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  1. Inazea

    Dear Diary

    I was out and about all day yesterday, kinda regret it? I got healthy food but eating on the go is always super expensive especially when not going for fast food. Plus I have a really hard time being a social animal, I should say no to spending time with people more often! And then continue complaining that I can't find people with similar goals and that I am all alone in my journey, ha. Today was a very relaxing day but was under my calorie goal, even below the minimum I should eat in a day... Tomorrow will be very busy so I should make sure to take time to eat properly.
  2. Inazea

    Dear Diary

    Just a quick check in for yesterday and today. Eating was alright on both days, I did reach my calories and protein goal so that's good. Had a quick strength workout session. I noticed that my body needs some maintanance and that I should look for a new dentist but I keep pushing it aside, telling myself I'd do that once I have my own place and less things to worry about but the truth is that this is very important so I should kick my own butt and find a new dentist on Monday.
  3. You even have stats, fancy! The run sounds amazing, I hope it's going to be a great birthday then.
  4. Inazea

    The Inazea Strikes Back

    I think they are the perfect combination for these challenges!
  5. Inazea

    Dear Diary

    Today was rather unproductive but at least I got some cardio done and had a delicious and healthy lunch thanks to my dad. Though his negativity was a great reminder why I prefer to choose my family myself. I looked over my goals, what I want to achieve overall, and noticed that I did break most things down into smaller goals but felt like it's still too... unstructured? I realized that making a time oriented long term plan would make the single steps more obvious and especially steps I may not have thought of but are crucial so that is something I will do tomorrow and then incorporate into my planner.
  6. Inazea

    Longterm Goals/ Find The Fantastic Beasts-

    Let's kick some ass (mostly Grindelwald's) and help Newt find the beasts!
  7. Inazea

    Dear Diary

    The great thing about the Harry Potter books is that I can't put them down, the bad thing about the Harry Potter books is that I can't put them down. I wish I could be paid to read. My eating today was good, so much cabbage! I love cabbage! But I have to find ways to up my calorie intake that does not just consist of cheese. Every once in a while I noticed my knee acting up so I got out my old plan from the physician and got to work, hoping it'll do the trick. I should make especially the hip workout and stretches a habit I keep beyond getting rid of the pain to make sure it stays at bay...
  8. Seeing as my challenge is Star Wars themed the cantina would have been perfect! Then again any futuristic setting is pretty sweet...
  9. Inazea

    The Inazea Strikes Back

    An addition to my challenge: since one of my goals is to lose fat I've been eating with a deficit apart from refeed day once a week for a while now. During this challenge I want to eat at maintanance and see how it affects my body and performance which means I will eat somewhat between 1800 and 1900 kcal a day. On running days I will add what I burnt.
  10. Inazea

    Dear Diary

    Rest day! And I made an incredibly delicious pizza loaded with veggies and cheese, still managed to stay within my calorie budget. I have neither read nor played videogames, what have I done? I have hardly any recollection of today. D: Today I took a step back and looked at how far I've come since I decided to put a stop to my low in January, my living situation hasn't changed yet but I've managed to take care of a few things that made it easier on me and I made/am making preparations for major changes in the near future and that is something I can be really proud of especially since I'm pretty much lacking support. I tend to beat myself up because I've been working on losing fat for so long now and keep falling off the band wagon, I've been writing at this book for 3 years now and don't seem to get any closer to be able to send it off, I still can't run a 5k but I'm actually already fighting other battles which I am not losing. I need to cut myself some slack.
  11. Inazea

    The Inazea Strikes Back

    Time for a new challenge, this calls for a theme. Last challenge went really great so this time I intend on doing that again. And kick my butt a bit more. These are my goals this time: The best way to fight is to just run away, right? This challenge I will go running at least once a week and I will implement 2 x 50m sprints. It's been a longterm goal of mine to get into sprinting but to do so I... have to do it so no more "but my legs are too weak". Strength will be important if I'm too slow and have only my fists as weapons so... (sorry, not sorry) I will do one upper body strength session and one lower body strength session each week. Nutrition is EVERYTHING, general health, losing fat, building muscle, getting the right nutrients. Food is involved in everything. Just like last challenge I will track all my intake, eat no fructose and I will add eating protein rich dinner every night. In addition to these goals I will: read 3 books find my own new home (or at least get to look at a few potential places) write 250 words a day or edit for 1 hour a day Keeping the side goals a bit more simple this time to focus on fitness but also to not put too much pressure on myself during the "home hunt".
  12. Inazea

    Dear Diary

    Sooo, a battle log. The battle of everyday life. At first I wasn't sure because I'm already tracking intake and exercise on MFP but then I figured there is more to life than that (plus I was advised "to put" myself "out there", ha). I want this to be about more than just food and exercise especially since there is not much yet to report, it's also somewhat like a diary accompanying my challenges and epic quest and other daily battles. Like getting out of bed. I basically have 4 major goals (broken down into smaller, more specific steps in other places): • body transformation - meaning losing fat, gaining strength and agility, but also to just be happy with how I look, not just the function; I also factor physical health in this • academics - I'm majoring in Biology and still have a long way ahead, aiming for a PhD but depression keeps kicking my butt and with every setback I contemplate dropping out despite this being my passion (apart from writing) • mental health - huge factor in my life, living with major depressive disorder and social anxiety/anhedonia is no fun (ha, get it?), I want to work towards leading a somewhat "normal" life to actually be able to achieve my other goals • skills - up until I was about 20 I learnt so much, enjoyed learning facts and skills and practicing them, I'm still a curious person (especially regarding natural sciences) and I want to get back to that and learn a few handy skills and just study the things and topics I am interested in I intend to follow my steps towards those goals here, for consistency, accountability and (hopefully) daily reflection on how I'm doing, what I'm doing and what can be improved.