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  1. Thanks for all the advice. Despite not having all the proper gear, I ventured out for my first Winter Ride today. Read about in my blog here.
  2. I'll look for Bike Glasses. As for what Bike to use. Sloth-Like mentioned not modifying my good bike. Well, I don't have a good bike. I've got a cheap Schwinn Commuter series that I got at Canadian Tire (Hmmm, sorta like wal mart I guess for those that don't know). When it works I like it, but every summer the cogs have warn off a few gears and been replaced twice so far. Maybe I'll try to get a new bike this summer. Finances allowing... Then I could convert this one into my winter bike.
  3. Thanks for all the advice so far. I guess one thing I should mention is that I currently wear eye glasses (thinking of getting contacts) and I've found that on the colder days I have biked my glasses get fogged up and I can't see. Anyone have advice for getting around that? I imagine getting contacts and a pair of ski goggles would clear that up nicely.
  4. Alright, looking for advice on all things winter riding. I live in the great white north (Northern Alberta Canada) and ride to work all summer long, but as of yet have been too chicken to ride in the winter. Partly for safety reasons (read: my wife is afraid I'll fall on ice and snow) and partly because I hate the cold. Mostly because I hate the cold... Anyway, my commute is 4.4 km each way on a fairly busy highway with no bike lane but decent shoulders. I'm making it a goal to start biking to work next winter. Weather easily gets to -20C and higher, but it's too cold I'll drive instead. I'd like to be able to bike in the -20C range though since it's at least that cold for much of the winter. What modifications will I need to make to my bike? Can some of the mods be carried over to a new bike if/when I get one? How do I deal with the cold? Special clothing recomendations? Other safety precautions? Thanks for any help!
  5. I don't remember learning how to ride as I did it when really young... Have you tried to ride before? What are you having trouble with? If you haven't tried I would suggest finding a bike to try on and seeing if you have much trouble. I really don't know what to say to teach someone to ride. Training Wheels?
  6. I get that type of response a lot when I post about Footbag. Everyone thinks it's some Canadian thing since they haven't heard of it. haha Edit to add: That video is not me, but showcases the sport well. I'm not that good. Yet.
  7. Forgot to mention... So far I'm down 65 lbs! That's from about a year of work. I'm actually only 20 pounds away from my "Goal Weight" ... not that that's the be all and end all. I'll probably start trying to gain once I get there. heh. P90X? Ya, I'll be doing that again. Just decided a change was in order after 2 false starts. Insanity it fun. It's intense and almost kills me, but in a good way. Crazy cardio! My current plan is to finish Insanity and then spend about 3 weeks focusing on Footbag and Body Weight workouts (as featured on NF) and then in Feb start P90X. Then in the summer go back to footbag training and some form of strength training. My wife is supportive enough. Although the cookies she baked on Saturday might say otherwise... she isn't actively trying to join me or anything. I wish she would. But only because I'd love the company. She cheers me on when I workout and let's me buy the more expensive natural versions of foods even though it hurts the budget she works hard to maintain. :-) Thanks for the warm welcome!
  8. Hey guys, been reading this site for the past week or so. I love it! Thought was a good place to begin posting. I am 23 years old. I became overweight somewhere in middle/highschool I guess. I never really thought much of it back then. Got married at 19 and anything I had done as far as being active before that was replaced with snuggling and watching TV/movies with my wife. :-) 3 years later and I knew I was horribly over weight. Started doing small things to work on this like biking to and from work (11 KM round trip). I thought I could increase my activity and still eat junk and make progress. I was wrong, but resisted the change. Then one day My wife and I were shopping with a couple we're good friends with. We found some suits on sale for a great deal. My friend was able to find a bunch he liked and bought 3 suits. I could only find ONE suit that fit me. And I didn't like the style/color. The rest of the day shopping was depressing as I continued to find clothes just would not fit. I decided in my mind that this was it. This in the middle of a two week trip to Florida. I enjoyed the rest of the trip telling myself that once home I would change my eating habits and really start to work out. When I got home I did. I started working out using Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer and eating better little by little. After 4 months and only missing about 8 days of workouts I moved on to Power 90 (also with Tony Horton) Did it for the full 90 days. The last week was spent in a bit of upheaval and I fell off the bandwagon when done. About 2 months later I started up again with P90X. Only got 2 days in before being side lined with tonsillitis. When I was better I started again and got 3 days in before tonsillitis struck again. Could this be my kryptonite? When I got better I was lazy for about a month. Then I started Insanity (little afraid to start P90X again... lol). I'm just over midway through the program. Although currently injured. I also play Footbag. I have to admit I've fallen for the "Healthy Food" trick. I have already started to correct this and will continue to. Although I'm not sure I'm ready to embrace Paleo. TL;DR: I'm working on getting fit.
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