with me. I'm a trainer so I'm constantly teaching a room full of people and can't live without my water bottle! But then when I'm back at my desk I can get so busy I forget to drink! So trying to make it a goal should keep it front of my mind more !
  3. I've missed being up high... dammit. I can't keep getting distracted. Not right now. I need to focus. I let out a slow steady breath, stretching my eyes across the gap between us and the bandits. Drills? That's not normal... I carefully balanced with one foot on the rusty bar that jutted out from the main tower we had been working on. Up here I could see clearly for a few miles, a perfect vantage point. Turning to Brychaen I could see he was ready to move on out -a huge grin spreading across his face. Down on the ground I watched Brychaen pull the energy of the Earth. I paused, watching him,
  4. Thanks! So week one has been pretty tough.... I found out my gym closed forever (when I turned up and saw the doors were closed and all the pictures were taken down off the walls... it was kinda creepy....) But I did a bodyweight set of exercises one night and yoga on another two nights. Still wish I'd done more... I am going to have to change my challenge to suit no gym!!! Sugar today wasn't great... had two pieces of cake! ARGH! It has been a manic week at work so I am not feeling like I've been able to really give it a decent go. Water I am trying to have more but some days I still
  5. Phoenix Riviera | The Phoenix Rises What defines us is how well we rise after falling... My last challenge I was unable to finish the last 2 weeks due to sickness and work stress... ...so this time I will use similar goals but build on them. Fire needs three things to survive: Fuel, Heat and Oxygen. That is what this bird needs to keep the flame bright in this challenge. Goal One | Fuel Fire needs fuel to stay fierce. For this goal, I will use MyFitnessPal everyday to make sure I eat less than 70g of sugar. I will also have a bonus part to this goal where I must have veges/
  6. Name: Phoenix Race: Wild Elf Class: Rogue Ranger (with a hint of wild magic...) Endurance Feat - (rewriting due to no gym anymore ) Strength Feat - Complete 3 sets of 12 squats with 4kg arm raises Speed Feat - Cycle 10km in under 30 mins Combat Feat - Master King Of The Dance pose (Yoga) Healing Feat - Give at least 2 heartfelt hugs a day A familiar purr started to reach my ears... no... it was more than a sound... I could feel it throughout my whole body. It started to bring me to my senses... shaking my whole body. My muscles ached... head pounding... I blinked in the harsh light. Must be a
  7. AAAARRRGGGGHHH INSERT MAJOR EXPLETIVES HERE! Crap! Work/Life got a bit hectic so I missed the news! Didnt realise it was only 1 week so missed that it has already started eeeeek! Right! I have work to do this weekend! Didn't manage to finish this challenge strongly but I CAN DO THE NEXT ONE! WOOOO!!!!!! Thanks you guys for just being awesome Now.... for a theme.... and TO THE MINI!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hey Emerald Dragonfly I used to take a probiotic which was good but I was mainly focusing on taking vitamins in this challenge. Generally just to boost my energy and resistance to getting sick while under stress with work etc. Buuuut I didnt do my best and then got sick ha! So I will definitely need to continue to work on that one :/ Kinda gutted I couldnt finish this one... I might actually just use the gap weeks to continue my 6wc because the last two weeks I was too sick to exercise and then everything else went out the window... So yeah.. I might keep going! Hope you are doing well wi
  9. Thanks! It's such a cool world to get to write for so I love it! And getting to be a kickass wild elf (even though she keeps falling over haha)!
  10. I stare at the cube. There's a familiarity there. But it's wrong. So so wrong. I look down at my arm where the twisting silver vine had been left from earlier. The silver is fading but still glinting ever so slightly.. as if it is moving towards my wrist.. towards the cube. Suddenly I feel a sharp tug in my chest. NO! I start to falter and grab Brychaen's arm to steady myself. All the magic I'd used earlier had taken its toll and I still hadn't recovered completely. I feel it pulling what little energy I have left.... All I can feel is soft fur under my skin and a sudden rush of wind. I must
  11. Hi hi hi hi! Sorry fellow Rebels I haven't posted on here in FAR too long :/ I got sick again -stress and damn cold weather plus early starts and late nights all twirled together to crash through my weakening shield (Must. Remember. Vitamins. EVERYDAY!) I'm still recovering so havent been to the gym all week last week :/ aaaand my sugar counting went a bit skewiff because I didnt have time to add what I was eating. I tried to keep it the same as what I'd been having anyway but then I had a bit of a sugar meltdown at the end of last week.. bought icecream and got given cake and chocolates
  12. I watched as those strange tattoos danced... blue then silver.. some of my magic must have transferred to him too. Transfixed, I lowered myself to the floor sitting right across from him, my eyes never leaving the twisting shapes. I reached out to touch one of them and suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of calm. My eyelids grew heavy and I was instantly transported back to the dream state. But this time was different. The green of the trees, the blue of the river... it all seemed so vivid, so full of life. Was that... music? I felt so awake and invigorated. I hear a whistle to my left and t
  13. I felt the words before I heard what was said. Somehow, in my deep sleep I was still connected to Brychaen's thoughts. I felt a surge of energy rush through me like a strong, cool breeze. Blue lights seemed to blaze in my vision before my eyes flickered open and landed on Brychaen's piercing gaze. Trouble. We're in trouble. I sit up, wildly looking around to find some sort of entrance to this damned outpost. I see a glint of light catch my eye low to the ground. It appears to be a window boarded up with old pieces of wood. It's low so it must enter some sort of basement... I feel the newfoun
  14. Thanks man... I will destroy those weights tomorrowwwwww Also -I think it suits him.... definitely his colour.
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