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  1. Week 1 Day Three: Weighed in +1 Day Four: Weighed In, Walk at lunch +2 9/100
  2. Week 1 Points Day One: Weighed in, walked at lunch, ran on the treadmill after work. +3 Day Two: Weighed in, walked at lunch, strength training in the evening. +3
  3. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Training Course Please Follow the enclosed training regime and complete in six weeks in order to qualify for full Agent status. Daily Weigh In: We need you to send us vitals and stats to keep up with our progress. We have modified your FitBit Aria for this purpose, check in daily. (+1 point a day) Boot Camp Core Workouts: These will form the bulk of your training, speed, strength, and stamina are the building blocks of a good agent. (+1 Point per workout) Run on the treadmill (twice per week) Bodyweight Strength Training (twice per week) Walk on your lunch break BONUS: Reach 10,000 steps in a day (+1 point per day) Other Classes: Being a well round agent is essential to success. Do one of these at least once a week. (+1 point per workout) Weapons Training -Range time -Darabee sword program -Tomahawk Throwing Practice Hiking with pack Yoga Side Quests: While you are working your basics, we require a few other qualifications. NSS: Earn your ZERT NSS pistol qualifications, to prove you have basic gun knowledge and markmenship. (+5 points) Master of Disguise: Its important to be able to blend in to any situation. Sew Simplicity 1065 to add to your wardrobe and be ready whatever comes your way. (+5 points) Set up a Home Base: Since you are working as an agent from your current home base, make sure its set up to keep you in tip top shape. Get peg board for treadmill organization center (+5 points) Get Mats for under treadmill (+5 points) Goal to pass SHIELD Acadamy: 100 points. Trophies: TBD
  4. Dear Future S.H.I.E.L.D Agent, We are happy to hear your response from our inquiry about you joining the force. SHIELD has a proud history of dedicated, skilled agents, and we look forward to having you be a part of that. We note your need to complete your SHIELD boot camp off site, in order to keep up your current undercover work at your present location. As such we have enclosed not only your course of training and the SHIELD Agent manual, but a small tracking device. It is camouflaged to look like the popular “Fit-Bit†devices, so no one will know but you, but it will help us keep tabs on you and your training. Don’t attempt to file false workout reports, we will know. At the end of the six week period we will assess your progress and let you know if you have qualified to move to full time Agent status. Best Wishes, Agent Coulson
  5. You're not even kidding, some days all I can accomplish is a 30 min walk on my lunch break, and I start getting hard on myself, and I have to remind me that even a walk around the block down here is better than nothing!
  6. We have chickens, bees, and dogs for animals right now. Plus a big garden and orchard. I just started a bunch of (hopefully) new tree cuttings in pots on my dining table near the big window. Hopefully they will grow over the winter and be ready to plant outside in the orchard in two springs. Right now we are trying to get the garden put to bed for the winter, and get chickens and the beehives winterized. Later on next early spring we will go tap maple trees, and make syrup. I'd like a lot more animals and projects, but we still both work full time so we can't get too crazy yet!
  7. I'm keeping on keeping on. Been a busy few weeks here on the farm, but been trying to fit in some walking and running when I can, and luckily our homestead provides plenty of strength training!
  8. Got pretty sick last week, didn't workout at all Wed-Sunday. Got back on the treadmill yesterday, realized I forgot to print off the Week 3 intervals, so I just winged it, alternated 3 mins of running with 2 mins of walking. Apparently that was actually harder than the actual week three, so I'm counting it as starting Week 4 and going from there. Really surprised my run went as well as it did after a week of sinus cold issues and not being able to breathe!
  9. Couch to 5K, Week 2 is in the books! Onto Week 3!
  10. Had a pretty fun day today. DH took me on a ruck into the woods behind our house. We both practiced lighting a fire with our magneium rods., I was able to successfully get a fire going first try! Then we boiled some water on our fire and made some Mountain House freeze dried meals. It was nice just to get out and spend some time in the woods.
  11. Doing pretty good this week so far. I've done W2D1 and W2D2 of Couch to 5k, and I'm actually really enjoying it. There were a couple times last night where I felt like I could have run a little longer before switching back to walking. I'm really getting into running and watching Netflix on my treadmill, watched an episode of Agents of Shield last night. Been doing good on my bodyweight training too, keeping it light for now, just trying to build up the habit of the schedule.
  12. Happy Hobbit Day Friends and Fellow Rangers!
  13. Had a very busy weekend at the Festival working for the Police Dept. I only volunteer once a month or so, and today I wore my full duty belt and bullet proof vest for the first time. Found out I definitely need to work on the core and leg strength, my back and legs are incredibly sore from walking around with all that gear!
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