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  1. whoa whoa whoa ok you people are all changing your names and such and screwing with me.. its been probably a year since I last was on this site haha. Darwin I'm still gunna call you darwin low down on where I've been.... divorced my husband, left WA state and moved back home to MA. Got my own place in a quiet town and got a job as a field chemist doing cool chemist stuff in the field (descriptive, I know). Recently, my hours changed and now I have a lot more time to actually get to the gym, and I found this awesome gym with a lifting platform and bumper plates <33333 so I've reignited
  2. ahhh thank you so much this is exactly what I was looking for! Guess whats for lunch all week next week!
  3. Anyone remember/ have the recipe created by one of our own? I'm looking to make a mass meal for next week and all I have for food is about 18 eggs and various other canned veggies and meats lol. Any help will be greatful!
  4. Haha, yeah, it doesnt work, but take less!! Doc, you are a genius. I'll def send you a message more often than usual, though, thanks for the offer! And yes, I agree the whiskey was prolly more healthy than the energy drink, buuuut mental-wise, the energy drink was probably healthier. I wonder why I have these mental battles. So yesterday wasn't bad. I ate clean up until the nighttime where I was having wicked anxiety and just wanted to go drink more than anything else. So in my mad attempt to not drink I took some melatonin and anxiety meds around 7, and by 730 I was passed out.. not my i
  5. Long as you get back on track after a bit I'll try to be here as support more than I have been lately
  6. lol it most defnitely does. unfortunately we both have to go back to our real lives and i no longer have his companionship along this tough journey, so its all on me own. yesterday was supposed to be day 1 of everything, but depression and anxiety beat my ass instead. I still ate well, save for the bow of goldfish for dinner, and I had a small drink of whiskey and energy drink to try to enhance some focus on my finals that are due today (oops) but it didn't help. I didn't work out either. I was running around getting xrays of my heart and having docs say "just take ibprofen... oh youre takin
  7. I was so proud of myself!! My team leader decided to do it with me, so having him with me when we all went out and him ordering soda definitely made it alot easier for me Now to do it again!
  8. Woo! and I'm back! Just had 2+ weeks of steady army shyte, worked a range clearance and the boston marathon as EOD support so that was cool. Finally catching my breath now. Our meals were catered, but we did have access (most nights) to a gym on base, so I worked out a few times when time allowed, and ate well when I could. I went two weeks straight of absolutely no drinking, and last week I drank three nights, and now I'm working towards no drinking, PALEO diet from tomorrow (monday the 28) to may 10th at a minimum. I have drill and a police test on the 10th, hence why the deadline. Did
  9. welp its been a minute since i posted round up- been fighting hardcore depression but working through it with help of people that noticed been still working out had training last weekend so i drank a bit went thru a few days of not eating and just drinking but i'm getting over it have Jake's funeral tomorrow so i'm kind of freaking out eating a big old plate of shrimp and veggies snatch day today up to 120 solid! went to the doc about my heart, at the third appt i finally got some answers and he told me it was most likely pleuritis, just an infection of the sack that holds the heart, a
  10. hey, if its clean then eat as much as you want, that's been my rule that's awesome though i'm glad you got lots of extra energy hope it stays!
  11. thanks guys I will say though my back is not happy today haha slept last night with the help of alcohol and a good amt of melatonin.. lol oops. least it worked. body hurts so bad haha buuuut its PC day, gunna make it into a cardio day too
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