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  1. Day Eight! I've noticed the one goal I am having the most trouble with is the meditation, and I really cannot figure out what my brain thinks is SO BAD about spending 5 minutes on meditation. This was really not a problem for me before the last few years.
  2. Day Three of hitting all of my goals in mini form is... a lot better than what I have been doing.
  3. How on earth was I last here in AUGUST? Unstuck in time, indeed. I'm currently reading Mini Habits and had an idea to combine the mini habits with the Miracle Morning. The Miracle Morning habits I have been trying (and failing) to start were around 10min each of yoga, reading, meditation, journaling, and language study. I haven't quite found a way to work in Affirmation and Visualization, though I feel like some of the Headspace meditations, my reading, and journalling might apply. The idea behind Mini Habits is to set goals that are 'too small to fail.' This morning I chose the 5 minute option on Headspace (which I've previously thought was 'pointless') and set out to do exactly one sun salutation. Having both things done in under ten minutes instead of waiting around until I felt like doing 15 minutes of each helped a lot. I plan to set my DuoLingo goal 'stupid small' here in a moment and do that one, too. The idea is once you are already on the mat/reading the book/meditating/whatever, you may find you actually have the momentum to keep going. One problem I am seeing with the meditation is that the 5min guided Headspace meditation has a beginning and an end, so it's not just as easy as continuing to meditate once I get into the groove. Maybe just knowing I can do the 5min if that's all I feel like doing, but selecting the longer meditations if I'm in the mood?
  4. Welcome back! I am yet another person returning with a new name. Congrats on the progress so far. I don't know what it's like where you are but the biggest obstacle for me taking walks right now is the horrible August HEAT. But great job getting out there!
  5. Captain's Log: Aug 24, 2020 Apparently my alarm is set for 8:15 so I was not quite as late as I thought I was yesterday. Got up with the alarm today. Unfortunately I forgot to press start after setting up the coffee pot last night, so that set me back a few minutes. DuoLingo: 3 lessons - I used the wrong language a lot first thing in the morning Reading: flipped through Level Up Your Life again, started Fluent Forever Headspace: Starting Basics 2 (for roughly the third time, it's been awhile) on the 15 minute setting Yoga: 10 minutes of forward folds and hip openers Journalling: I would really like to start making use of the bullet journal supplies I have but I keep getting distracted and discouraged very quickly. I've been looking up language learning journaling because I think writing (as opposed to typing) some Spanish would help. Breakfast: yogurt parfait with strawberries and granola
  6. Thank you! And welcome back to the crew.
  7. Captain's Log: Aug 23, 2020 I read Miracle Morning (again) last night and worked up a morning routine. It's not terribly different than what I had been trying to do, but having a set plan is a little more motivating than having a vague idea of what I would like to have happen. The plan: Get up at 8am. Have a glass of water and pour a cup of coffee. Headspace - 15min DuoLingo- 10 min reading 10min journalling 10 min yoga 15min What actually happened: Get up at 8:27am because I fell back asleep. Have a glass of water and pour a cup of coffee. 100% chance of Headspace putting me to sleep, so DuoLingo 10min internet for... awhile Headspace 15min yoga 10min journalling right now by doing this? maybe? no reading so far and it's noon I've decided to move Headspace to just before yoga for a few reasons; First, it sets a nice mood for gentle morning yoga. Second, I need a little time to wake up before focusing on my breath with my eyes closed if I plan to stay awake. Third, it takes at least 30 minutes for my cat to get bored with my existence after I first get up. I know language-learning isn't part of the Miracle Morning recommendations and it's probably what is going to stretch my morning routine well past an hour, but I've recently decided to get serious about learning Spanish so I think practicing in the morning (and at night) is going to be part of my quest. Yoga this morning was forward folds and sun salutations. Using the meditation timer on Calm to play music with a chime at the end of the 10 minutes seems to work pretty well. Breakfast was supposed to be a sou-vide egg bite meal from Marley Spoon but they forgot the egg bites, so I made medium-boiled eggs to go with the herb ricotta toast and tomato salad. (Left image is this morning, right is last time I had the meal.)
  8. When we last left our hero... I was last active here in 2015-2016, but have had a few false starts since then. The short version is that I've been dealing with depression most of my life, and since 2013 have lost both parents, ended two relationships, and of course have recently been dealing with the effects of the pandemic as someone who works in and is finishing up a degree in hotel and restaurants hospitality. It's been really, really hard to have any motivation to do anything. My depression has gotten a lot worse, I haven't been doing well in school or work, and I have gained about 20lbs. I've tried to jump into a challenge a few times recently but for whatever reason get immediately overwhelmed with the challenge and keeping up with the forums, so I've decided to sort of slip through the back and work on my battle log while commenting on others' challenges for the time being. Anyway. Hi. I'm Cody, she/her, 35 from Michigan. I'm 100% a Druid that low-key wants to be a Ranger. I very much miss when we were doing subclasses/professions like Innkeeper on the forums and would love to bring it back.
  9. Ain't it always the way? I started a new health regime that includes DRINKING MORE WATER and I somehow end up with a UTI. I've also had a bit of trouble getting into the swing of things. I've kind of just been going to work, coming home, and doing what I always do. Nothing I can do but try again this week. I'll be in Chicago Thursday-Sunday, and I'm looking for a way to hit the mat while there. (Yoga on Lake Michigan is right near the hotel, but it looks like it's going to storm.) Week One Recap Just Add Water: 15/0 Pack a Lunch: 4/4 Meditate #everydamnday: 4/7 Go to the Mat: 1/3
  10. So far, having a water after each cup of coffee is significantly harder than having water after each glass of wine. I've had to change the way I "warm up" a half-empty mug with more coffee because I feel like that's cheating the system. Finishing a cooled mug, then switching to water is kind of terrible, but I guess that's what I'm going for here. I did my work-grocery shopping yesterday (after Wonder Woman!) and will be taking broccoli slaw and cheese curds to work this week. I'm planning to take one veggie and one protein each week and try to do a few different things with them. I'm taking a sesame dressing for the slaw, but there's a ton of ways to change it up at work.
  11. Good luck! I love Blogilates/Cassey Ho. I'll be doing some of her workouts, too.
  12. I've been dealing with this for years. Like, two periods per year preceded by two weeks of severe depression that I wasn't sure I could keep living through. Birth control was terrible for me and I'm currently doing OK on an androgen-blocker. And yes, I crave bacon cheeseburgers, not chocolate. I do wonder if that means something in particular the way my body works. I have hemochromatosis (excess iron) in my family, so I don't know if it's that.
  13. Hello. I was here quite awhile ago using a different name. I've had a pretty rough time since then and have completely fallen off the mat, as I like to call it. I haven't worked out in well over a year, so I've decided to start back at beginning, this time as a mermaid. Always be yourself. Unless you can be a mermaid... then always be a mermaid. Just Add Water As a person with depression and anxiety, the suggested amount of alcohol and caffeine is none. I do believe in moderation, but lately I've not really been living it. The problem is, I love the ritual of coffee in the morning and wine in the evening. I've tried to cut down in a few ways, but for this challenge I'm just going to drink a glass of water after each caffeinated or alcoholic beverage. That's literally after each mug/glass, not a cumulative "I'll have two waters later." The idea is to slow down my consumption of caffeine and alcohol and maybe annoy myself with the trips to the bathroom. For every caffeinated or alcoholic beverage, drink a glass of water. Pack a Lunch I'm a pastry chef and I've gotten pretty used to the "restaurant freegan diet." My current kitchen has a pretty limited menu and no staff lunch, so I've been spending too much money on food I just don't like at local shops. To save money and eat better, I will bring veggies and a protein to work every week to supplement the free food in the kitchen. Plan, shop, and take lunch to work. Meditate #everydamnday This is an ongoing goal. Headspace just updated their app and I have no idea why I'm not using it more. Meditate. Every damn day. Go to the Mat I'm going to start slow with simply getting on the mat. I can do yoga, pilates, stretch, or meditate. I've been talking to my therapist a lot about the emotional baggage around things I used to like to do, and the idea of creating new positive associations really stuck with me on this topic. If I end up stretching while listening to an audiobook, at least I showed up to the mat. Spend 15 minutes on the mat 3x per week.
  14. I also have an alcohol-related goal. Good luck! I'd give the therapist one more shot, but don't waste too much time and money when you could be finding a better fit. It could have been a rough day for him, but it sounds uncomfortable all around. And I often find myself crying for "no reason" in therapy because I'm just not used to talking about my emotions like that.
  15. 7/2/2017 In preparation for my upcoming returning to 4 Week Challenge (they were still 6 when I left) I decided to just Get On The Mat today. My goal is to spend 15 minutes on the mat at least three times per week to try to overcome the inertia of being off it for over a year. Yoga, pilates, meditation, or stretching... I just have to Get On The Mat. sun salutations x 2 single leg stretch x 20 single straight leg stretch x 10 rollup x 3 double leg lift x 5 Warrior Flow (pyramid, extended triangle, warrior I, warrior II, reverse warrior, extended side-angle, revolved side-angle, prayer twist lunge, warrior III, dancer) low plank x 30 seconds high plank x 20 seconds low side plank (each side) x 20 seconds high side plank (each side) x ...briefly
  16. (Kind of a placeholder for my official re-introduction. You may know me from before, but I'm starting over completely.)
  17. Week One Summary KonMari: electronics done Backbends: 3/3 yoga sessions Goodreads Challenge: on track Social Anxiety Workbook: 1/4 weeks done Week one went well. Week two is going well-ish. Today I talked to the owner of a local tea room about a job, and I'll be going in for a few trial shifts starting next week, and will hopefully be working there full time by the end of April. Tomorrow I'll be having my mom over for an afternoon tea with baked goods from my current pastry job, and tea from the new shop. And, on the less-good side, on Monday my mom will get results from a breast cancer screening. (Some of you may know my dad died of pancreatic cancer two years ago, not long after his diagnosis.)
  18. Now I just feel boring... I've started on toys and games, but spent a really ridiculous amount of time going through Magic: The Gathering cards and decided to call it a day. What do I do with a box of cards (mostly belonging to the ex, who got me into the game and whose cards I don't want to keep) without throwing them out? Would a game store accept the near-worthless cards or go through them and send me home with a bunch?
  19. With a side of bacon, separately. Not bacon pancaaaaaaakes. I think I'm done with electronics. I can't think of where any others might be hiding. I'm donating my Wii, DSi, and all the games and accessories. I have two laptops that will hopefully go back to Dell for recycling. That leaves just a ridiculous number of cords (Xfinity seems to have a slight problem massively over-supplying people with cords) and an old DVD player that doesn't open (and hasn't opened for six years and why do I keep these things?!) to get rid of. It pains me to say that I "have to" keep an old, clunky printer/scanner that doesn't work with my current laptop (despite running both Windows 8.1 and OSX Yosemite) and a 2010 Macbook that is literally falling apart and on charge 1020 of 1000 because it works with said printer. I'll fix this problem when I have a little more money. I've found a flaw in the KonMari system that exists solely because she doesn't address donation in the slightest... I threw away a few manuals during the "throw it all out" paper culling that could probably have been attached to a donated item, but I hadn't thought I would be donating the item at the time.
  20. Two yoga sessions done and logged this week. Had a pretty good morning (finally) with coffee and Kindle in bed, forty minutes of yoga, and blueberry pancakes with bacon. I'm about to start on the electronics culling. So many Nintendos to go through...
  21. Captain's Log: March 3, 2016 cat-cow pose balancing cat puppy dog sphinx cobra downward facing dog upward facing dog chaturanga bow headstand prep bridge wheel (attempted, not accomplished) easy pose with twist half lord of the fishes bound angle cow face double pigeon 10 minute savasana w/ Calm app Total time: 40 minutes Soundtrack: dubstep
  22. I feel like a lot of us that have been here around a year are needing the "slow down a little" challenge right now. Good luck on your goals, and I hope you get that spa trip!! (I found you in the Innkeeper tag, nice to meet you!)
  23. Captain's Log: March 1, 2016 Rather lazy yoga session on a blanket in the living room while watching Netflix... I made myself do it while dinner was in the oven. cat-cow pose puppy dog sphinx cobra upward-facing dog bow bridge wind relieving pose (man, I hate that name... lol)
  24. Congrats on deactivating Facebook! Social media can be a tough one. I wholeheartedly agree that getting your life/home in order can make it easier to work on your health and fitness. That's my goal for the first half of the year as well.
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