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  1. It's into the morning of day three, and I'm already behind. I got a bike ride in (yea!). As for food. I messed up the first day. Late night. Watching tv. I need to find something else to do then. TV is an easy way to pass time during easy to moderate exercise. I just need to combine the two more often. On day two, I did well. I was kind of expecting to mess that up before hand because it was at the Renaissance Faire. I don't generally watch how much I eat at a fair. They have about the same food each year, so I'm learning what I enjoy (healthy or not). I forgot about the Spanish lessons, so I'll get started on that today. Now for Michaela who needs to get out of her cell. ----- After Adhara flew away, Michaela managed to get in a good position where she could look outside. She was in part, hoping that Adhara had lied about how high they were. What she saw far below were treetops. She wiggled around, looking all around. The bricks were packed tightly together. An attempt to climb down would be deadly. "She gone?" was Olex's voice after she squirmed out of the hole in the wall. "Yes." Michaela answered sadly. She wanted to be hopeful, but she had too much doubt. "How does it look?" "Miles of tiny treetops, then water until the horizon." "Sea?" "I... I'm not sure. I've never seen sea. It seemed pretty big though." "Probably sea then." Michaela sat down feeling defeated. "Have you tried breaking down your own bricks?" "I have tried, but they won't budge. That's a gargoyle specialty, not a dragon one. In my other form, I could probably do it." "Too bad. I got lucky with the cell." "I guess that depends on Adhara." "Yeah, but I haven't given up." "Good luck." "Thank you." Michaela had no idea how long Adhara was supposed to take. Adhara hadn't known herself. No one had any idea where they were. Michaela gathered sheets as she waited. She got a new one every time they did the cleaning. The guards did not seen to notice the disappearance of the old ones. Still, it would take years for this to work. Amethyst kept her company. The drake learned to hide whenever guards were coming. -- In the middle of the night she heard a commotion outside. There was a muffled roar that excited Amethyst, soon followed by the sound of breaking bricks. Michaela's wall was slowly opening up. Freedom was coming! She backed away closer to the door. The noise caught the attention of the guards. They were soon there, opening up the cells and attacking the prisoners. Michaela found herself fighting one of the guards. A second guard came, but Amethyst came to the rescue, darting around and biting the man. He collapsed as his body weakened. Cool air filled the room as her wall crumbled open. The guard was shot by someone outside. Michaela went to the opening. A large drake was perched against the wall. A human archer with dark skin and white war tattoos was riding on top. "You Michaela? Come on." Michaela quickly went on to the drake behind the woman. She could see that multiple cells had been opened. Adhara was there, helping out other prisoners on to other drakes. Two more people climbed on behind her. The wind was refreshing, and it smelled almost sweet. The moon and stars had never looked so beautiful. The drake jumped off the side of the building, and Michaela saw people on top pouring some sort of liquid down the side. It hit and burned some of the unfortunate escapees. Soon arrows began raining down on them. They were soon flying into the air, safe, but only a handful of people were saved from what turned out to be a colossus of a prison. Michaela's eyes widened, having never seen such a large building. It look like an old forgotten castle. "Wow." "It's larger than a city," said the prisoner behind her. It was rapidly getting smaller as they rode away. Michaela was finally free again. (The archer. I've decided that that's Adhara in the background.)
  2. Fevers suck. Hope you feel better.
  3. You guys are making me want rice...except I have never made rice. I should add "learn to cook rice" on my to do list.
  4. Introduction: I returned last challenge, and this time, I'll actually do two in a row. Yea! This is Michaela, my favorite orc. My victories are her progress to save the world from an unknown evil. My failures might just doom her. About me now. Hmm. Hiking trip coming up during this challenge. Main Quest: The Adventure Continues (Full size at... Maybe it's just my phone, but copying and pasting seems to be best for actually getting the full size. If I just click, it takes me to a reduced version of the map.) Michaela was captured and kept in a dungeon for a long time (while I was away from Nerd Fitness for a long while). She's made her escape, and now has met new people. She needs more training to continue her quest and find out why entire cities are being destroyed. (Her story is a bit behind, so I'll catch her up here. Though I might just keep her behind a bit. That makes the writing easier. I know which way things are going for her that way. Losing weight is my adventure. No XP here. Whatever comes off will come off.) Quest 1: Becoming a Warrior Michaela still needs hone her fighting skill. (Strength training 3 days a week. Lack of training is how she was captured in the first place. A = 12+ days total. Michaela earns respect from her new friends and trainers. B = 10. Michaela earns respect with the people who matter. C = 8. Michaela is tolerated in her practice. D = 6. People are annoyed to see her. F = 4. No one will train her.) Quest 2: Riding Michaela begins learning to ride a drake. (Bike riding. I'm so not in the habit of this anymore. I'll aim for twice and a half a week. This basically allows for twice the first two weeks and thrice in the last three weeks. A = 10. Things are going well with the new drake. Amethyst (her homing drake) and the new one get along. B = 9. There's some jealousy between the drakes. C = 8. The new one isn't affectionate with Michaela. D = 7. The new one tolerates her. F = 6. The new one does not like her. Michaela must impress it to keep riding.) Quest 3: Cleaning Michaela needs to clean, do chores, and basically do her part in...wherever she goes after her escape. I haven't decided yet. There are two options. (I need to clean up the house more. 20+ minutes. Aiming for 3 times a week.) A = 12 total. People respect her hard work. B = 10. Michaela earns her place. C = 8. Some believe she is lazy. D = 7. They barely tolerate her. F = 6. Michaela is asked to leave. Quest 4: Food Food isn't easy to come by, so Michaela can only eat her share. (It's night. I'm up. What do I do? Eat. What do I do when I am full? Still eat. What do I do when I'm full during the day and a cookie is looking at me? Eat it. I need to stop. My goal is a simple one. Don't eat unless I'm hungry. Very simple, but I am horrible at following it. I am making it a goal for that reason. A = 26 days of eating when only hungry. This gives me two mistake days. Michaela isn't noticed in the kitchen. B = 24. She gets glances when she goes for food. C = 22. She is questioned by a few people. It's embarrassing. After all, she has the same weight issues I do. [Apparently, she was well fed in the dungeon.] D = 20. People are asking her to bring in more food. F = 18. People are getting angry at her.) Quest 5: Language Michaela begins learning a foreign language. (Study Spanish in my Duolingo app. Of course, I won't learn as fast as her, since she lives in a fantasy world and I don't. I started it a few months ago, ditched it, started it again, then ditched it again. A = 24 days of lesson. Short lessons, so I have no excuse not to do it. Michaela does well in her lessons. B = 22. Michaela does well with the oral, but not the written. C = 20. Michaela does well with the written, but not the oral. D = 18. Michaela is struggling in every lesson. F = 16. Michaela doesn't learn much of anything. At this point, I honestly have no idea what "does well" means exactly. This will probably be a goal for a while longer. Real Motivation: Better health. Being able to be active without suffering for it later. I want, in time, to be able to do a pull up. First though, I need to be able to hold my own body weight.