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  1. I think I'll have to make sure with my current ride for Awhile. Money is tight. But all the if those shops are nearby me (them again Lethbridge isn't that big... But accent is literally like 2 blocks away) so I'll check them out soon and very an idea of what to save up for the future. Thanks for the advice. Sent from a Rebel CommLink
  2. Stationary Bike: Legends of Tomorrow 42 minutes 16.71 km A bit sad that I didn't get to 17 again, but after 90 squats this morning my legs weren't nearly as fresh as they were yesterday. My job is physical, but mostly walking with some lifting. Just don't need to lift from low very often so my legs don't get too wore out. Anyway, I'm happy with 16 km+ for now. And I'm thinking about switching my biking up to a sort of HITT type thing. Not sure yet.
  3. Angry Birds this morning Blah! I didn't 3 star any, but I worked hard and did more than on any previous days. That's a win in my book.
  4. This is a pretty good plan, but I want to make one suggestion (which might be what you are thinking anyway). First, I would start with it as is for a week or two and see how you feel. Hungry, tired? Move up a level in the diet, like to the next weight level (or calorie expendature level? I forget what it's based off) and try that out. Basically make sure you aren't just added say purple containers so you aren't hungry. I know I'd love just eating more fruit, but that's not doing to get the results that 21 Day Fix is designed for. I hope that makes sense. And that you don't think I'm a jerk. haha
  5. No. Picard fell in love with a new crew member and they spent most of the episode discussing music. Sent from a Rebel CommLink
  6. Biking : 44 minutes, 17.4 km. (8/12) Angry birds : off (4/12) Food: 501 calories under (14/26) Business: Yes, posted classified and emailed to find out where it went. Also looked at my website a d checked domain options. (7/16) Sent from a Rebel CommLink
  7. Friday Biking: off (7/16) Angry Birds: (4/12) Food: 207 calories under (12/26) Business: Off (6/16) Saturday Biking: Off (7/16) Angry Birds: Off (4/12) Food: 642 Calories Under (13/26) Business: Off (6/16) Pretty happy to have made it through the weekend with my food under. Last week I tried taking some left overs to work to make sure there was no chance of being hungry and eating the product. That ended up putting me over my calorie goals. Like I said after the weekend, I wasn't overly upset about it, but I still wanted to address it this time around. I went back to my old work snacks of Carrots, an apple and peanuts (plus COFFEE! no sugar though...). This meant I was a bit hungry and could eat more so self control came into play a lot more than it did last weekend. Especially since last night I was making Smart Food White Cheddar Popcorn. We hadn't made it on my shift in a year, so the temptation was crazy. This stuff is incredible when it's hot and fresh out of the popping oven, and the seasoning is still wet... MMMmmmm... My bags kept popping open, presenting it in all it's warm glory, but I didn't have a single piece. Pretty proud. This brings me to Today, Sunday. I have tonight off work, so I decided to stay up all day so I could get a good sleep tonight and be ready to start my days off. Originally I made a few nice excuses in my head why I didn't need to do anything today: 1) I have family visiting, I should just chill with them. 2) It's normally a work day so I don't have anything scheduled to do. 3) I deserve to just enjoy my day off. Well, by noon I was itching to do something so when I found everyone else napping I snuck downstairs and hopped on my stationary bike. Watched some Star Trek: TNG and set a new PB of 17.4 km in 44 minutes. Then I came upstairs and made a classified ad on a new site for our small city advertising my budding business. It seems to have been eaten by the site though, so I'll need to spend some more time trying to find out what happened to it. But either way, i'm happy I have been productive today. I'm going to count these towards my challenge numbers which means that my Biking is now back on schedule and I'm one behind on Business. I'm not sure where I'll make that one up. Maybe by actually doing something on Thursday and then still doing something else Friday morning while staying up all night. After I'm done eating for the day I'll do a proper daily update here. Week Two Recap: Well, I crapped the bed on Wednesday, but was on point for everything else. I'm not honestly sure what I think of this. Today makes me feel a lot better about the week though. I really want to start getting some customers for my business. I don't have the time to dedicate in full, but if I can get some income coming in for the business I can re-invest it into things I need like a higher quality logo, a website, business cards, a business license, ect. I need to do this thing with almost zero investment because we live from paycheck to paycheck. I would need to take out a loan or go into personal debt if I was to invest in everything up front. I'm hoping to gain some customers before the full launch so i can get things rolling. I had a few potential customers contact me, but they didn't respond after a few texts back and forth. I should send them follow up messages. I'm going to do that!
  8. Short work week. Just 2 days. So it's over. I made it through another one. Not supposed to bike today, but I did anyways since I'm not working. Biking, The boringest episode on Star Trek: TNG, 44 minutes 17.4 KM! Pretty happy with that. Especially since it was on 24 hours with no sleep. I love my work schedule...
  9. Looks too sugary. Lol Sent from a Rebel CommLink
  10. Hey there, hi there, ho there! I'm looking for find my Jedi Council. I'm hoping to find people who can have done any of the following things to help me out and be helped out in return, hopefully. Starting a small Business - I'm currently working on starting a small home business doing computer repair. Anyone with experience running a business would be great to talk to! Big bonus points if you did so in Canada so the rules and laws will be the same. I want to do this all on the up and up.Weight loss - I've got weight to lose. I know how to do, I've done it before and even helped others do it, but then I got lazy, gained it back. Really just looking for other people to journey withComputer Repair/IT - I know there are dedicated forums for this all over the web, but just someone to bounce ideas off of when I get stuck working on clients PC, or even just to vent to for stupid issuesCool people to chat with?Business Accounting - This might just go with the first one, but anyone that knows a lot about Business accounting in Canada. If you have experience with any of these and feel like becoming my mentor, I would be forever grateful. Or if you feel I could be of any help to you in anything, just let me know (I've always wanted to be a Jedi master!!) Y-Not (Tony)
  11. Wednesday: Biking: No (6/16) Angry Birds: Didn't finish, doesn't count. (4/12) Food: 238 Calories under (10/26) Business: nil (6/16) Thursday: Biking: 16.33 km, 42 minutes (7/16) Angry Birds: Off (4/12) Food: 1365 under??? This is because of a lot of activity today swimming for over an hour and biking, plus walking around shopping (11/26) Business: nope (6/16) I'm pretty sure I said I wanted to do MORE for the business this week... dang nabbit. Next week is gonna be rough for that too. My sister and my niece and nephew are spending the week here. Working out should be pretty easy as my sister's on one of her work out kicks. I think she's doing 21 Day Fix now. I'm going to state right now that I can substute one of my work outs a day for her 21 Day Fix if I want. Although the biking and TV show should prove a good escape for a while... Anyway, now to get through the weekend of work. The dreaded weekend of work. haha
  12. Angry Birds at 3am. Yay? I seriously thought about skipping this. I was nodding off before mid night even hit, but after grabbing some grub and watching some tube for a few hours I summoned the energy to give it a shot. Did not bad either. If I do say so myself.
  13. Well yesterday was sucky. I just felt blah all day. Layed in bed for a few hours in the afternoon instead of doing my biking, and this was AFTER not finishing my angry birds in the morning. I was in the middle of an online chat with an old friend when I decided to do my workout. I do it right next to my PC so I figured I could make it work while chatting in rests between sets. Well, he convinced me to start a new (well, actually really old) online game with him, so I did. I told myself I was doing it as a favor for him. Turns out, I didn't like the game at all (or even have a clue what I was doing) and I didn't end up finishing my workout. I left Planks just waiting to be done! I did one after my biking today, but I'll leave it at that because sometime in the night I'll need to get my angry birds for tomorrow done. Had swimming lessons with Mara-Jade this morning. She's starting to do so good and get braver at them. The last set she did with her mom who is a bit afraid of water, so doing them with me instead is really helping. I love the water and swimming. I really should do more of it. Biking The Flash. Welcome to Earth-2. I really liked this episode, something about doppelgangers and alternate personalities intrigues me. 42 Minutes 16.33 KM I finally broke 16!!! I tried to push to 23km/h as much as I could. I dipped down to 21 and as low as 18 at least once, but I kept pushing. Maybe the day off helped? Still not happy about how yesterday played out.
  14. Grrr... stupid forum eating my post. Biking: 15.84 (6/16) Angry Birds : off (4/12) Food 475 under (9/26) Business: Yes (6/16)
  15. I'm not an Assassin anymore but I would take a look. You can also see a lot yourself from filming. Compare to videos of good form and see if their are differences. Sent from a Rebel CommLink
  16. Last week's Legends of Tomorrow and my stationery bike. 42 minutes 15.84 km I'm a bit upset that I didn't hit 16 km. I felt that I was faster than last night. Oh well. I should assumed it would be bad when I felt the soreness settle into my legs while opening credits were still on The screen. Oh well. Something to work towards. Sent from a Rebel CommLink
  17. I enjoy riding, but I don't have a good bike. I just have a crappy single speed Huffy special from Wal Mart. When I got it I thought I would just use it for leisurely rides around the small town I lived in. Then I moved less than 20 km from work and started commuting on it. It was not comfortable, but got the job done. Now I'm working 12 hour days and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to sleep, eat AND ride to work, so I'm back to driving. Now I'm looking for a nice bike trailer thing to tow my daughter around in. The only chances I really get to ride are when I'd need to bring her with me and she just out grew the seat she had for my bike. Anyone have advice on small upgrades I can make to make a cheap bike better?
  18. Thank you! Monday down. I love/hate you, you glorious day. Biking: 15.94 KM/43 minutes (5/16) Angry Birds: Yes 3 Stars in Squats and my scaled back back ecersice and 2 stars in push up and plank (4/12) Food: 179 calories under (8/26) Business: I finished the blog post I've been working on.(5/16) Monday's rough. First day off work (YAY!!!). I only sleep for 3 hours after work, then get up so I can sleep at night (BOO!!!). But I survived. I think in future challenges I'll scale back Mondays a bit. After watching tonight's episode of X-Files downstairs, with no lights on wearing headphones cranked up to cover the noise of my stationary bike... I'm scared of the garbage man that will be coming around in the morning.
  19. X-Files and biking. 43 minutes 15.94 KM I can crack 16 soon! One thing I like about NOT looking the distance as I'm going is it's this odd motivation. I only have my speed up on my screen, so I know I want to keep above a certain speed (21.5 km/h right now) and I push for that, and I don't want to fall below, and I also want to spend some of the time a bit above because I KNOW that I fall below at times (get too caught up in the show I'm watching). But if I had the distance up I know I would put on a huge push to make sure I tried to go farther than last time, or in tonight's case I would have made sure to hit 16 km. Not knowing distance means I have to keep pushing and be fairly steady the whole time, because I can't just make it all up at the end. Also, the garbage man will be coming around tomorrow and now I'm scared to death of him.
  20. I'm guessing you aren't very far in? She gets better, honest! Sent from a Rebel CommLink
  21. I have a love/hate relationship with Mondays. On the one hand... it marks the end of my work week, so like most people's Fridays it is something to be celebrated, but at the same time, I get off work at 7am and still want to enjoy part of my first day off and get my sleep scheduled flipped so I only sleep for 3 hours. So, I end up being grumpy and tired all afternoon/evening (the entire time I'm awake). Yesterday morning after work, I sat on the can for a few minutes (stupid Star Trek Timelines on my phone...) and when I got up I could hardly move my neck. I had trouble sleeping yesterday and today, and the pain was almost unbearable at work last night. I put a heat pad on it most of the afternoon and it's hurting less, but still has limited range of motion. I don't know what caused it, but I thought I was feeling well enough to get my Angry Birds on... I decided to abandon the negative pull ups for the time being. Between how much they hurt on Friday and my new neck tweak thing, I just figure they are a bad idea. I'll go back to them once I lose some weight, and build up those muscles more. Back to one arm rows for the time being. I'll stick with my 20 lb dumbbells unless I find a good deal on heavier ones. The plan is to shoot for a 5 rep increase each time. I got my workout in later than I would like. I was just exhausted and sore earlier. Will bike in a little over an hour when my daughter goes to bed.
  22. Could you record yourself as a form check? Sent from a Rebel CommLink
  23. Weekend of Work: Friday (as seen above but with added food numbers): Biking: Off (4/16) Angry Birds: Off (3/12) Food: 732 under (5/26) Business: Did something for Thursday (4/16) Saturday: Biking: Off (4/16) Angry Birds: Off (3/12) Food: 305 OVER (6/26) Business: Off (4/16) Sunday: Biking: Off (4/16) Angry Birds: Off (3/12) Food: 114 OVER (7/26) Business: Off (4/16) The overages on Food might seem bad at first, and I do want to try and address them in future weeks, but I'm not horribly upset. I knew I needed to take enough to eat on my breaks so I didn't feel hungry while working. I'm tempted to graze all night even if I'm NOT hungry. If my stomach growls even a tiny bit... the Doritos/Tostitos suddenly look like they could save my life if only I ate every single one of them in the plant! SO, I over ate a bit according to MyFitnessPal. I've got MFP set to lose 1.5 lbs/week so I think I was still eating a deficit. Either way, I'm not about to beat myself up over it, especially since this challenge is about TRACKING food. Week one is over. I can say that I stayed 100% to my challenges. This makes me happy. This week I want to work more on my business. But first... SLEEP! IMAGE DOES DEPICT NOT BELONG TO YNOT OR HIS LESS HEROIC ALTER EGO.
  24. I made it through another work week. Not much to report other than my food. I'll put that in my challenge thread. I can also report that I DID NOT EAT ANY OF THE PRODUCT!
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