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  1. Battle Log Previous Challenge Overall I was very happy with last months challenge. It was my first time getting back into it in a while and I feel like I nailed it. I also felt really busy. This challenge is designed to push me farther AND still give me more free time. Sort of. I'll be going back to the gym. I'm also hoping to set up a routine that will be somewhat sustainable over the next few months when I have a new baby in the house. Ya, it's going to get interesting. The new bundle of joy is scheduled to arrive on April 4th. And I'm not going to lie, things really went down hill for me fitness wise when our first was born. But that was also around a time that a LOT happened in life including a big move and a big job change. Hopefully I can keep on track this time. ON THE CHALLENGE!!! Fitness and Health: 1a) Go to the Gym after work (scored out of 12) -I will go to the gym after work each day I work (3 days a week). -I'll be doing a push pull legs routine. -if there is a work meeting after work I will not go the gym so as to get enough sleep -Saturday, Sunday, Monday 1b) Angry Birds on Wednesdays (scored out of 4) -Angry birds will simply be a stop gap because 4 days off is a long time. 2) Biking Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri (Scored out of 16) -Tue/Thur will be HITT style. 2 min low, 1 min High -Wed/Fri will be the same as what I did last month, going for max distance -this will be done while watching TV shows for the duration of the show (40-45 min) 3) Track Food in MFP and stay within 0-500 Calories Under goal (scored out of 26) Life: 1) Serve 10 Clients or have 10 tickets in the month -Last months challenge was to spend 15 minutes on my business every day, this meant that I would spread simple tasks to two days or do things that didn't really need doing just so I could say I did something. -This will force me to focus on what's important: Finding and serving clients -I hope to do some FaceBook advertising, and get my website out there more. I might also advertise more on Kijiji (Craigslist type site) Well, there we have it. Shifting my main Strength workouts to the weekend when I'm already out of the house will allow me to relax more during my days off. "Relax" - work on business, work on house projects, work in the yard, and maybe even get out to the travel trailer that is in sore shape.
  2. Thursday: Biking: yes (16/16!) Angry Birds: Off (9/12) Food: 481 calories left (24/26) Business: Worked on Clients PC. Doing so also allowed me to work through my ticketing and invoice system and find solutions to common issues I'll encounter (15/16) I don't feel like going back and figuring out where I screwed up on my counting so I'll just lose marks for not keeping better track. I'll give my final update today or tomorrow. I also need to think about next challenge too. I have no idea what to do currently. In April I will be having a baby so my world will be turned upset down. On one hand I think I should go into that with a solid established routine, but on the other hand I feel that my current routine will probably get chucked out the window anyway. I'm also thinking about incorporating my work's gym again. I feel that I'd be more likely to get things done while out of the house. But 12.25 hour work shift, plus the gym will be tough. AND the more time I am away from home is more time my wife is home with the two girls.
  3. Yesterday: Biking: Yes. 42 Minutes, 17.93 KM, another new PR (15/16) Angry Birds: Yup. No level ups though (9/12) Food: 679 under (23/26) Business: Worked on Clients PC (14/16) It appears that I am out of sync on my numbers somehow. I only remember missing on Angry Birds workout, and no food tracking days. Yet, here I have an extra one of each missing.
  4. Morning angry birds: Afternoon Bike: The Flash 42 minutes 17.93 km (new pr)
  5. It can be hard to catch. This case was a mix between stupidity and just not knowing what to do. The Chipotle is a new flavor and I guess the PMO didn't know it needed to be a wet changeover. I'm just glad it wasn't me and that it wasn't on our shift. Still sucks overall though. And we have at least 3 seasoning related drowning indents a quarter. Sent from a Rebel CommLink
  6. Biking: Yes. 17.78 km. 42 minutes. (14/16) Angry Birds : off (8/12) Food: ~600 calories under (22/26) Business: HECK YES! My client showed up and I spent an hour and a half with him. He also left his computer with me to do some more work on it. I haven't got paid yet, as he will pay when he picks it up. I also spent some time promoting on Facebook. Just inviting my friends to like my page, nothing serious. I'm trying to build this business without investing anything up front (because I can't afford to) so I'm really looking forward to getting this payment so I can start getting a few things in order to start marketing. A higher res logo, a domain and business cards to start with. (13/16) Sent from a Rebel CommLink
  7. Stationary Bike X-Files last episode (for now?) 42 minutes 17.82 km (new record)
  8. Ya. Mixed Product is the opposite of fun. It's a really big deal when it happens. Bonuses are lost and parties are cancelled. Monday. The day I love. And hate. Biking: Yep. 16.78 km, 42 minutes (13/16) Angry Birds: Yes. (8/12) Food: 503 Calories Left (21/26) Business: Yes. I had another potential client contact me, and I responded. And I spoke with a client I was in contact with last week and set up an appointment for tutoring tomorrow evening. SWEET! As long as he shows up this will be my first client! Got my Square ready to go. (12/16)
  9. Legends of Tomorrow Biking 16.78km, 42 minutes
  10. Let's see how the weekend went! SAT Biking: Off (12/16) Angry Birds: Off (7/12) Food: 616 Calories left (20/26) Business: Off for work (11/16) SUN Biking: off (12/16) Angry Birds: Off (7/12) Food: 128 Calories left (20/26) Business: Off for work (11/16) I feel the weekend went pretty good. I mean, considering that I was at work... Hey, I didn't snack on the product. ALTHOUGH... I need to admit that I TRIED to snack. For the past week I've been having serious junk food cravings. I've almost gone and bought a Pepsi and some Fuzzy Peaches lately. Anyway, we had a Mixed Product event at our plant. That means that one type of product (or the seasoning from one product) got mixed into another one. In this case, things weren't cleaned properly when we switched from Chipotle Thins to Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Artisan. As a result we had to destroy all of our Black Bean run from last week. We had 10 people doing nothing but destroying it all last night. I broke down as I was heading for coffee and grabbed one of the bags, it was right there... and Black Bean is so good... I got the lunch room and cracked into the bag. One bite and... all I taste is the Chipotle seasoning! Usually in our mixed events there are only small traces of the old product, but in this case, it was THICK with it. I still don't understand how it happened. In all mixed cases we destroy the product for allergy reasons. We can't sell something that might have traces of something not on the packaging label because someone could get hurt. Anyway, the chipotle taste saved me from myself. I think I'll need to have some small type of junk soon or I'll end up binging hard. Overall week 3 went well I think. I didn't miss workouts, I ate well except for the Chinese Buffet on Thursday. I made it through my family visiting and I got the few things I had to do done. Onwards and upwards to week 4!!
  11. Kind of a weird day for Angry Birds. I had an appointment in the afternoon and Monday I sleep for a few hours in the morning after finishing up my night shift, so I decided to knock my squats out of the way after work and before bed so that I wouldn't have as much to do after my appointment. my intention was to get the rest of my Angry Birds AND my Biking done while Mara-Jade napped, but it didn't work out that way. I'll need to bike after she goes to bed now. Which is too bad because I'd like to be going to bed then... I'm going to go and update my Challenge post for the weekend and maybe talk a bit about how week 3 went.
  12. Friday: Biking: Off day. Still biked! Nice easy ride. 43 minutes, 14.51km. Not counting it. (12/16) Angry Birds: Yes. (7/12) Food: 903 calories under. (19/26) Business: Off (11/16)
  13. Middle of the night bike ride. Apparently I hate myself. I turned off the lights so I couldn't see my speed and ride at a more comfortable pace. Agent Carter 41 minutes 14.51 km Sent from a Rebel CommLink
  14. Biking: 42 minutes, 16.91km (12/16) Angry Birds: Rest (6/12) Food: 691 Calories OVER (18/26) Business: Work on Blog Post (11/16) Swimming Lessons with my Daughter + Chinese Buffet + Biking = sore gut and a tough bike ride. Other things: I found an interesting blog/experiment - http://rockingfor30days.com/I'm finding it incredibly interesting reading his experience as he eats and trains like Dwayne Johnson for the month. Most interesting to me is that half way through he hasn't gained any weight even though he is eating a 1000 calorie/day surplus, and that even though he's working out longer and harder than he is used to he hasn't experienced any DOMS even though his regular 2 day a week schedule DID leave him with soreness. Also, he's eating $42/day worth of food. Wow. Anyway, it's a interesting read and I look forward to seeing the results and just reading more about it. umm... goals
  15. I biked today, as I'm supposed to, but it was hard. My sister and her two kids have been visiting all week. One the one hand, my sister is currently doing 21 day fix (which means she's eating really clean and working out daily) so she's been helping with motivation. Plus she's a lot heavier than me, and seeing her reminds me that mom is even heavier and has a slew of health issues relating to her weight... I'm MAINLY doing this to be healthy, and live a long time, to see my daughter (soon to become plural) grow up and become women, and hopefully break the unhealthy cycle running in my family (and to look damn good nekkid). On the other hand, this has disrupted our regular routine. Plus her kids are kinda terrible. But back to the routine. My wife decided we should go out for Chinese after Mara-Jade's swimming lessons today. I reluctantly agreed for a few reasons. 1) She loves chinese, hasn't had it for a long time AND SHE'S PREGNANT! 2) In the past I've often been so focused on my diet, so regulated and disciplined that eventually I just snap. I do what Steve often talks about NOT doing. I slip up once (like maybe having two huge plates at a Chinese Buffett) and then I decide that the week's blown already so I'm gonna go buy a family size bag of Fuzzy Peaches, Sour Patch Kids and Cherry Blasters, plus an Xtra Large Slurpee and make a night of it. I need to find balance more. So I had my two plates of Chinese (and two small scoops of ice cream) then I ate a bit lighter at supper. Came in over my calories, but not by huge amounts. As I said though, biking was hard. I bike after lunch. Lunch was two large plates of deep fried Chinese greasiness. My gut hurt before I sat on the amply cushioned yet still strangely uncomfortable saddle. I felt like I was biking through quicksand. But I pushed my self as hard as I could. 42 Minutes Arrow 16.91km
  16. Not sure why I didn't post last night's challenge update, but here it is. Wednesday: Biking: 41 minutes, 15.87km (11/16) Angry Birds: 3 star in Squats (OUCH!) and one arm rows. None in push ups again and down to one in Plank. (6/12) Food: 187 calories under (18/26) Business: Got a call from my Kijiji (like Craigslist but actually used here. Craigslist is a wasteland) ad. Spoke with who will hopefully become my first client, and he's looking for lessons. After speaking on the phone I took some time to record everything we spoke about, including small details he mentioned about what he does, comments he made about my prices, times he might be available and so on, into an Evernote note for him. I plan to keep a record of all Clients and even do follow ups later on. I'm excited that this might become my first client. (10/16) Pretty good day over all.
  17. Stationary Bike The Flash 41 Minutes 15.87 KM Sure, not as far as the last few days. I knew I wouldn't be. Or maybe I wasn't as fast BECAUSE I knew I wouldn't be. Either way. THE QUADS. They're done. And I'm OK with that. Some time in the pool tomorrow will be nice. Maybe I'll even get to spend a few minutes in the Hot Tub. Maybe. Nope, I can't beat Olly. Something to strive for.
  18. Yup. Between Angry Birds squats and biking I'm murdering my poor quads. Whelp, off to bike! 🚲 lol Sent from a Rebel CommLink
  19. One step forward, two back? I guess it was two forward... But I'm really not happy with those Planks. On the first set, my QUADS gave out first? wth? Although they've been sore for the last few days.
  20. That a girl! Last week is in the past and there is nothing that can be done about it. Life happens. Now it's time to assassinate this week and move forward. Sent from a Rebel CommLink
  21. Biking: 42 Minutes, 17.76 KM. X-Files. (10/16) Angry Birds: Off (5/12) Food: 143 Calories over. Bacon and Waffles will do that to ya. (16/26) Business: Yes. I contacted two potential clients. Only one responded and they decided that they don't need my services. :-( (9/16) I really enjoyed X-Files.
  22. I did stuff today. It'll be in my challenge thread since I didn't update earlier. Well, I biked.
  23. I did think about it. That's as far as I got though. I should look more. It seems like it had a really odd way of connecting. Nothing is similar to a regular bike. Sent from a Rebel CommLink
  24. I consistently try to be consistent. Biking : 42 minutes, 16.71km (9/16) Angry Birds : yep. 2 stars in squats, back and plank. No 🌟 in pushup. (5/12) Food : 761 calories left Business : some remote desktop research (8/16) Sent from a Rebel CommLink
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