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  1. Tonight is squat night again, here's what I am going to try: -Play around with my foot placement, try feet a bit more turned out -Avoid drifting forward onto my toes by not leaning forward as much -Don't go as deep, and make sure I stay tight at the bottom -Start movement at knees instead of hips (should this be for both ascending and descending?) Hopefully these adjustments will do the trick.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I posted on another form check website, and their advice seems to mirror what both of you have said. I did buy flat shoes based on earlier reading, they are what I'm using in the video. They aren't actual weightlifting shoes, but they are similar to the Chuck Taylor shoes everyone seems to like. I couldn't find Chuck Taylor's locally, so I went with flat skate shoes with a very hard sole. I actually went to a couple local shoe stores and squeezed the soles on all of the skate shoes to find something good. No real lift on the heel on them though. I'm going to play around with my form/stance for the next few workouts and then post another form check to see if I'm improving or not.
  3. Thanks for the tip. I've had problems with my heels coming up a little bit so I've been trying to focus on keeping them down, but I guess not quite good enough since you could see that. Any idea how to avoid it? You can't see my feet position, but they are mostly forward with a slight angle out (5% I would say). From what I've read online, there is debate about feet position for squats. Some say do 30% turned out, others say that can hurt your knees. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Hi Everyone, Over the past 2-3 years I've managed to dropped about 50 lbs through changes in my diet, and a few weeks ago I decided to start weight lifting to try and improve my fitness. I'm really worried about doing the exercises wrong and injuring myself, so any tips would be greatly appreciated. This is a video of me squatting 70 lbs: https://vid.me/5C6y I know 70 lbs isn't a lot of weight, but it is a bit of a struggle for me. Thanks for taking a look!
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