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  1. Thanks bud! I still need to find your thread and check it out. You know those days where you're just on? The days you feel strong and fit? You know the ones... when you feel like you could take on the whole Empire youself, or pull the arms off a gundark! When everything just falls into place and your rock your workout and everything else you set out to do? Today was not one of those days. Infinity to 25: 2 3 5 15 19 24 25 3 6 16 21 25 1 3 5 14 18 22 25 6 8 22 25 13 15 16 25 Best: 14 Worst: 1 Average Drops Per Run: 5.4 Osis for 10: 3. 8. 1. 6. 1. 3. 3. 7. 1. 13. 2. 4. 2. 2. 2. 3. 2. 2. 5. 8. 1. 12. 2. 3. 6. 1. 1. 2. 5. 8. 10. 1. Best: 13 Worst: 1 Average: 4.8 Tiltless to 25: 25 2. 16. 24. 25. 14. 21. 23. 25. 4.14. 17. 25. 16. 25. Best: 25 Worst: 2 Average Drops Per Run: 3 Body Weight Squat: 20 reps (+13 pts) 20 reps (+13 pts) 20 reps (+13 pts) Kneeling Push-Up: 10 reps (+5 pts) 10 reps (+5 pts) 10 reps (+5 pts) Body Weight Lunge: 20 reps (+24 pts) 20 reps (+24 pts) 20 reps (+24 pts) Half Chin-Up: 5 reps (+22 pts) 5 reps (+22 pts) 5 reps (+22 pts) Negatives Plank: 30 sec (+10 pts) 30 sec (+10 pts) 30 sec (+10 pts) Jumping Jacks: 30 jumping jacks (+9 pts) 30 jumping jacks (+9 pts) 30 jumping jacks (+9 pts) Footbag: 0:30:00 || The Gods Hate Me! (+200 pts) Footbag All in all, not too pleased with tonights workout. Long day. Friday will be better.
  2. Don't look at month 2 as a bad thing or as scary. Look at it as a plateau busting super charge. It's tough, but guess what! Near the end of the month they start to feel like month one feels right now. And THAT is a wonderful feeling. You're making me think i should do another round of Insanity.
  3. Also, I did my Ten Minute Trainer Yoga Flex this morning before work.
  4. Thanks for expanding on that Dillpedo. I think I'll start ignoring my workout calories as well. I'll still log my workouts as my MFP pals might wonder why I quit if I don't, but I'll stick to my original days goal. I totally forgot to factor in the effect loosing weight will have on BW workouts even though I have thought about that a lot in the past.
  5. Oh month 2 workouts. Just when you think you're getting fitter and stronger... Month two rolls around to knock you on your butt all over again. :-D
  6. Right after I made mine, I started looking through ones that up already and I saw yours. I felt kinda bad about using the same title. But if you're ok with it, so am I! And I wasn't even thinking about footbag, it was more along the same idea as yours. This has been a real tough year with a loved one being lost and a lot of other emotional roller-coaster type events going on. At this stage I just need to make sure I'm doing the right thing and the progress will come as a side effect so to speak.
  7. Google is your friend. I'm sure there are forums out there dedicated to you tinkerin' types. See if you can't find one and have a look at members. Or even just post asking for something random in your area. Maybe ask where a good place to get supplies is?
  8. Reading your workout details bring back many memories. Shaun T still gives me nightmares. But he's still awesome.
  9. Thanks Mr. Torpedo. I'll go add in my attributes and set up scoring. I also appreciate your input on the goals. I'll leave them for now, but keep at your advice in mind and reevalute in the first few weeks. I hesitate to take Footbag away as it's so much fun. And if I take away the fun I feel I might lose interest more easily. So it might seem like I could flip your advice and skip the Body Weight, but I know that's how I'm going to progress. So for the time being I'll stick it out and see how I do. I do have the self control to do this. I've gone nearly 150 days with not missing a single workout on a 6 days a week schedule. But lately I've been focused on making specific progress in certain aspects. I feel that backing away from that as I have and just focussing on DOING will help. I hope that makes sense, and more importantly I hope it works out right for this challenge. You calories comments are also of great interest to me. I've got MFP sitting at a desk job, but I add in my exercises and generally adjust accordingly. I always thought that was smart so as not to run too high a deficit and have a negative effect on training. I might have to give your method a shot!
  10. Yup, following you this challenge. Seems to be where I want my fitness to go and also have a little one coming, so seeing a dad fit in workouts will be great motivation for my future.
  11. I'm going to choose a few peoples challenge to follow instead of trying to follow all the assassins. You're first to make my list. :-) It seems like we have a similar fitness background (Beachbody stuff) and are moving in a similar direction ( I also just picked up OG and am reading it). That Fit Test seems awfully familiar... Insanity? I look forward to reading about your progress and hope we can chat about OG as we read it. I think you'll be way ahead of me in no time though!
  12. I like your thinking and that just might be a possibility. Will be checking Wifi signal at the pool for SURE! First day: Infinity to 25: 7 14 18 25 7 25 15 25 25 4 15 17 21 25 Osis for 10 minutes: 10 14 1 4 2 6 8 1 5 10 18 1 4 2 5 7 17 2 10 5 8 1 10 9 Tiltless to 25: 12 15 25 2 14 25 15 18 25 10 15 25 14 15 22 25 There's the data from my first mostly successful attempt at Roy's training with tracking. What those numbers represent is each number I dropped after. So to examine the first Infinity set so I remember what I did here... I did seven successful infinities and then I dropped. When I started again I kept counting so my next one was number 8 and I dropped again after 14. Picked up and kept counting, but dropped again after 18, and then I got the last 7 to hand catch. For osis I just wrote down the string lengths of each one. After every drop the count started over since I was going to time and not for a certain number. Tiltless was done just like infinity. Infinity: Worst: 2 Best: 25 Average: 8.9 Osis: Worst: 1 Best: 18 Average: 6.7 Tiltless: Worst: 1 Best: 14 Average: 7.8 This was followed by a Body Weight Workout. Body Weight Squat: 20 reps (+13 pts) 20 reps (+13 pts) 20 reps (+13 pts) Kneeling Push-Up: 10 reps (+5 pts) 10 reps (+5 pts) 10 reps (+5 pts) Body Weight Lunge: 20 reps (+24 pts) 20 reps (+24 pts) 20 reps (+24 pts) Half Chin-Up: 5 reps (+23 pts) 5 reps (+23 pts) 5 reps (+23 pts) Negatives Plank: 30 sec (+10 pts) 30 sec (+10 pts) 30 sec (+10 pts) Jumping Jacks: 30 jumping jacks (+9 pts) 30 jumping jacks (+9 pts) 30 jumping jacks (+9 pts) Footbag: 0:40:00 || Intense! (+204 pts) PS: I can't find how many attribute points to assign to my goals. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  13. Alright Assassins, I'm back again. I'm going to go easy on the RPing this challenge as I need to focus on other things. Like not quitting halfway through the challenge like I have in the past. And getting some RL stuff taken care of. I'll do the stats, but no cool story line this go. My goals aren't going to be so much progress oriented as they are just keep going oriented. The last challenge I did here I was all about making big progress in a few areas and when progress stalled in a few areas I lost hope. While progress is still my over all goal it's not what this challenge will be focused on. I'm focusing on JUST DOING IT. Goals: Fitness and Diet: 1. Body Weight Workout and Play Footbag 3 times a week. For Body Weight I'm starting with a modified NF Beginning Body Weight Workout. Footbag I'm working on a structured practice routine that another footbag player came up with. I've scaled it down to my level and will tweak as needed. Note: I will be excused from these workouts while on vacation in Disney World. (F - < 7, D - 8-9, C - 10-11, B - 12-13, A - 14+) +3 STR, +2 DEX 2. Yoga/Stretching for at least 10 minutes 3 times a week. This will mostly be in the form of Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer Yoga Flex. One day on the weekends I hope to do P90X Stretch X instead for a longer session. Note: I will still do this while on vacation. (F - < 6, D - 7-10, C - 11-13, B - 15-17, A - 18+) +2 STA 3. Track food on My Fitness Pal daily. Pretty self explanatory. I need to do this while on vacation too. I should up my allotted calories while on vacation as I will be more active than normal. Any thoughts on that would be great. I anticipate a lot of walking and I've got My Fitness Pal set to a desk job. (F - < 21, D - 20-30, C - 31-37, B - 38-41, A - 42) +3 STA, +2 CON Life: 4. Finish the Python Course at Coursera. This is going to be interesting as the most intense weeks are happening while I'm on vacation. I didn't think ahead when I signed up but I don't want to not finish it now. Sitting in my hotel room coding instead of chilling by the pool in the evening? Oh well. And actually I think I'll be able to get a good portion done in the mornings before the rest of my travel group is up and moving. Just need to stay off Farmville 2... (F - Don't Finish, C - Finish below 80%, A - Finish above 80%) +3 WIS Starting photo: Oh ya, and I'm Ithorian. Level 2. Edit: Crap! Looks like I copied Elastigirl's thread name. Sorry, I hadn't looked at anyone's before starting mine. And I can't seem to change the title.
  14. I really should pick up Overcoming Gravity. I'm worried it'll be overwhelming.
  15. Another workout done. A little shorter than usual as I filtered some footbag out. Gotta head to friends place tonight to help with some computer trouble. Jump Rope: 0:04:00 (+19 pts) 0:40:00 || Intense! (+204 pts) Horizontal Pull: 8 reps (+10 pts) 5 reps (+6 pts) 5 reps (+6 pts) Flat Bent Leg Raise: 20 reps (+5 pts) 20 reps (+5 pts) 20 reps (+5 pts) Half Pull-Up: 1 reps || assisted (+3 pts) 1 reps || assisted (+3 pts) 1 reps || assisted (+3 pts) 1 reps || assisted (+3 pts) 1 reps || assisted (+3 pts) The mobile web version of fitocracy is really starting to piss me off. I spend more time fighting with it in my work outs than I deem needed and it STILL eff's it up. The second session of jump rope you see above was recorded as Aerobic Dance with my usual note of Footbag! underneath but fitocracy can't get that right. And I spend about 10 minutes cleaning up the other ones that it kept add/deleting on me. GGRRRRRR!!! Hit 104 inside stalls and swirl x2 (both sides)
  16. YOU GO GIRL!!! Thoughts on pull ups? I'm currently trying to get one too. I did horizontal pulls and chair assisted pull ups for a long time, but have only recently started to see improvement. The difference? I started doing slow negative pull ups 3 times a week. Give it a shot when you get a bar for home. Or hit a nearby playground.
  17. My desk at home. It's where I spent 75% or more of my waking time at home and it's a disaster. I will completely reorganize it this week. Top to bottom.
  18. Fitness/Diet Goals: 1. [FOOTBAG] 500 Consecutive Inside Kicks. <Now 250 inside stalls> {A = <=500, B = 450-499, C = 351-449, D = 201-350, F = >200} UPDATE: I got the 500 consecutive inside kicks so as part of the weekly challenge (#3 I think) I changed this goal to 250 consecutive inside STALLS which is much harder. I'm confident I can get there though. I've gotten to 239 so far so it within reach. 2. [bODY WEIGHT] 50 Consecutive Push-Ups. {A = <=50, B = 41-49, C = 36-40, D = 31-35, F = >30} UPDATE: This was way too lofty and ill conceived. Since the last time I did 50+ push ups I have tightened up my form and lost some strength because of time off. In the week 3 mini challenge I lowered my goal to 35. Even that is proving a huge challenge. I've gotten to 12 so far. It's messing with my head too because I keep thinking that I should be able to regain that strength fairly easily, but I keep forgetting/not focusing on the fact that by keeping my elbows in I am making them MUCH harder. I think if I haven't gotten 35 by the end of the challenge I will try them with my old form (elbows out) and see how many I can do since that was what I was thinking of when I set the goal. 3. [DIET] Stay Within 250 of Allotted Calories on a weekly basis. {Total Calories for 6 weeks: A = +/->1500, B = +/-1501-1999, C = +/-2000-2499, D = +/-2500-2999, F = +/-<3000} UPDATE: This has been up and down a lot. I just did the math and I am (as of Monday Sept 4) over by 934 calories. This has me on track for an A, but I'd really like to get closer to that magic 0 number. However, I'm going to be smart and recognize that I had a few days where I was over by 1000-2000 calories and it would be stupid to try to reverse that 3 weeks later. It would not work well with trying to build muscle and be healthy. That's why I built in the +/- buffer for this goal. Well, not specifically so I could go 2000 calories over in a day, that was just a messed up day/all nighter with two full shifts of work. Good times. Level Up Life Goal 1. Get a Mortgage! WIS: {A = Get a Mortgage Pre Approval, B = Apply at three places, even if turned down, C = Apply at 2 places, D = Apply at 1 Place, F = DO NOTHING} UPDATE: As I stated in the week 3 mini challenge, I have got pre approval for a loan and I am leaving this goal alone now. We can't afford anything in this city so we will most likely move either shortly before the baby is born or shortly after. It sucks because we really do like this place, but it's just not going to work out here. In some ways I'm excited about the move though. And then again, in some ways I am SO not excited about it. Leaving friends will suck. I won't miss this store (yes I'm writing this from work). Being closer to my wife's family will be nice, but it will be further away from mine.
  19. I kept my diet on track this week. Huzzah!
  20. Jump Rope: 0:05:00 (+24 pts) Aerobic Dance Class: 0:30:00 || Broke a Sweat (+74 pts) Footbag Push-Up: 11 reps (+16 pts) 8 reps (+12 pts) 11 reps (+16 pts) Body Weight Squat: 25 reps (+16 pts) 25 reps (+16 pts) 25 reps (+16 pts) Half Pull-Up: 1 reps || assisted (+3 pts) 1 reps || assisted (+3 pts) 1 reps || assisted (+3 pts) 1 reps || assisted (+3 pts) 1 reps || assisted (+3 pts) Negatives Fitocracy for mobile web sucks ass.
  21. GREAT WORK! I love hearing people push themselves to get it done.
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