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  1. Well, it was doable.... And done. I officially weigh myself Monday mornings. I have been real consistent losing about 1.5 pounds a week lately. I guess I was due for a drop because I lost 5 pounds from my previous Monday weigh in. 248.2lbs. I bet that it has been 8 years since I weighed this little. I haven't jump roped yet but my other two goals have both been met for every day or exceeded already. My new weight goal for this challenge is to not take my success for granted and stay under 250. I have already lost 10 pounds this challenge and want a steady consistent loss. I can go overboard o
  2. Keep going! I bet you will get your twenty this week!
  3. I haven't said it too much yet, but NF just plain rocks. It is so great to have defined goals it there and people who are awesome in the rebellion. Nice to see people who are legitimately working, trying, failing and retrying.
  4. So... For some reason I hadn't noticed there were any replies... My apologies for non response. Two of my goals are going really well so far! My goal of jump roping at least 4 times a week has only been 3 times (and sadly 1 time this week... Random excuses are there but yeah just once) The diet part is so critical though it is almost funny. I've been really good about following my calories and entering them. Yesterday morning, before my cheat day, I already weighed 251 which was my goal for the six weeks. I always fluctuate a ton though so I think I won't consistently with that for another wee
  5. Well the quick recap... 28 years old. found that my health wasn't what it used to be... didn't like it and am changing it. Boom. currently I am 258 lbs (down from 275 before the last challenge) I am 6' and have a very solid heavy build. My goal is to be less than 225 lbs by the time I turn 30. I now have 18 and a half months left. The first few pounds were easy to lose but I want to make sure I can reach my goal early and maintain. So my goals for this challenge... First: I really want to maintain what I currently have been doing. I want to make sure that I can do a good job with a li
  6. Well, I have been terrible about updating and checking in... But I have done crazy well in at least the weight loss category! That is even with going on a cruise, family reunion and travelling two weeks. Only 1 full week at home. I have lost 17 pounds during this challenge!!! That being said, I increased my water intake, never had less than 2000 calories in a day and had one cheat day a week (normally between 4000 and 6000 calories...) I think it was actual legitimate fat that I lost! My belt is a few notches closer and my shirts are feeling a little looser. I couldn't be more thrilled with
  7. I've lost 5 lbs so far! I've only missed entering my calories one day this whole challenge so far. I haven't had all days below the limit, but I'm tracking it! I've been a little less consistent with the stretching. That being said... I'm three inches closer to my toes!
  8. Well, happy so far! Doing good on the goals and tracking my progress well.
  9. That is a good thought. I love a few different flavors and normally chew after I eat but have never used it to keep from snacking. That is a great idea!
  10. Too low has never been my problem. If I ever finish the day and see I have more than 300 calories left, my brain instantly says.... "hmmm , apparently I'm starving". Hitting a range would be more satisfying than just getting below a target though... Much to think about, you have given me.
  11. Battle for today... In the airport... Skittles and cheese cubes in the united lounge... Must. Resist. The. Snacks.
  12. Had a great week last week. Only one day did I go over the allotted calories... That is leaps and bounds better than the past. So, woot. I have yet to weigh myself since the start. I've decided that I will weigh myself at the three week and six week marks. Oh and stretching is good too... Nothing very exciting to report about that. Consistent though! I've kept up with the jump rope. That has been quite fun to do. I never really enjoyed distance running but jumping for a while suits me just fine. I actually went for 18 minutes Thursday. It was because I forgot to start my timer and I almost col
  13. Good luck on quitting smoking! I'm sure you can do it! Congrats on the 11 lbs so far.
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