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  1. Yoga pants, bra and the only actual fitness related clothes I've bought: shirts that "wick away sweat." I get sweaty really fast so they're a must. They're also much softer than regular t-shirts. Baggy, but not SUPER loose as well. Oh yeah, and for shoes I always wear Chucks.
  2. Even if you don't cook the whole meal offer to at least help. Also maybe look up some things where you can make food in bigger batches like the aforementioned stir-frys or things that can be frozen/reheated at a later day. Or make just two days of food at once. For example: Tonight I made two pieces of tilapia so I could have one piece tomorrow. All I have to do is reheat some veggies I have in the fridge from a couple days ago and bam! Dinner before work tomorrow! Also perhaps you could get your aunt to cook more in general if you praise her for her cooking skills. Or you can make it a family thing where EVERYONE helps to make dinner. Quicker, easier and a nice time to bond and be together. If they ask why, just say that you'd like to spend more time together with them and a nice meal at night is the best way to go about it. I mean, c'mon, who says no to a nice time together with family? If I had the chance to go back to that stuff I would.
  3. I just started making something similar. Just take out a lot of the veggies. I don't like a lot of them. The first one I quickly whipped up was just bacon and eggs. Next time I make one I'd like to add some sausage and some other yummy things.
  4. I don't aim for 100% Paleo, more of like...an 80/20 split, but I also agree. If I'm working out I NEED that protein shake. On days where I take off I don't need much more than some eggs/meat of choice, but on work out days I normally want that AND a protein shake or just the shake. It's hard to be 100% anything, especially Paleo and then continuing to work out. You need that extra protein and in your case you need that easy to make meal. Don't worry about the small things if they're helping you stay full (and thus, happy) and getting the job done. You can't be perfect.
  5. We were all new once, and now it's your turn. Being the "new kid" freakin' sucks, but it'll pass with time. As you said, you don't need a gym to do a lot of this stuff so just use the resources that you have available to you! If you've come this far and joined right away, then you're already on the right track. You've got the motivation so you've got what it takes to get the results. I wish you the best of luck with your journey to lose weight and get in better shape! Best of luck!
  6. For me, it's a very delicate issue. If I keep certain things in my house I am very likely to binge. For example: I really REALLY wanted some Lindt chocolates for Valentine's Day. My boyfriend bought me two baggie things of them so that was about 24 of them? I spaced them out pretty well but the general temptation was there. Every single time I saw them, I wanted one or two. Thankfully, when it comes to that kind of thing I read the calories and eat no more than the recommended serving size (so 2 Lindt chocolates = 220 calories) and then I stop. My only issue was I would be making myself food but I was hungry while making food so I'd just grab a chocolate. Baddddddd badddd baddd. Now that they're all gone except for one, everything is back to normal. I allow myself to cheat like ONCE a day, but it's normally not something huge. If I were to restrict myself too much I don't think - I KNOW I would binge hardcore if I got my hands on these foods. I normally allow a Starbucks coffee to be my really bad treat for the day because it's got all the sugar/dairy in it. That's normally enough to tide my over on my sweets for the day. So basically, I'm trying to say that I do like...a 90/10 split during the week. On the weekends it's more like an 80/20 type thing because it also normally involves drinking or something bad. I do what I can and that's all I can do.
  7. Oh it's certainly worth a whirl. Welcome to NF! Post often, check back often and why not try the next 6 week challenge!?
  8. I don't know why, but while reading your post I started thinking about Pokemon. I WANT TO BE THE VERY BEST, LIKE NO ONE EVER WASSSS...TO CATCH THEM IS MY REAL QUEST, TO TRAIN THEM IS MY CAUSSSEEEEE! etc.
  9. ^^This is basically what I do. I just started doing deadlifts and this helps me prevent it from touching my legs at all until I'm at the very top. It just gently touches my legs at the top and if it hits my legs on the way down I try to fix my footing since normally it means I'm just too close or my feet moved place.
  10. I would say either: (A) Remove it before working out and then reapply afterwards. orrr ( Invest in waterproof makeup like mentioned before. I don't like to wear makeup at all while working out if at all possible. I hate the feeling of my face after sweating with makeup on, so I like to get it off before or directly after working out. I normally only wear mascara and eyeliner but I like to keep it off while in the gym.
  11. So I assume you've already DONE a Tough Mudder event? If so, we should chat more. Srsly, message me. lol /end thread hijaking
  12. As a female who loves chocolate, I don't think that would have been possible for me to stand. That would have only lasted a few days in my apartment. This is why I rarely ever buy myself chocolate. And if I do, it's in very small quantities. I even stopped going down the candy isle while shopping so I don't do any impulse buying.
  13. Perhaps I'll have them as a reward for myself later down the road. I'd like to get to around 125lbs (give or take some lbs due to muscle) to be the "proper" weight for my height, so about 20lbs to lose. Once I get to a satisfactory size or weight I'll look into them as a reward to remind myself how awesome I am. Not like I need a reminder of that or anything. lol
  14. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE SO EXPENSIVE? They look absolutely lovely and I get sad every time I go to the website and remember how much they cost.
  15. I agree with what others have said. If you like running, why not do it then? If that's what you enjoy, don't torture yourself by NOT doing it. Hell, grab your dog and run with it! If the puppy can keep up with you you could always run before you want it to sleep that way it gets all tuckered out at night versus all hyper. When I had dogs when I was a kid they ALWAYS wanted to play hardcore when I was ready for bed. Also, why not try tabata sprints? They only take about 4 minutes and apparently they're a killer. I was thinking of trying them when it gets warmer here since I HATE running but I want to TRY to learn to like it. lol
  16. This is also something I struggle with. Don't think of it as the men's section. It's not strictly for men, women are allowed, they just choose to be cardio bunnies instead. Do what works for you. If weight lifting is something you want to do, you've got to ignore the people around you and just do it. If they think you're doing something wrong they might speak up, but otherwise people tend to mind their own business. Sometimes it's hard, but it's also great when you finally build up all that courage, get in there and get in an awesome workout.
  17. Ich stimme dir zu. Koenntest du mehrere Eir, Kaese oder Bohnen kaufen? Oder einkaufen ohne deine Eltern? Es kostet viel aber es ist fuer dein Gesund. Du musst besser essen, um Gewicht zu gewinnen. (Wie ist mein Deutsch? Haha.)
  18. You had me at Firefly... <3 Glad to see that NF inspired you! When I saw Spezzy's transformation via Pinterest I found Nerd Fitness. I have never been happier to find a forum in my life! I love this community and I know you will, too! Good luck on reaching your goals!
  19. I would say that you want to focus on lifting in general that doesn't involve machines. Every now and then using a machine is not going to kill you, but it's best to do what you can without them because not all gym have everything you want. By telling him about the dips and pushups (s)he will probably just tell you to work your way up to them with other exercises. You can easily find this info online, so focus on asking them about how to do exercises with free weights or barbells that will strengthen your whole body. Then look up progression to pushups online, it'll save you some time and you could just do that at home. Ask them to teach you what proper form is for each exercise, have them demonstrate and then do it yourself. As far as eating goes, a lot of people believe that breakfast is the most important thing in the morning, but not everyone can eat right when they wake up. I believe some people (like Spezzy) remedy this just by drinking a protein shake so they have something in their system to get their day started. Some people (like myself) also prefer to fast before working out because food tends to...not stay in your stomach...if you're working hard. Just make sure you're eating enough because working out can burn a lot depending on what you do. If you're hungry, eat!
  20. Didn't even think about that, but yes, this! In the summer it's the worst! Especially if you're a female and have the tiniest bit of stubble on your legs. When I went to my boyfriend's grandparent's house this summer they lived on a little lake. Swimming was fine, but once you're out of the water...SO MUCH CHAFE. Ugh. Oh and one more thing, I wouldn't mind slightly protruding hip bones. They're pretty sexy.
  21. From what I discussed with someone on here leg/hip adductor/abductors are bad for you. Not only is a machine, but it's also a very unnatural movement. When do you every have to move your legs like that unless you're, say, wrestling? If I were you I'd say look into doing body weight squats or dumbbell squats or barbell squats or goblin squats or sumo square or or or...some form of squat. You will hear A LOT of people on here tell you how awesome they are and I agree. GREAT leg work out for sure. Otherwise I'll leave the other suggestions to the other ladies who know more than I do.
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