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  1. I've been loving it so far. I'm not religious but I love philosophy and this is just awesome.
  2. Making solid progress on all goals except for reading one book per week. I'm slowly realizing that I might not have the time to do so. That being said, I am reading as often as I can and spending a lot of my free time on it, which makes me very happy.
  3. Promise not to laugh, it's one of the "For Dummies" books. All I was looking for was a basic and simple introduction!
  4. I wish this was facebook so I could like this.
  5. Squad A Ryan Sannar AtSeaLevel Damy DaveSix KimPossible KnockingDog lemongranita NorthFloridaNinja Rivanariko Teneris The Queen Athlete Squad B NukeTheUnicorns imadork Jcannon98188 Perdi Proxximo Reindeer Scurry theactionpoint TheBarefootNinja tigersheart ysabet Squad C BettyRae Echo Elastigirl Eric The Old hatenik the barbarian joeyb melissacait Raikas skulblaka* Tom Kenobi TravelJunkie Squad D aybee77 Cresca Muccapello drsloomis LessJos ManVeru pinupgeek psyche rix Squiddy Waldo WillVZ Squad E Akibyte azsf Dillpedo inara Katenz LeiManu PaulG RondradanSJ SweetLouise tinkerer Squad F Church fire.eagle fyretooth Happienumber klaymates Komnenos Lady Link Nhiyoka Nuala theanne tryk79 Here is a link to the list of threads organized by squad.
  6. First week of the challenge has been good up until today, got sick as a dog, completely unable to do anything!
  7. Oh yes, lots of good stuff. Lots of great philosophy there.
  8. "That's what I want!" Very cool video, thank you for sharing!
  9. I like your routine. Short, simple, and to the point.
  10. So far so good. Sprinted today (in 85 degree heat!), fasted nearly 18 hours, read, and am about to rid myself of one thing!
  11. I am doing it because I've been reading up on minimalism lately, and it's something that just intrinsically makes sense to me. There's a little voice in my head that tells me it's the right thing to do. It doesn't improve my life to own so many things. If I declutter, I can focus on what's truly important, and feel overwhelmed less often. As to whether I sell/trash/donate, it depends on the item. Ideally, I'd like to donate most things.
  12. So, I kinda fell apart in the last challenge. I was still getting used to the moderating thing, keeping up with all the NF stuff on top of everything else in my life. My goals and ideals also changed, which made the whole thing difficult. But now, I'm good, and I'm ready to kick some tail. I know what I want and I know how to get there. For my goals this time around, I'm gonna keep it sweet and simple: Diet and Fitness Goals. 1. Sprint twice per week - one session of 5-10x15s, one session of 5-10x30s 2. Progress to the next step on my back lever training. I'm currently at a flat back tuck. Next progression is with one leg extended. 3. Fast more consistently. I find if I'm not fasting for at least 12 hours a day, my body comp becomes less than ideal. I'm still gonna ensure that I'm eating enough good food, but keep it to a compressed window. Lifestyle Goals 1. Read a book per week. Fiction, non-fiction, I don't care. Just read one book per week. 2. Rid myself of three unnecessary possessions per week, so one every other day or so. Start minimizing until I'm down to the bare necessities. 3. Be a better moderator. That means devoting .5-1 hours per day to NF, and being more consistent with deadlines and what have you. I noticed myself saying "sorry I've been so MIA lately" a lot last challenge, and that's not cool. I'm going to be more consistent, active, and overall be a better mod in the coming weeks. Really looking forward to this challenge. It's gonna be a doozy.
  13. Welcome, Nuala! Good to have you. If you're looking for a good way to get started, check out this article - The Fundamentals of Bodyweight Strength Training by Stephen Low. Low is the author of Overcoming Gravity which is a phenomenal resource for BW training. Let us know how we can help you.
  14. Good morning, Assassins Tomorrow, the current six week challenge will be over. You guys did an awesome job participating in team challenges and individual challenges - you all kicked some serious ass! Now's the time to pick a winner for the challenge! Everybody please update your challenge thread with a post grading yourself for this challenge. Be honest with us, and be honest with yourself, and give yourself the grade you really deserve. Ryan Sannar and I will be going through your threads once you post your grades, and we will be picking a winner for this challenge (even though you're all winners in our eyes ) Once again, great work guys. I am really looking forward to the next challenge, and seeing what happens next!
  15. Not my best race ever but I didn't do too shabby!
  16. Awesome job with this challenge, guys. Sorry I've been MIA this week, been super hectic. Jury duty on top of working on top of life...gets to ya. Ryan Sannar and I will have a new challenge for y'all by Friday. Thank you for being so patient. You guys rule.
  17. Already exists It was in the Assassin's Knowledge base, but I moved it back over to the main Assassin's page. Check the top of the guild!
  18. Overcoming Gravity and Building the Gymnastic Body are the best resources on bodyweight training IMO. Couple of others: Never Gymless by Ross Enamait - the sections on conditioning are particularly good BeastSkills.com - Jim has some great tutorials EatMoveImprove.com - the blog of Stephen Low, author of Overcoming Gravity, has some great articles that expand on ideas touched upon in the book AlKavadlo.com - Al is awesome, Al is a beast, Al is smart as hell. 'Nuff said. ZombieFit.com - If you're looking for some fun circuit style workouts. I think it's an off-shoot of CrossFit, and it focuses on a combination of bodyweight training and HIIT. When I'm looking to mix up conditioning workouts from time to time, I like this site. NerdFitness.com - you may have heard of it...Steve has some awesome BW training templates. RealAnimeTraining.com - not all bodyweight, but has tons of awesome workouts based on those of famous anime characters, including an entire series of DragonBall workouts, Hajime no Ippo templates, Baki the Grappler, Naruto, even some Western stuff like Avatar the Last Airbender. If you're looking for a killer workout, check out Uncle Iroh's Prison Workout on this site! Nutrition is fairly simple. Just eat whole, real, unprocessed foods. the Whole30 from Whole9 health is a great starting point. Basically, for 30 days, you entirely eliminate sugar, grains, dairy, legumes, and artificial ingredients. This allows your body to get used to a very basic template of non-inflammatory foods. After the 30 days are over, you can start re-introducing the foods you left out and determine what sort of diet works best for you. Hope this helps!
  19. Could it potentially be a problem with wrist strength?
  20. Good morning, Assassins! The last challenge was quite a doozy, and you all did an awesome job. The winner of the challenge in the normal category is azsf from Squad C, who performed an insane 275 squats and 265 push-ups over the course of the circuit. We also wanted to reward Damy from Squad B for taking it to the next level and performing pistol squats and incline push-ups You're both animals, fellas. Your reward is +2 CONS for keeping yourselves together during that 15 minutes of insanity. Since everyone who participated did something so awesome, you also get a prize. All participants in the second challenge receive +1 CONS as well. Great job, guys, keep up the hard work. Now, onto the next order of business... The Third Challenge So far in our challenges, we've covered strength, speed, and endurance, by Ryan Sannar and I asked ourselves, what else makes an Assassin an Assassin? The answer is pretty obvious... We need a challenge to improve our Stealth. With that in mind, here is your new task: 1. Infiltration We need to gather intel, Assassins, and we need your help. The first part of this challenge is to choose a guild, one where the focus is one with which you're unfamiliar. Don't know anything about Yoga? Go to the Druid's Circle. Unfamiliar with Barbell training? Pop into the Warrior's Forge. When you're there, collect 3 pieces of information that's brand new to you, and post what you learn in this thread 2. Recruitment Your second task is to recruit new members for the guild. We need eyes everywhere we can have them. These people can be anyone - other forum members, friends, family, whoever. Have your new recruits post in this thread, and have them tell us who recruited them. The Reward If you accomplish task 1, you will be rewarded with +1 WIS. If you accomplish task 2, you will be rewarded with +1 CHA. Accomplish both and you get each prize. Tracking Track what you find in this thread. Later, I'll try to create a spreadsheet to organize the info. Deadline This challenge will go from now until Friday, June 1st, at 11:59 PM. Good luck, Assassins.
  21. You are an Assassin. Welcome. To add an image to your signature, go to your user settings, choose the Edit Signature option, and enter this code: [i-m-g]http://i.imgur.com/3ttcd.png[/i-m-g] Remove the dashes in between the letters i, m, and g, so it looks like this: . Those dashes only serve to make the image not show up in this post. That's the URL/image tags for the image.
  22. Wow guys, awesome job with this challenge. Ryan Sannar and I will run the numbers today, determine a winner (I'm thinking it might be a good idea to have a few winners - maybe one from the "Normal" squats/push-ups category and one who did something like jumps/pistols/etc, will have to see). There will be a new challenge up later this week!
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