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  1. Swimming lessons with my daughter=lots of fun!

  2. The Flash: 42 min 14.68 KM Tried to float around 20km/h. Would not let my self stop. Stretched a bit afterward. Need to make sure I do that a lot more. My Square Reader came in today! YAY! I don't plan on really starting up my Business until mid April when my wife goes on Maternity Leave and I have enough time to run it. But I'm getting itchy to start! I'm making honey garlic chicken for supper tonight. I hope it turns out well since I didn't exactly have all the ingredients... And I've been doing great with my coffee! Been on days off and haven't put sugar in my coffee once. This has the added bonus of, I don't enjoy my coffee and I only drink one cup instead of the 2-4 I usually have.
  3. I read this entire thread over the last few days. It was incredibly entertaining. Great work! At one point it seemed like you biked from Vulcan to Lethbridge and Coaldale??? Please tell me I misinterpreted that!! I used to live in Coaldale and always thought it would be a good idea to bike into Lethbridge for work, but I never got around to it since I didn't have a bike at the time and when I finally got one I was working Nights and just didn't trust people on the highway. Also Vulcan has a good candy store? I've never been anywhere in Vulcan other than the Enterprise and the Trek center. I've also never been in the Nanton candy store because any time I'm going through I'm rushing to or from Calagary, Edmonton or Banff. I really need to slow down and explore more. Not that a candy store should necessarily be at the top of my explore list....
  4. OIE! I don't think that's how you spell it. I watched X-Files episode 2. and I sat on my stationary bike. I decided not to do the weights and just go for speed instead. I tried to stick to around 20 km/h. As soon as I started pedaling I knew that yesterday had a bigger effect on my poor leg muscles than I thought. It hurt. And I had to take frequent breaks. Too many breaks. Before I started I thought that I would have another go tonight while watching Supergirl. That will not be happening now. I took so many breaks that I actually traveled less distance than yesterday. 9.15 KM Oh, and quite a few of my breaks were to try and find a way to sit on the bike didn't hurt! The seat is so uncomfortable! I tried a bunch of different seat heights, but not worked.
  5. Jothra: I have been reading your name log. Very entertaining! The weights don't make it less fun per se, but they do add a distraction. I could go much faster without, but I worry I wouldn't get any upper body work at all. I was talking it easy on the bike today, several times I forced myself to slow down to make sure I wouldn't wear out before the end of the show. Turns out it wasn't a problem at all, at the end of the show I was simply surprised it was done. Maybe I'll alternate between no weights, and focusing on speed and doing what I did today. I did break a sweat, but not as much as I would like. I also feel it in my legs and arms so I know it worked! Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  6. I just spent 43 minutes sitting on the uncomfortable seat of my stationary bike and watching the Premier of the new X-Files. That show is awesome. I'm so happy it's back. I biked 10.02 kilometers. I tried to stick between 13-14 km/h. Next time I'll go for 14-15 to try and beat my record. I also held onto 5 lb dumbbells the whole time doing random curls, flys and isometric holds. 5 lbs seemed good for the length of time involved so I'll do the same next time. Supergirl or the next X-Files tomorrow. I also had sugarless coffee when I got up (then went to the dentist..BOO! Brush and floss regularly folks. 6 fillings in two weeks is horrible). Later today I'll work on either adding to a blog post for my business's website or starting a new one. I haven't launched my business yet so I want to get some blog posts together so I can post them regularly when I do launch. Oh! I also signed up for Wave Accounting, so I have done something for it today. Yay!
  7. Why not head to the dentist today?

  8. Last night at work I did not snack on the product once. I ate my carrots, two apples and handful of peanuts. Zero grazing! It got really hard near the end of my shift. The Crunchy Cheetos were calling to me.
  9. I just respawned. I died before. Now I'm back. Steve's book has re-awakened my inner hero and I'm determined to level up. I'm starting slowly. I want to jump into the next challenge. 4 weeks? Not 6? Alright. A few things to get myself going int he right direction: Ride bike while watching a 40 minute TV show (commercials suck). I know, cardio machine, but it will get me moving while doing something I enjoy.No sugar in coffee at home, and half a teaspoon at work.more veggiesreally really DON'T eat all the doritos, tostitos, munchies, and cheetos that I make all night.do something to help grow/prepare my business. That's about what I got so far. Oh, also I used to be an assassin and I liked that and will continue a bit, but I'm switching my main class to RANGER. This might be temporary. I might make up my own class. Any suggestions for Star Wars classes, that aren't Jedi/Sith?
  10. Right, so. Not sure what happened. Not sure why it happened. At one point I had lost 70 lbs and thought I was on the right track. I gained it all back. None of my clothes fit and I am generally unhappy. I'm gonna do a few things to turn things around. I can only watch TV shows while cycling Watch one TV show while cycling each day offblack coffee onlydo something every day (days off, four days a week) for my upcoming businessvisit The Rebellion daily for inspiration and accountability???ProfitIt's a work in progress.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys. I thought the video might help you understand what the frack I was talking about. Bah. Had some computer trouble last night. Ended up formatting and starting fresh, which really sucks because I'm hoping to get a new SSD in the next few weeks so I'll be doing this all over again. Anyway, I have it mostly set up the way I like it again. On Thursday I did TMT Yoga Flex and last night I did my footbag and BW workout. Infinity to 25: 5. 10. 25. 21. 25. 8. 25. 8. 13. 23. 25. 7. 9. 13. 15. 17. 21. 24. 25. Worst: 2 Best: 21 Average Drops per Run: 2.8 Osis for 5: 12. 1. 7. 1. 1. 2. 1. 3. 7. 12. 7. 11. 9. 1. 14. 4. Worst: 1 Best: 14 Average: 5.8 Tiltless to 25: 6. 23. 25. 13. 24. 25. 7. 14. 17. 21. 25. 18. 25. 2. 25. Worst: 2 Best: 23 Average Drops per Run: 2 I do believe all my numbers were up over Wednesday so that's nice to see. Body Weight Squat: 20 reps (+13 pts) 20 reps (+13 pts) 20 reps (+13 pts) Kneeling Push-Up: 10 reps (+5 pts) 10 reps (+5 pts) 10 reps (+5 pts) Body Weight Lunge: 20 reps (+24 pts) 20 reps (+24 pts) 20 reps (+24 pts) Half Chin-Up: 5 reps (+22 pts) 5 reps (+22 pts) 5 reps (+22 pts) Negatives Plank: 30 sec (+10 pts) 30 sec (+10 pts) 30 sec (+10 pts) Jumping Jacks: 30 jumping jacks (+9 pts) 30 jumping jacks (+9 pts) 30 jumping jacks (+9 pts) Aerobic Dance Class: 0:45:00 || Intense! (+229 pts) Footbag And the first chin up of each set was actually a real chin up instead of a negative but I'm not sure an easy way to track that so it'll just stay like this until I can do all in the set regular.
  12. Working on it! Was too tired (or just too lazy) to get outta bed this morning so my workout got put off until this evening. Infinity to 25: 21. 23. 25. 8. 9. 13. 16. 24. 25. 2. 5. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 25. 13. 14. 25. 14. 24. 25. Worst: 1 Best: 21 Average Drops per Run: 3.6 Osis for 5: 2. 4. 8. 1. 1. 8. 1. 6. 16. 2. 1. 1. 2. 8. 9. 6. 9. 3. 6. Best: 16 Worst: 1 Average: 4.9 Tiltless to 25: 5. 25. 5. 8. 11. 17. 23. 25. 3. 15. 18. 25. 4. 14. 24. 10. 25. Worst: 2 Best: 20 Average Drops per Run: 2.4 So my infities got significantly more drops than last session. I cut the time for osis is half and had a slightly better result for the average string length and Tiltess remained about the same. After footbag was BW Circuit time. Body Weight Squat: 20 reps (+13 pts) 20 reps (+13 pts) 20 reps (+13 pts) Kneeling Push-Up: 10 reps (+5 pts) 10 reps (+5 pts) 10 reps (+5 pts) Body Weight Lunge: 20 reps (+24 pts) 20 reps (+24 pts) 20 reps (+24 pts) Half Chin-Up: 5 reps (+22 pts) 5 reps (+22 pts) 5 reps (+22 pts) Negatives Plank: 30 sec (+10 pts) 30 sec (+10 pts) 30 sec (+10 pts) Jumping Jacks: 30 jumping jacks (+9 pts) 30 jumping jacks (+9 pts) 30 jumping jacks (+9 pts) Aerobic Dance Class: 0:45:00 || Intense! (+229 pts) Footbag And... here's a short video:
  13. Got my Yoga Flex in this morning. Gotta focus on rolling outta bed early enough to get my full routine in. Might set up the cam again. You can look Saturday if you want. A good "what not to do" reminder. Lol.
  14. Week one. . . As for goals it went well. I am right on target. That said I didn't eat well on the weekend and a few of my workouts really lacked intensity so I would like to get that straightened out ASAP.
  15. Week One Update Time!!!!! 1. Check. Admittedly Fridays was pretty weak, but I still did it. One step at a time baby. 2. Check once more. No longer ones, but I got them in. Even when away from home for the last one (had my sister join me). 3. Check. Don't look at Saturday. PLEASE don't look at saturday. 4. Moving along with this. Last week was tough. The mini assignment threw me for a loop and I finished it at my mom's place with about a half hour to go until the deadline. I even had to get the professor to help me out. I'm happy with week one and I want to step it up heading into this week.
  16. Thanks guys! The weekend was bad food wise, but I did do my planned Ten Minute Trainer (TMT) Yoga Flex, plus a bonus TMT Core Cardio because my sister wanted to do it. Just finished my Footbag and sort of Body Weight workout... Infinity to 25 3. 4. 10. 11. 14. 23. 24. 25. 4. 15. 22. 25. 12. 13. 25. 12. 25. 4. 25. Best: 21 Worst: 1 Average Drops Per Run: 2.8 Osis for 10 2. 7. 1. 1. 2. 6. 6. 5. 1. 6. 3. 6. 3. 21. 1. 1. 2. 13. 1. 9. 7. 2. 21. 3. 5. 0. 1. 1. 2. 6. 2. Best: 21 Worst: 0 Average: 4.7 Tiltless to 25 4. 13. 19. 24. 25 17. 25. 18. 25. 5. 19. 24. 25. 1. 20. 23. 25. Best: 19 Worst: 1 Average Drops Per Run: 2.4 I wimped out and only did one round of the BW workout. Boo on me. Body Weight Squat: 20 reps (+13 pts) Kneeling Push-Up: 10 reps (+5 pts) Body Weight Lunge: 20 reps (+24 pts) Half Chin-Up: 5 reps (+22 pts) Negatives Plank: 30 sec (+10 pts) Jumping Jacks: 30 jumping jacks (+9 pts) Aerobic Dance Class: 0:40:00 || The Gods Hate Me! (+266 pts) In other news we got a video camera over the weekend. I filmed the footbag portion of my workout tonight and I am very displeased with the result. The footage is very grainy and I had the camera set to the highest setting (22 min on a 4gb card HD). I need to read the manual and play around with settings I guess. Tips?
  17. Yesterday I did my Ten minutes of Yoga. Today was blah. I wasn't feeling it so I did pretty much the bare minimum. ~10 Minutes of Footbag 1 Round of the Body Weight workout. I slightly upped the intensity though as I did full push ups instead of from knees and I managed to do ONE full Chin-Up followed by 4 negatives. I'm actually quite happy with the Chin-Up. Only ever been able to do them once before so that's a pretty big accomplishment. I'm really far behind in my Python project for the week. It'll squeaky to get it done on time and I only have myself to blame for the combination of procrastination and over extending what I take on.
  18. /rubs hands together You better run, because I've got some insults I've been saving up for just such an occasion.
  19. There isn't really any required reading. The course is all based on video lectures available online. I'm going to be trying to go light or fully dataless as my roaming charges are bad. So doing the lectures in line won't really work out. Other than that the course involves quizzes (also based online and requiring the online coding environment set up) and a coding project. None of which I can really do from anywhere but a computer. So it'll likely be a morning and evening thing. Possibly by the pool or some other fun spot. Also if I figure out to make the coding environment available offline I might be able to do some of the work while flying (Although that would cut into comic reading time ). Are you eating more because you are hungry, or just because you can or you want to? Really listen to your body.
  20. These are perfect and I had planned on a few of them. We'll be hitting a grocery store the night we arrive. Did it last time (although more for junk food to snack on...) and it worked out well and saved us a lot of money. Hadn't thought about making sandwhiches, but I might. Depends if we have a fridge in out room though. On the getting up early... it's going to be a balancing act. I don't think I'll have trouble getting up before the majority of my travelling group (My wife's family) so I'll have some time there, but I need to juggle getting my Python assignments complete and staying fit. One thing I found last time I went is that lines get boring so I would start juggling and playing footbag a bit to pass the time. I might do that more here as a way to stay sharp. As a bonus it helps entertain other people waiting. lol On your sweet binge issue. Make a pledge to us that you will tell us when you eat something sweet. Then follow through. One thing I do is eat some but only a little. Earlier this week someone brought in a HUGE bag full of haloween sized Smartie boxes. In the past I could have and would have eaten at least half of this bag. This time I tried to resist and succeeded for a while, but the temptation was taking over and I knew I would snap soon. So I had one box. I recorded the 45 calories in MFP and stopped there. I was satisfied and didn't need any more. I don't think that works for everyone, but I have a huge sweet tooth and I find if I don't let it sink into something good every so often I end up coming out of 7-11 with $20 worth of CRAP and eating it all in an hour.
  21. Just to weigh in on Croman's question about what foundation to lie... And my response shall be based on the first few chapters of OG... You need to know where you are going to know what foundation to build. If I want to build a large, 5 bedroom house, then the foundation of a storage shed isn't going to help. It might be a fine foundation and perfect for a storage shed, but that isn't the goal I'm after. I want to build a 5 bedroom house frakit! That might not be the greatest analogy as the house clearly has more value over-all but hopefully you see what I mean. OG talks about choosing a few things you would like to be able to do and then figuring out where on the progressions for them you are. Squats won't really help you do a handstand and vice versa. So spend some time and think about where you are heading so you can forge a path toward that destination. On what I'll need the most help with... That would be vacation time. Disney World. Workouts will certainly suffer, and so will truly free time to get my course done. But I am most concerned about staying healthy amongst the bad food and with the lack of structured workouts. Any tips?
  22. ***Slips through the shadows unseen to watch as this great monk progress. The young Ithorian is happy this one has not been marked by his superiors...***
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