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  1. Things continue to look up! I am still successful in cleaning everything up after dinner, I am eating proper food and regular meals (which gives me more energy? Wow, what a thing unheard of.) I'm doing exercises, sometimes more, sometimes less but I am doing them along with the stretches. BUT I suck at turning off all screens at 10 pm and I'm reading less than I would like but I am on track to finish the book by the end of the challenge anyways. Playing with my cats is lots of fun if they're into it though sometimes it feels like they think they have to do it to entertain me and then it turns into me and the cats sitting across from each other lazily rolling a ball around. My budgeting works better than I thought it would and at the end of this month I will be officially debt free which in itself is a great thing but it also means come next month I have a higher budget for myself, whoop whoop!
  2. Today I actually had the energy to deep clean my whole apartment so that's nice! The past days have also gone very well, I have made some improvements in my eating and thanks to my meal plan I have a few nice dishes to look forward to during this week!
  3. So the past few days went well in regards to my goals, I always cleaned the dishes which gave me a nice boost in the morning (who knew not seeing dirty dishes first thing in the morning could lift the mood so much?), Wednesday I did not exercise but I did yesterday and today and did all the stretches. Play time has been a bit less than usual but I increased cuddle time but it's not the same sooo... Also succeeded at turning off all screens except for yesterday, I had really bad anxiety when I went to bed and watched youtube videos for a while to distract myself. The cooking went better too, it's not quite my usual diet but the main goal here is to make me eat regular proper food that fills me so I count that as done.
  4. Yesterday's recap: all dishes cleaned after dinner: not done exercise in the morning: done stretch after exercise: done stretch before bed to wind down: done cook at least one proper meal: not done turn off all screens at 10 pm: done one hour of play time with the cats: done (technically not done but not because of me, after about half an hour playing with each of them they decided they don't need me anymore and chased each other but there were also loads of cuddles and a bit more chasing around before bed so I still count it as done) Diet is a huge downfall for me at the moment, yesterday I basically just ate all the unhealthy leftovers but I only bought healthy and fresh foods so unless I want to go to the store again (spoiler alert: I don't) I am forced to cook properly so that's good!
  5. I kinda fell off the face of the earth in the middle of the last challenge I participated in due to depression reasons. I'd be lying if I said I am much better but that's where this challenge comes in! This is going to be less about physical fitness and more about making sure I'm not just doing the bare minimum but obviously moving my body is part of it. This is about self care (and I don't mean the "breathe for 10 minutes" kind of self care), treating myself like a human and not like a pet rock sitting on a window sill collecting dust. This is about breaking the vicious cycle of feeling too bad to do anything and feeling worse because I'm not doing anything. Short summary of my last months added as spoiler. So this challenge I will: make sure all the dishes are cleaned after dinner exercise every morning - Feel like doing 30 minutes of rigorous exercising? Awesome! Feel like dancing for 5 minutes and call it a day? Great! stretch after exercising and to wind down before bed cook at least one proper meal made from fresh ingredients a day do mealplans for the whole week on Sundays deep clean my apartment on Sundays turn off all screens at 10pm have one hour of play time with my cats every day finish reading one book check bank statement once a week and make adjustments to budget if necessary figure out and write down all my stressors - I won't aim for working on them right away, it's just necessary to have a clear overview of what "bigger" things might be contributing to my depression so that in the future I can eliminate them as much as possible Here is to a great challenge!
  6. Raised arm hold: This went... uh. My shoulders are very sore today and I blame this. Raised leg circles:
  7. Just a bit of sarcasm to downplay my sadness over my loss. :p It's annoying but at least I have a copy of all my files, etc. on an external drive so I didn't take emotional damage. Bridge taps: These were far easier than I thought they would be.
  8. Happy to announce that my laptop broke and I had no internet access so unfortunately I had to skip a few days BUT I am back! With not very flexible legs apparently. Side leg raise hold:
  9. 3 minute wall sit: Had to split them in 3 x 1 minute.
  10. Heel taps: One of my cats was very interested in what I was doing and almost made me not get the bee. She's cute though so it's fine.
  11. I forgot to do the leg raises yesterday. BUT alt arm/leg raises:
  12. Week 2, Day 1 taking all my medication - done personal hygiene - done 2L of water - done eat 3 "proper" meals - done intentional exercise for at least 30 minutes - done get at least 30 minutes of fresh air and sunlight - done track all my intake - done play with each cat for at least 30 minutes - done read for at least 30 minutes - done clean my place - done Whoot whoot, not to toot my own horn but I'm killing it. Who knew having so much free time would make it easy to stick to this?
  13. Haven't checked in here for a few days so I'll just recap the whole week! take all my medication - 7/7 personal hygiene - 7/7 2L of water - 6/7 eat 3 "proper" meals a day - 7/7 intentional exercise for at least 30 minutes a day - 6/7 get at least 30 minutes of fresh air and sunlight daily - 7/7 track all my intake every day - 7/7 play with each cat for at least 30 minutes a day - 6/7 read for at least 30 minutes a day - 2/7 journal at least 3 times a week - 2/3 keeping my place clean - 7/7 have one spa day a week - 1/1 Meal prep saved my life! This week went pretty well apart from the reading, obviously, but I'm happy as long as I have the basics covered. And I'm feeling guilty for that one missed day with the playing although I have 2 cats who love each other and play with each other everyday anyways...
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