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  1. What’s your current routine?
  2. Hey folks! Wanted to re-introduce myself. I posted on NF back in my college years, but it's been about 5 years since I've logged on. I was a mod in the Assassin's guild back in the day, but sadly had to step down because I was having trouble dedicating time to the forum. I've missed NF and want to start participating again, so here's a short about me! Nerd: I'm a lover of all things anime and manga, particularly shonen. I love superheroes, though I don't read as many comics as I did back in the day (I've settled on numbing my mind with Marvel mo
  3. Hey, I'm still relatively new here but I just had to say, I absolutely love the sig man

  4. You guys all did an awesome job this challenge. I'm proud of you.
  5. Lookin' good dude, keep up your hard work.
  6. Who says you can't! We have tons of resources here if you'd really like to learn how. PM me if you're interested.
  7. Nice work guys. Keep on spreadin' that good good knowledge.
  8. Greetings, Assassins. These last few weeks have been filled with mental training, organization, and preparation. You've challenged your minds and learned a ton about yourselves and your surroundings. Now it's time to test your bodies as well. Our enemy this time around is the Knowledge Bishop Confudus. He has been a captive of the rebel army since the seize of the castle, and he's been using his infamous speechcraft to spread misinformation around the community, including some of those among our ranks. The only way we can regain control and restore balance and wisdom is to turn his words righ
  9. Nice weight loss! Phi is, as always, quick on the draw with one of the most valuable free resources on BW training. It's indispensable. Please read the article he posted.
  10. This. I just do push ups and squats to get warmed up for exercise. If I'm doing heavy lifting then I'll do warm-ups for each lift using lighter weights than my work sets.
  11. Greetings, Assassins. Last week we faced a perilous enemy in Sloth, but we fought hard and emerged from our battle the victor. That being said, this war is far from over. This time, we face a new foe. He's known as General Fogg, an official of the enemy's army, and was largely responsible for some of the victories that the enemy army took in the battle of the siege of the castle. Fogg is an elusive foe, always on the move, but we can defeat him easily if we track him down and come up with a plan of attack. Your challenge is this. This challenge will be focused on organization, planning, and t
  12. You guys all did great! New challenge up in a few minutes!
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