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  1. Hey! Let me know how the work out is! I don't have time for it today but I'm looking forward to Tony's new program. Sent from a Rebel CommLink
  2. We'll call this Friday's update, even though it's only 4am and I haven't slept since the last update. Biking: Off Day (4/16) Angry Birds: leveled up in Squats and Plank, 0 stars in Push up and Back (3/12 PERFECT WEEK!) Food: TBD will try to update later tonight Will be tough from work. Business: Thursday's - continued working on the same blog post. Mostly research tonight (4/16) That pretty much wraps up my week 1. I just need to make it through the weekend of the work without EATING ALL THE DORITOS!!! and tracking my food intake. I work from 7pm-7am so it'll be rough to keep on top of MFP. I'll allow myself to keep the point even if I input it all the next day. You may or may not hear from me for a few days, but I've got tapatalk on my phone so feel free to bug me and keep me in line over the weekend!
  3. Angry Birds at 3:30am Right so. As you can clearly see. it was pretty bad. My arms never quit hurting from Wednesday's Angry Bird's workout. As I expected this schedule is less than ideal. But now I get 3 days off. From workouts. It's 3 long days of work however. Oh well. By the end of the second set of Push Ups, I was collapsing at the end. The last 3 were pitiful, absolutely pitiful. Oh, and the negative pull ups... heh... I think I pulled something in those pitiful 2 reps I got in. Oh well. Onward and up ward!!
  4. Biking: 15.24 km (4/16 PERFECT WEEK!) Angry Birds: Off Day (2/12) Food: 868 calories under (4/26) Business: This will come later... I should have done something for the business. I procrastinated, but I did have a somewhat busy day. The reason it's not a great big problem is because it's Thursday. Thursday's I stay up all night to make the flip to Nights for my work week (work week end? 36 hours of hell?) so I've got another 8 hours to put some quality time in. I'll update later. Also, I need to do my Friday Angry Birds work out. I'm not sure how will this plan was. I won't be able to fully recover between Wednesday and this next workout, but it should be OK. I guess. lol Shovelglove looks interesting. I think I'd also want to have a big ol' tire in my back yard to beat on! Either way, it's something to put on my "to buy in the future" list, along with some sort of activity tracker. Edit2Add: I also did swimming lessons with Mara-Jade this morning, made a delicious supper, picked up new safety glasses for work and watched the Oilers win a hockey game dominantly. It was a good day.
  5. Latest episode of Arrow and my stationary bike. 42 minutes 15.24 km a bit shorter distance wise than the last few days, but I'm still happy with it. I'm moving and that is the most important thing.
  6. Y-Not

    dragon Starts Again

    Nice goals. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  7. Anyone have luck or experience with an Android Wear smarthwatch with respects to using it for fitness tracking?
  8. Biking was just convenient since I can do it while watching TV. But doing Angry Birds was inspired by reading about you doing it previously. And now I'm seriously thinking about getting a sledgehammer because it just looks fun. And what's more badass than swinging around a sledgehammer?? Biking: 15.63km (3/16) Angry Birds: 3 stars on Push, back and squats. 2 stars on Plank (2/12) Food: 709 calories under (3/26) Bussiness: Spent another 45 minutes or so working on a blog post about Internet Security (3/16)
  9. Biked tonight. Later than I wanted. A nap was calling me in my normal biking time. X-Files 43 minutes 15.63 KM I get a bad glare on my screen from the light so I turned it off. But it was dark, so it was hard to see my speed. I did alright though.
  10. Angry Birds Mostly good. But that first set of planks was BRUTAL! My 2 and a half year old decided to sit on my at about the 30 second mark! And here's a bonus pic of her trying to do a negative pull up. http://imgur.com/3y1kKlq
  11. Better day today overall. Biking: 15.7km (2/16) Angry Birds: off day (1/12) Food: 855 calories under (2/26) Bussiness: Started writing the second post for my blog. (2/16) Other things I accomplished today: recyclingshoppinganchored a book case to a wallput up a floating shelffinished The OfficeWatched a live stream of Fantasmic from Walt Disney World with my daughtermissed Walt Disney World too much :'(watched the Oilers win a hockey game
  12. Cycling done at the scheduled time. Woot! Supergirl. 44 minutes. 15.7 km I kept to around 21 km/h which was up from 20 km/h that was my last best, and I didn't dip below for very long very often. I am happy that I broke past 15km. YAY!
  13. Hmmm... a Beachbody fan? I'm subbing. I've done 10 minute trainer, Insanity, P90X3, Focus T25 and 21 Day Fix for full rounds and have done parts of most of their other programs (or at least the older ones, I haven't tried Master and Chisel or Cize at all yet). How do you like Cize?? It looks fun!
  14. Late last night I got my cycling in. 43 minutes, 2 episodes of Gravity Falls. 14.93 KM I really need to figure out a good position on my stationary bike. I realized near the end of my ride yesterday that a certain body part had lost all feeling. I adjusted the seat height yet again. Hopefully that helps. I also tracked all my food and did a bit of work on my bussiness's website. And I slept in way later than I wanted to. Yay?
  15. Well that was an ... interesting first day of the challenge... Can't say I'm too proud of it. Got home from work at 7:30 am and saw that it was the first day of the challenge (I hadn't noticed the start date before). So I spent some time writing up my challenge goals before going to bed. Then I slept in WAY to late. I was supposed to get up at 1, but I slept until 4:30 when my daughter was sent to wake me up. So I started my day later than planned. Which was tough because I had two work out type things to do, that I would normally have done before supper. I also had to figure out supper... not very healthy with that little time to plan. Anyway, I ended up fitting everything in, but I'm not too proud of how it worked out. Biking: 14.93 KM (1/16) Angry Birds: *** on all level 1s (1/12) Food: logged. 19 calories under (1/26) Bussiness: Worked on Website. Actually wasted some time exploring a new site builder because I misread the moonfruit plans and thought they were deleting my site if I didn't upgrade to a payed site right away. (1/16)
  16. Angry Birds workout. After supper since i slept in until almost supper... Squats 31 31 *** Push Ups incline 20 21 41 *** Back Exercise 1 arm rows 17 15 32 *** Planks 61 61 *** OK, so format doesn't really work... Most were relatively easy, but I still worked at them. I wasn't sure I should be starting at level one for all of them, but I'm glad I did. The 1 Arm Rows were done with 20 lb dumbbells. I think I should have gone lighter simply because now I don't really have anywhere to go to now. I can't really do inverted rows at all. I think I'll have to skip to negative pull ups.
  17. I made it through my work week! (Fri, Sat, Sun) without eating any of the products I make! This is a huge huge thing compared to eating 275g bags of Artisan chips most days... I feel like if I could do it one weekend, I can keep it up. I also started a challenge!!! I've been excited to start the next challenge since i returned, but it still kinda snuck up on me. It will be roughly following the same things I outlined here, but with a bit more structure and a few things added. I haven't worked out exactly where I will be posting moving forward. Maybe I'll put workout notes here, and once a day updates on the challenge thread? OH! And I decided to join the rangers. I don't really do well with sticking to one thing for long periods of time, and I'm currently planning to do things from a few guilds so I figured Rangers was a better fit than my old friends, the Assassins. Hope everyone enjoys their challenges!
  18. Hello Rangers, I'm back after a hiatus (too long), also, I used to go by ct2020, but my alter ego has been reborn as Y-Not Eniotna. I want to learn to be functional. I want to be able to do whatever I feel like without my body holding me back. So, with that in mind, I will be hanging out here more. If you'll have me. I used to think I belonged with the Assassins, but I don't think that was a good fit. Although I still like the idea of Assassins so I might kinda be a Ranger Assassin. Anyway, did I read right, that the challenge starts TODAY? YIKES!!!! OK, let's see what my challenges should be... DIET/FITNESS: Bike for 40 minutes every day I don't work (MTWT are bike days) (?/16)Log my Food Intake/don't eat all the doritos at work (?/26)Angry Birds Workout 3 days a week (?/12)Life: Do something useful for at least 15 minutes to help get Y-Not Tech Services off the ground (also only MTWT) (?/16) I work weekend nights, at a Frito Lay plant making yummy yummy Doritos, Tostitos, Cheetos and Munchies. I find it incredibly difficult to not munch while I work. And that has lead to me loosing all the gains I had once made. I feel like talking a bit about my goals. The first one will be while I watch TV shows. The 40 minutes represents a standard 1 hour show without commercials. Currently I'm watching Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, X-Files, Suits, Supergirl, Agents of SHIELD, and Agent Carter. 4 of those will be watched on the Bike each week. I work 12 hour shifts 3 days a week and don't ever feel like doing ANYTHING but eat, sleep and work on those days, so they are exempt. I haven't been logging my food for a while and I need to start again. It's really tough to log the grazing I often to do at work so I just need to not do it. For lot's of reasons, not just because it's tough to log. Ideally I want to stay under a calorie goal and whatnot, but for this challenge, only tracking matters. I've enjoyed reading Jothra's old battle log and it inspired me to try out the Angry Birds workout. I'll look it up again later today and give it a go. I am currently soft launching a personal business while planning to go full in this May. I want to spend some time daily working towards this goal. In May I'll be working on this on my days off from the chip plant and I'll be following that schedule for the prep work as well. So anyway, let's do this!
  19. Oh good. I've been meaning to watch that show. I guess it's next after I'm done The Office (again) . Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  20. Well, the night shift is complete. I can happily report that I didn't snack. Even though I was making Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Artisan Tostitos. I can eat a whole bag of those like they're nothing. Mmmmm.... BUT! I resisted. And I'm happy.
  21. That hat reminds me of up. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  22. Bonus bike. It was 5 am, I wanted to watch Legends of Tomorrow and my legs felt... decent? 42 minutes 14.96 km I dipped below 20 km/h a few times, but very breifly and I worked up my speed a bit higher quite often. I made some adjustements to my viewing angle, so my head could be more natural to see the screen. I feel that this helped a lot. That might give you an idea of what I'm working with. I don't think cadence is work it. Oh, and I work the next 3 nights so that means I probably won't be posting AND I need to grow some self discipline and NOT EAT HALF THE DORITOS WE PRODUCE!!!!
  23. Swimming lessons with my daughter this morning. She's two so I'm in there holding her the whole time. (+) She wanted Fries and Chicken for lunch after. KFC (-) The Arrow 14.68 KM (+) I need to work on getting that speed to stay above 20km/h to improve my distance it seems. But my legs hurt and my butt hurts even more! Stupid seat. I should note that I turned down my tension the second day this week. Unfortunately there is no real indicator for where it's set at. My current plan is to just leave it where it is and when I can average at about 25km/h I'll turn the tension up a bit. That might take a bit though. And my bike does not show me cadence (sp?).
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