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  1. 'Sup? I guess I'm back. I don't know. Trying to get healthy again. I actually have a gym membership this go around. I guess I'll start with my basic plan: Weight Training 2 days a week, various cardio machines 3 days a week and working a job that gets me 20k+ steps a night for 3 nights of the week. Plus tracking calories and trying to eat at a deficit for weight loss. Last Thursday was my first day at the gym. I'm intrigued by spinning so I spent about 30 minutes on a spin bike. Then 20 minutes cooling down on a treadmill. I also did a few laps around the gy
  2. Later Thursday I did some biking while watching Suits. I think I did around 13 KM. THEN, at 3am Friday morning (without sleeping) I hopped on the bike again and pumped out another 13 clicks. Saturday morning after work I did around 7 km on the bike with Star Wars The Clone Wars. Sunday morning and this morning I had wanted to and planned to ride while watching more Clone Wars, but it just didn't work for various reasons, including being responsible and shoveling my snow. While I was sleeping today my Fitbit Blaze showed up so I've been having some fun with it. I'm mostl
  3. Total Body - Les Milles Combat Kick Start 31 minutes. MFP says 479 calories. Looking forward to a slightly more accurate number when I start wearing a fitbit. This was the first time I've done a Les Milles workout. I enjoy kicking and punching. I found it pretty hard to follow along at times, but that wasn't helped by the fact I was trying to focus on NOT kicking my 3 year old (came REALLY close once). I hope to bike later while watching a show. By later tonight I'll have a few options: Suits, Arrow, Powerless and Riverdale.
  4. Guess who's back? Back again? It's time for the "All my clothes are way too tight and I'm too broke to buy new ones" comeback. I bought myself a fancy Fitbit thingy mabob. Or at least I ordered one. It hasn't showed up yet, but it has motivated me to get back into a fitness routine. Here's the plan: Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning: 22 minutes on the stationary bike while doing a chronologically correct watch through of The Clone Wars Monday evening: lower body Tuesday evening: Upper body Wednesday evening: Yoga/stretching Thursday ev
  5. Time for the big ol weekend update. Friday: Gym: off (1/12) Bike: yes (4/16) Angry Birds: Off (1/4) Food: 434 Calories Left (4/26) Business: nope (1/10) Saturday: Gym: Push (2/12) Bike: off (4/12) Angry Birds: off (1/4) Food: 389 Calories left (5/26) Business: naw (1/10) I had McDonald's for supper on Saturday. The supper my wife was making was still frozen when I had to leave for work so I grabbed McDees on the way and wolfed it down. Not the greatest plan, but a guys got to eat. Also going to McDees tonight with my family for family date night... Sunday: Gym: Pull (3/12) Bike: off (4
  6. The Weekend Gym: Saturday: Barbell Bench Press 110.83 Set 1 : 95.0x5 Set 2 : 95x5 Set 3 : 95x5 Set 4 : 95.0x5 Set 5 : 95.0x5 Barbell Standing Military Press 82.33 Set 1 : 65.0x8 Set 2 : 65.0x5 Set 3 : 65.0x5 Set 4 : 65.0x5 Set 5 : 65.0x5 Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension 44.33 Set 1 : 30.0x10 Set 2 : 35.0x5 Set 3 : 35.0x6 Set 4 : 35.0x6 Set 5 : 35.0x8 Dumbbell Lateral Raise 17.5 Set 1 : 15.0x5 Set 2 : 15.0x5 Set 3 : 15.0x5 Set 4 : 15.0x5 Set 5 : 15.0x5 Sunday: Barbell Deadlift 133 Set 1 : 95.0x12 Set 2 : 95.0x12 Set 3 : 95.0x12 Reverse Grip Lat Pull Down 139.33 Set 1 : 110.0x8
  7. It might. I unfollowed the worst of the threads. Our, I guess they might have been the best... The most busy at any rate and it had been much more manageable. Only cut two out. Sent from a Rebel CommLink
  8. I unsubbed from Ranger Chatter and that has made a pretty big difference in the updates coming into my phone. We'll see if I need to trim back any more. Yesterday (Thursday): Gym: off (1/12) Bike Intervals: 18.37km, with a side of Suits. (3/16) Angry Birds: Off (1/4) Food: 1117 calories left. Really annoying because MFP glitched out on me and I thought I had eaten enough. It said 41 left so I was like... Hey, I'm good! But then on todays I noticed a glitch and fixed it, and it dawned on me that I had entered the same thing yesterday so I checked... sure enough it had logged one of my meals t
  9. Yesterday I biked. Intervals. 18.37km. Kinda surprised myself to get that distance (happily). Also took my daughter to swimming lessons in the morning (so swam leisurely for about an hour. Today I got my middle of the night ride in. 16.41km.
  10. Thank you! I will. Two days a week anyway... Today: Gym: Off (1/12) Bike Distance: 18.59 km! 44 minutes, Supergirl. (2/16) Angry Birds: Yes, 3 stars in Planks, 2 in errything else (1/4) Food: 286 Calories Left (Had to have a bag of popcorn and a muffin this evening to get within my goal... Not sure this goal was such a good idea.... (3/26) Business: Did some work on an existing ticket (1/10) I think I bit off more than I can chew this challenge forum wise. Everytime I open my phone tapatalk tells me I have 29 unread messages on nerdfitness! And I just followed more today. Like THAT was s
  11. Angry Birds this morning. Finally cracked 3 minutes of plank in 2 sets. Kinda wish I hadn't knowing I need to do 4 minutes of it now! I had hoped that more rest between doing AB and other workouts in between would help my numbers somehow, but I was wrong. That's OK, It's more here as a stop gap mid week so I don't loose gym gainz. Or something like that. Biked this afternoon. Really pushed it. Will my Quads EVER not hurt again? 44 Minutes Supergirl: Fortress of Whaaaaa? 18.59 km (NEW PR) I hate my legs. And they hate me back.
  12. Biked today. It was the first day that I tried intervals. I think it went ok. I dunno. I really don't know what I'm doing. I found an app that beeped when I told it to and I went for it! I set it to 1 minute work and 2 minutes 'rest' or relax? I forget the wording. I aimed for 30+km/h on the work sections and 19-20 km/h on the 2 minute rest periods. I think it worked ok? I wish I had a working Heart Rate Monitor so I could actually see what was happening. Gym: off (1/12) Bike Intervals: 16.47km, Legends of Tomorrow aka the best Arrow episode in two seasons... (1/16) Angry Birds: Off (0/4)
  13. Thank you for the follows friends. I don't want to say how much time I spent thinking about this challenge. It's embarrassing, but my job can be boring at times (when we aren't busy mixing product up!) and I have nothing to do but think. I went to the gym again! Barbell Squat 123.5 Set 1 : 95.0x9 Set 2 : 95.0x9 Set 3 : 95.0x9 Barbell Romanian Deadlift From Deficit 133 Set 1 : 95.0x12 Set 2 : 95.0x12 Set 3 : 95.0x12 Standing Calf Raises 140 Set 1 : 95.0x12 Set 2 : 100.0x12 Set 3 : 100.0x12 Barbell Glute Bridge 62.99 Set 1 : 45.0x12 Set 2 : 45.0x8 Set 3 : 45.0x8 Again, this was first t
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