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  1. I wonder if that's why I self sabotage. I've just spent another 2 weeks doing that. It's crazy...
  2. Another day of checking off my to dos. I was watching something while I ate my lunch today and I could feel myself getting restless cause I wanted to get the dishes washed and go out and do my walk. I felt like that was a real positive and I didn't feel quite as tired afterwards. I had what felt like quite a big lunch but just a few hours later I felt hungry. Instead of going and buying junk food, getting a takeaway in or eating a load of toast (or all three!!) I just had my tea early and then had seconds. A day of feeling proud of myself.
  3. I went out last night and so slept most of this morning, but 2 days of being able to tick off my to dos Food diary filled in Organised walk done. Today I also was on plan with my food without even really trying. Just because it felt right and healthy. I've noticed I get a real sweat on when I'm doing my walk and I'm so knackered when I get home...I guess you've got to start somewhere but it's difficult to imagine running at this point lol
  4. Another day of achievement. Food on plan Food diary filled in Organised walk done Currently watching 300 Rise of an Empire....I could do with watching a bit of Jason Bourne
  5. When I had first had my 4 children nearly 20 years ago, I was 25 and looking good. Not athletic etc but slim and relatively fit. Since then I've put loads of weight on and while I'm not ugly and there are people who find me attractive, I now feel mumsy and not sexy mumma..... I guess I'm kind of nervous about what happens when that flips back. I've always been the fat friend, the fat mum and up until recently the fat wife....how will people be with me? How will I be with them? Will I just end up gathering new friends etc? That's what came to mind when I read your post....so maybe that's one of the things at least..
  6. Hi I've filled in the survey...but I'm pretty flexible with what might be on offer. I think I put share a flat as my accommodation choice but I'm also happy to stay in a hostel.
  7. After another terrible night's sleep I've had a great day of ticking off my list. I'm really pleased with myself. I've decided no more excuses. No more woe is me. Just get on and get it done. In 12 months time, 12 months will still have gone by, whether I do my good daily stuff or give up and I would much rather see what my body can do and what I can achieve
  8. Had a god awful nights sleep last night so that's going to end badly today :/ But while I was in bed not sleeping I did take the time to think about a few things. A couple that make me sad and I realised it's okay to feel sad, it's okay to cry and it's certainly much better to feel the feels instead of trying squash them down with terrible food and then feeling even more feels. So I'm going to allow myself some time with that stuff. I also realised that as I'm not a gamer at all the whole 'levelling up' doesn't really motivate me. What does motivate me is a good to do list to check off and the level up list is just like a to do list. Especially if you have no idea of what stream you're going for...there are so many amazing things to check off as part of an amazing life experience. So, add to that my Daily Badge phone app, I'm thinking that I should just think of it as a to do list to check off daily (or however often I've set it up) Currently it's: Daily walk On plan (food) (Monday to Friday) Food diary Weigh in (weekly)
  9. My day started off wonderfully. I did my planned walk and my food was on point and then mid afternoon, I just lost the plot and bought a load of junk food. My mind just went. I felt sad and miserable and junk food was felt to be needed. Of course I didn't really enjoy it and I'm disappointed cause I had been doing so well. Tomorrow is another day and at some point this has got to fall into place and feel normal. It's just getting used to the boredom of consistency I guess. I think I also have a bit too much time on my hands cause I'm not working at the moment so I over think the stuff going on in my life and get a bit lonely....I need to find things to do that will keep me busier, or take more naps.
  10. Perhaps it is just 'change' and not necessarily success or failure that is the issue....
  11. I'm just getting back into some sort of fitness and I'm starting it off by walking regularly. So I'm definitely interested in walking and depending on whether the yoga and lifting can be aimed at complete newbies, I'm also interested in those. I'm not a newbie for drinking, eating and talking though, so I'm good to go with those. Hope that helps
  12. Is there somewhere to put our interests? I'm happy to fill something in if it helps
  13. That's great to know...looking forward to hearing how the plans shape up..
  14. Hi, Am i too late to be waving my arm in an interested way?? I'm in Derby, so it's a trek but it sounds like fun. Where do I find more info etc? (Obviously if I can join in)
  15. Better eating yesterday, though I did go out last night and there was lots of alcohol. Monday today. I had breakfast out so not so easy to control but the rest of the day has been okay. Given that I'm tired and feeling queasy...lol Exercise was walking around town before coming home. I'm heading to bed early tonight. I've done my menu for the week and hopefully after a good night's sleep I'll be on form tomorrow.
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