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  1. I have no clever title or theme. It’s very trendy to blame 2020, but truthfully, I have been simplifying everything in my life. This challenge is the same same, simple. The first four are skills I am doing well with and want to continue. The fifth is my focus for this challenge (with a bonus mini challenge in the sixth spot). I’m coming off a rough summer with an autoimmune flare. The good news is, that’s helped me put health (diet, especially) at the center of my life. The bad news is, I think I might ultimately need a minor surgery. All things considered, not the wors
  2. Hi friend! I love reading your challenges. Which is to say I love stalking you and wishing I were living that life. Food trivia? I need food trivia. Looks like everything is going well, and you’re on the move doing tons of things. Well, that’s all I’ve got. Searching for something clever. Just know the sentiment is clever.
  3. I’m here. Just observing, stalking, and general merriment. I miss your challenges! But, as usual, you’re running circles around it.
  4. Yes! Welcome back! Can I welcome you if I haven’t been here, either? Ah well. I love your goals!
  5. I am here for all of the OG rebels! How exciting!
  6. Thanks everyone! Dinners at home are: Lots of salads. Mainly because a salad is a good place to drop most of my DV of magnesium in pumpkin seeds. I top them with avocado, raw broccoli, cheese, spinach, and whatever meat I have. I love pioneer woman's Italian drip beef (the one with the pepperocinis), carnitas (love the Chipotle knock off with juniper berries), grilled chicken breast or thighs (I also use the chipotle knock off recipe for the thighs), or even steak on a sale week. Salads probably 75% of nights. On mondays I make my own chicken wings. Super easy.
  7. You guys. I suck at being a good nerd this challenge! I'm doing a good job Ruth the challenge. Just not checking in with anyone else. I need to bring my iPad to work and keto up on lunch beaks. I finally crossed the 10lb loss mark (for the year, not in this challenge)!! I'm so excited! I started with one workout per week. No more than 20 minutes. That went well. Last week I did two twenty minute workouts. Check. This week I've done one 25 minute workout and plan to get in a second. I'll be so exited to get you three 20-30 minute workouts! I've been doing the "rest full
  8. I've been MIA, but super steady. I'm around nine pounds (since 1/1) down. Still super slow progress (for keto), but I'm happy with it. I'm just past the two month mark and have decided to start adding in workouts and see how I feel. I'm having a single cheat meal about once every 2 weeks. And the cheats are getting less cheaty, but does usually involve alcohol, which I think is probably a cheat no matter what. Otherwise, I feel good, things are pretty easy. Oh!! And I ate peppers this weekend! So far, no fallout. Which is infinitely exciting! Magnesium sup
  9. Hiiiiii! Long distance relationship, planning a move, school. You have a lot going on! i should stop ignoring mobility......
  10. I have tried chelated, malate, glycinate, orotate, there's one that starts with a t, I think. I've tried them all. I've also done mag oil, whatever kind that is. I knew a long time ago, the mag was an issue, but I was able to supplement better with foods pre-keto. Once you go low-carb, some of your options narrow (lots of beans, higher carb nuts, some grains, etc., are all out). So supplementing once or twice a week or less was working. Once I went keto, I needed to supplement at least every other day. Sometimes more. Anyway, I think I've tried the supplements. When I found the is
  11. Hi, friend! I'm not eating like an asshole and working my way into a good routine for me. Let's do this thang together! You know, while you do you and I do me.
  12. Can you taper up? Like Pam with her cocaine habit? Tolerance! All I mean is I want to add back in some gains, but don't know if I'll do enough for real gains. So... Taper it is! Goal 1: Meal planning, stay keto: The biggest trick to eating well is meal planning, and making groceries a priority. Stay ahead of the curve. Keep the avocado bin stocked! I don't want to ever get away from keto because I haven't properly planned or shopped. This is especially important for snacks at work. Goal 2: Supplement magnesium with foods I'm going to track magnesium in foods
  13. Man, I lost track of the challenge. Work has been crazy. I have a new title, and really, really trying to perform. I've also been busy at home keeping up with housework. Whaaaat? Yep, more energy! Plus, no workouts left me tons of time, and that's how I'm moving into next challenge. So, goals recap: 1. No eating out. Well, the number definitely won't be zero, but my goal is none, and I'll allow dinner plans with friends. But I don't want to eat out at work when I'm stressed. Or grab dinner because I'm unorganized. This goal changed VERY quickly. Not because I w
  14. I've been MIA from here, but NOT MIA from my challenge! I've been strictly adhering to my diet/eating plan. I have between 5-6 lbs of loss to show for it (2 1/2-3 was water weight, so about 2 1/2-3lbs of fat!). I had a freak out last week where I let some people doing the typical diet schpiel made me want to give up, but if didn't, and I'm glad I didn't. So, list of things that are better: 2 1/2-3 lbs fat loss - first really since 2011! Good cravings control - really not craving anything Super-reduced anxiety - work is in flux right now, and I feel in control, calm, an
  15. So, butter week went well! Although, I found my favorite butter carrier was strangely, chicken wings (instead of dressing), or less strange, broccoli, which seems to have no upper limit as long as you can get it stuck in the tops, which I'm mastering. I keep watching this. So hilarious! Nothing to see here! Yasss! All the dancing! Yes, ask away on elimination diets! I actually started my first one in a strange way. I ate chicken and rice for a LONG time because at the time I read they were two of the least allergic foods. That didn't jive well wit
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