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  1. I know. Fruit juice has as many (sometimes more) calories as soda. I was so surprised when I found that out.
  2. If you feel queasy and light headed when exercising on an empty stomach, then don't do it. Some people exercise fasted because they believe it helps them to lose more weight. While there are a few studies that support this, there are also tons that show it doesn't really matter. If working out fasted works for you, then great. But if it doesn't, then don't do it. I always work out with something in my stomach. Always. I have the same problem with you. If I'm hungry I get a little nausea and somnolence. And most importantly, my workouts suffer. When I have something in my stomach I am able to
  3. I agree. Bacon is magical. Every time I'm around it it causes -5 to my willpower stat. And sometimes it magically disappears. Weird.
  4. There are some delicious BCAAs out there. If they weren't so expensive, I'd drink blueberry BCAAs all day long! So good.
  5. I'm on top of that. They just announced that season 2 is going to start on July 26.
  6. Hey nerds, Any Rick and Morty fans here? I think it's easily the most clever and funny comedy on TV. I just watched the Simpsons/R&M crossover couch gag, so I figured I'd throw it out there and see if there's any fans here.
  7. I eat eggs every day. I, personally, like them. But I prepare them differently every day. That way I don't get sick of them. One day I'll make hard boiled eggs. I'll put a little bit of celery salt on them. Delicious. Then the next day I'll make scrambled eggs with some chopped up peppers and tomatoes in them. Keep it interesting.
  8. Interesting. Please tell me about this "best supplement for muscle growth." You see, it's my understanding that all HGH boosting supplements are complete and utter bull$*#t. So, tell me, why is this one different?
  9. Once you have stretch marks, you're unlikely to get rid of them. However, I highly recommend using cocoa butter once a day to prevent further stretch marks. It works really well. I apply it to the areas that are likely to get stretch marks. Ever since I started using it a couple of years ago I haven't gotten any new stretch marks.
  10. I know I'm late to the game, but I thought I'd chime in. I'm super motivated, strong willed, and focused. But, like everyone, I get tripped up every once in a while. My biggest obstacle? Sweets. I love sweets. Chocolate, soda, candy, pie, cake, etc. Love em. What I do when I want sweets is just do an IIFYM day. I'll eat nothing but protein all day long, then at night pig out on carbs and fat. As long as I get my protein and don't go over my calories, I'm all good.
  11. My friend is just starting to get into binary options. But, like I said, he's usually great at making money. He made his money initially doing MLM and affiliate marketing. I know quite a bit about stocks and trading and all that. I was just looking for anyone that has experience with binary options. Trading has similarities to gambling and, by some definitions, it is quite literally gambling. But there are plenty of ways to swing the odds in your favor. As my friend explained to me, you come up with a chart and you place your trades based on your projections. If you do it right, you "win"
  12. My Zombie Apocalypse survival plan is to befriend the OP and hope for the best! All kidding aside, great goals. Good luck!
  13. I wanted to mention that I've recently discovered Powerade Zero. As the name implies, zero calories. I strongly prefer Gatorade to Powerade, but unfortunately Gatorade's low calorie sports drink has 30 calories in it. That's about 30 too many.
  14. I have 2 suggestions. Suggestion 1: Suck it up and just do it. Dieting doesn't have to suck. You can eat tons of awesome healthy food and lose weight. I'm in the same boat as you. I looooovvvvveee sweets. Soda. Candy. Cake. Pie. Mmmmm, piieeee..... But I just do it. I have 2 mental tricks that I use when I get cravings for sweets. One, I remind myself that this diet is not forever. Mountain Dew Livewire isn't going anywhere. It'll still be here in a few months after I've reached my goal. And two (I got this one from Arnold), whenever I want something, say pumpkin pie, I just think to myself,
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