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  1. what are you starting from? How far can you run right now?
  2. shameless copy of my post in the woot room: Take a look at the progress bar in my signature and notice that it's full! I ran 30 minutes for the first time today. I didn't run 5km like I was supposed to. 30 minutes running + 5 minutes walking added up to 5.05km at an average speed of 8.6km/h. That's close enough for me. I'll get there in the future. The run was by no means fun. But it went reasonably ok. I wanted to quit for the first time at around 15 minutes. Pushed through. It went ok for a while. Then I wanted to give up again but I noticed I only had a
  3. people often don't get just how exhausting depression is.
  4. Well, if you need painkillers to be able to sleep... I'd say it's worthy of some medical attention
  5. I will now have to try and imagine someone poledancing to Wagner. Thank you very much for ruining my productivity for today.
  6. Go run in the morning (like really really early). this has some advantages: - it's cooler then - you're still "fresh" you're not awake enough yet to worry about pain and tiredness - you're most likely alone. If you're ashamed about shuffling... there's no one to see you I listen to podcasts (people talking, no music) while I run. I need to focus on the podcast, which means I'm not focusing on being tired or pain or whatever. Try to run on soft ground if possible (a trail in a park or something). Running on a road is much harder.
  7. forgot to mention: sunday I went for a 30km walk. got really sunburnt. So I slept rather badly. monday morning I went running. In stead of doing a repeat of last week, I tried 30 minutes... and failed. Tomorrow I have to go run again. I'm in doubt as to what to do: 1) do what the schedule tells me to do (10-12-12) 2) try 30 minutes again first world problem I suppose
  8. So I'm reading/learning about memory palaces. I've known about the concept for some time. Decided now is the time to put it into practice. Meditating this morning didn't work at all. Sat down, waited for my mantra to come... but my memory palace came pushed it aside, waited for the mantra... the memory palace came pushed it aside, waited for the mantra... the memory palace came forced my mantra upon myself. mantra, mantra, mantra, shoppinglist I memorized last night, mantra, mantra, shopping list again, mantra, shopping list backwards, mantra, mantra, man
  9. if it's just the one pizza and the next day you're back on track... you'll survive
  10. 10 minutes running 1 minute walking 20 minutes running and I think if I really needed to, I might have been able to squeeze out another 10 minutes. I have to confess I was running slower than usual though. Warm up walk + actual running session + walk back home (in total 51 minutes) gave me an average of 7.8km/h. So not fast enough to reach 5km in 30 minutes running. I don't mind (yet) though. I'll get there eventually. The first goal is to run for 30 minutes. Then we'll see about the 5km. 20 minutes is a new personal record. Next w
  11. good luck! Do you have a program you're going to follow for the running? I find it helps me push myself, when i have a fixed goal for each running session. When I "just run", I give up more easily. When I have a set number of minutes I have to run, I'm like "I'm dead, done for, finished, but I've come this far and I'm gonna find a way of squeezing out that last minute"
  12. good, because there are no overnight miracles Take it step by step. Small changes. If you overdo it, you'll most likely quit.
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