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  1. Tripods count as an attempt, and you get 1 second per attempt
  2. Hey guys! Sorry I've been so MIA these last few days. It's finals week so that's kinda pre-occupying everything for me right now. Anyway, how was everyone's first week of the challenge? Mine was okay, but not the best it's ever been. The first half of the week was great, but I've been feeling super groggy and cranky and overall sick these past few days, which has been kind of a bummer. On a positive note, I've been tweaking my handstand form and it's been making things a lot better, and I've been practicing every day. Can't complain about consistent improvement How are y'all?
  3. A man owes a girl three lives. I love this man.
  4. Good afternoon, Assassins! Our guild is in need of a slogan, a motto, a creed, something that will let people know what we're all about. We had a thread with suggestions this week, and we have narrowed the list down to see what everyone thinks. Vote for your favorite, and soon, we will have a kick-ass slogan for our guild! Couldn't fit option ten in the poll, but here it is: Option 10: All mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move
  5. Haven't gotten my packet info yet, but I'll post it here when I do
  6. I have a pair of Mizuno Hattori's. Minimalist, but pair 'em with a nice sock and you should be okay for the winter!
  7. Happy to put you in Squad A. PM me with the link to your challenge thread and I'll hook you up.
  8. Holy shit, I just had the worst workout ever. Last week I was able to DL 4x225. This week, I couldn't even do 1x235. Then, I could barely manage 5 pull-ups with 25 pounds added. And you know what? I'm super stoked about it. The bad workouts make the good ones all that much better. Today taught me exactly what I need to fix and what needs work, so next week I'm gonna come back stronger and better than ever. Look out, deadlifts, I'm coming for you.
  9. Nice job so far. Keep it up. And KimPossible is right. A cat is an assassin's best friend.
  10. My traps are starting to look pretty huge from all this handstanding...can't complain. B-)
  11. Hi Keinan! You'll be in Squad B with me. Welcome aboard.
  12. Hi Bantergirl! I'm placing you in Squad A. Welcome aboard.
  13. Hi Nano! You will be in Squad C.
  14. Hi! You'll be in Squad B. Welcome!
  15. Welcome, Lemon! You'll be in Squad C!
  16. Welcome aboard, GeekGrokker! I'm assigning you to Squad C, good luck!
  17. You're not in the wrong guild. It's not your present skill level that matters, it's your drive, desire, and willingness to try that counts. It took me 6 months to be able to progress from headstand to handstand, six months of hard work, dedication, ferocious drive, and most importantly, patience. I can tell that you are driven and you have the ability to set goals. That's what matters in the long run. We will never, ever discriminate based on current ability. This guild is for everyone - beginners, experts, and all of those that fall in between. Don't get discouraged. You're doing great.
  18. Accident. Fixed this morning. The fact that you're even trying is awesome in and of itself. You will get there eventually, whether it takes a day or a month or a year. That perseverance, progress, and willingness to try is what matters.
  19. You guys are awesome. This thread makes me happy.
  20. Link to openly editable Google Document to help us track HS progress.
  21. Link to openly editable Google Document to help us track HS progress.
  22. Link to openly editable Google Document to help us track HS progress.
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