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  1. Age is just a number

  2. End of week 3...Halfway there! My biggest challenge is the detox from sugar. In a diabolical move, my wife, knowing I am attempting to cut sugar out of my life, decides it would be a great time to teach my 9 year old granddaughter to bake! This is where single people have an advantage. My older daughter and son-in-law live with us, along with my two older grandchildren, so trying to get everyone on the paleo bandwagon, or the no sugar brigade, is like trying to teach cats to march. Unless I can get sugar or starchy carbs out of the house completely, the law of availability will take over
  3. People do it to keep the mud from sucking their shoes off. (sorry, no other way to phrase it) What happens, is that the mud loosens the tape just enough for it to slip and shift around and start constricting your ankles.. I just tie my laces a bit tighter than normal.
  4. Yeah, If you don't like getting dirty. Obstacle Racing is not for you. Triathlons are fun. I did a reverse tri five years ago. 5K run, 12 mile bike ride,and 150m swim. I hurt for days afterward, but it was a good hurt. Halfs are too much running for me. Even at my prime weight, I'd still be pushing into Clydesdale territory. You'll love it. Word of advice..don't tape your shoes! You'll see lots of people doing it. You'll see them again after the 2nd or 3rd obstacle taking the tape off. Most of them give out finisher's medals to let people know you're a badass in training!
  5. I'm looking at doing a Sprint. I've only done a few local Mud runs and 5ks, so I'll start there and work my way up. I chose that as a goal because training for it will automatically take care of my weight loss, strength, and endurance goals as well.
  6. I've always considered running like beating your head against the wall...it feels so good when you finally stop! But I have to do it. I have a Spartan race as one of my goals, also.
  7. Wardog

    Campus Tours

    OK, my sig now has a link to my challenge thread, and I had already joined the pull-up challenge group,
  8. Hi ElemHH! What you're smelling is probably chlorine. It's quite commonly used in most areas of the U.S. to kill bacteria. I use a Brita water filter, which is easy to use and gets rid of the weird taste. Don't waste money on bottled water. Most of it is just city water that has been filtered.
  9. 54 year old male, 6 feet tall, 260 lbs. Haven't done pull-ups since boot camp in 1978. My 6 month goal is to do 1 full, high quality pull-up.
  10. Hi Felicity! You have some great goals there. I am also a gamer, WoW and Diablo are my addictions. I don't know where you're at with cooking skills, but if you're a beginner, I recommend "The Joy of Cooking." If you only buy one cookbook in your life, this is the one to get. I like food.com, allrecipes.com, and of course, the food network site for recipes. Good Luck in the challenge!
  11. I can't decide. One idea is on "rebooting," or re-creating your life in middle age. Another is on anti-consumerism, simple living, frugality, and the development of character as opposed to the accumulation of things. I think I will go ahead and do both and see which one takes off. Any suggestions? Wardog
  12. Hello! Wardog checking in... I'm a 54 year old grandfather, 6 feet tall, 260 lbs. I want to lose about 60 lbs. I'll see what I look and feel like then and go from there. One year Quest Goal: Complete a Spartan Sprint or Warrior Dash mid-level or better in my age group. (May be a little longer than a year depending on event date.) Training for this will take care of losing weight, gaining strength and definition, and decreasing my 1 mile time. 1 Year Life Quest: Have an established, profitable blog. Six Week Goals: 1. Most Important: Clean up my diet! Detox from sugar and junk fo
  13. Hello, I know I'm Ranger material. I love hiking and walking in general. I have done some 5Ks in the past, and started Obstacle Racing in 2013. I want to train my way up from local mud runs eventually to the Spartan Beast. I also want to do Adventure racing and duathlons and triathlons. I just joined the forums, so I am waiting for the next 6 week challenge. Right now I am finishing week 5 of the C25K, my second time through, and working the "Convict Conditioning" program until I feel I'm ready for the "Never Gymless" program from Ross Enamait. I chose bodyweight training because it is
  14. Currently taking a WoWcation, I am filling in with Diablo 3.
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