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  1. As well you should! No place like it that I have ever seen! The hot springs are majestic.
  2. Also: this has nothing to do with fitness, but yesterday, after two years, I FINALLY finished all of the five Game of Thrones books. 1.7 million words read. Now I want to read some shorter things for awhile, maybe some pamphlets?
  3. The sulfur smell when swimming was quite strong, and it took me two showers to get the odor of the Blue Lagoon off of me, but it is a small price to pay, haha. I did eat way too many nasty things, but you're right, I shouldn't be too hard on myself. I just wish I could moderate that instinct when I do go on vacation. I have a hard time with that, but I will just have to figure out ways of working with it. I think being more deliberate about what I eat when on vacation (allowing a certain amount of treats instead of eating ALL OF THE TREATS) will help.
  4. Hey all! I swear I am going to be better about updates. I was in Iceland for most of last week so wasn't really to update as I purposely didn't bring a laptop or anything to do with work so I could disconnect and enjoy myself as much as possible. As an aside, if anyone gets the chance to go to Iceland, GO! It is an amazing/enchanting country. The people are all very nice, their level of English is super high so that isn't a barrier, and it is utterly gorgeous. It set me back so so so much, but I promised my niece I would take her on a trip for getting good grades over the last few years, and she wanted to go to Iceland. Her parents don't have much money and I don't have kids, so I like to treat her when I can. Iceland has outdoor pools which are geothermally heated, so you can swim outside year round, which is pretty awesome. We saw geysers, learned about Viking history and generally had a good time. They also really love hot dogs there, which is kind of surprising. OK just a quick update away from my travel blog. The good news is that the hotel we stayed in had an awesome gym, so I was able to keep up with my EPIC GAINZ (or rather, not lose any momentum with my workouts but still staying weak and old). The bad news is that I ate like CRAP the entire time and put on 2.5 lbs since my last weigh in. I will get back on track today though. I have to be better about diet when I am out of my comfort zone, but I will be in the comfort zone for awhile so I should be good until the end of the challenge at least. I was able to get in some BJJ last night and will go again tonight. I REALLY want that next stripe when the tests come around next month. The problem is that I don't have someone near my level who knows the techniques, so I may have to suck it up and ask some higher belts to show me some things before and after class, although I feel like a nuisance in doing so. I may also get a private lesson or two with one of the instructors, I just don't have a ton of money so it is hard to justify it at this point. We will see. We'll just have to Hold the Line for awhile longer...
  5. Hey! I hear you about the writing/editing thing. I always thought would be my path to more income. Instead I have been sitting on my hands and now have a second job at a local food market for minimum wage. Not nearly as cool. Reddit has a semi-active freelance writer forum, but this is a good starter thread for starting out, although I never followed through on everything: https://www.reddit.com/r/freelanceWriters/comments/3e20k2/a_small_guide_for_beginners/ The EFA also has some meetings and resources that you may find helpful: http://www.the-efa.org/ Also, running is awesome!
  6. A couple of things to add to my challenge to give it more context: 1) I want to go to BJJ twice a week. With this second job it's going to be tough, but once a week + an open mat is absolutely doable. To complement this, I will lift weights four days a week during my lunch break. I want that damned second stripe in March. 2) With weight loss I am tracking my calories on MyFitnessPal. I have also foresworn sweets + soda until the end of April. I will try to stay under my calorie limit as much as possible. Tuesdays will be my weigh in day. The ultimate goal is my grad school weight of 165, but for the purposes of this challenge, 178 is the goal. OK! That is what I got for now. Pretty simple challenge, but I think doable.
  7. Hey hey, just checking in! What did you think of the movie? I adored it but haven't spoken to many other people about it. I would put it in the top two, maybe three: Empire Rogue One or Jedi Star Wars Force Awakens The Prequels
  8. Yeah it has been very frustrating. He is a war vet with severe PTSD (and other mental health issues) and he self-medicates with copious amounts of drugs and alcohol. On the one hand, I truly feel for him, on the other hand he has smashed a window, broken a television, stolen my bike light, stolen my other roommate's adderall, smoked in the house, and had the cops called on him a couple of times and was arrested once. It's been stressful. And the lease doesn't run out till August and the landlord has made no moves of removing him! Just had my first shift of my second job. I hated it, haha, BUT I just need to do it till the credit card is paid off. I am at just over $5500 and created a second bank account for the pay from the job, and all that money will be exclusively for paying down my credit card. I am hoping for a health tax return as well. I also broke my laptop so I need a new one and I will save for that after my card is paid off. Thank you so much! I still haven't read any Terry Pratchett I hate to admit. But I will soon! I am finishing the final book of the Game of Thrones series within the next couple of weeks, and then things will open up. How are you? I will follow your challenge, of course!
  9. Hey all. I was here a couple of challenges ago, posted once and then ghosted. Life got a bit hectic: dealing with financial setbacks, a drug addicted roommate with mental illness, and general life malaise. There's been some good things as well, so it hasn't been me steady taking L's or anything, but rather trying to fight through some difficult but not overwhelming situations. A few tangible goals to shoot for: 1) Second stripe for BJJ in March 2) Get down to 178 lbs by the end of the challenge (I am at 182 right now) That's it this time. I may add a couple of financial things, but I just took on a second job and I will have to see how i balance everything. My non-fitness aim this challenge is to get control of my credit card debt, which has grown way too much. I don't love having to work 15-20 hours at minimum wage every week, but that is the corner I have painted myself into. I have to remember that it isn't forever, and lots of people have it way worse, so I have to chill with the "POOR ME" Syndrome. I would really love to find a new job as the one I have now keeps sapping the life out of me, so when I get my debts paid I will focus on that. I've been at this place almost four years, which is about 3.5 years too long with a crap job. So, let's stay positive. Things will be Alright, like Kendrick Lamar said:
  10. Hey hey great job so far with the goals! That is how you properly start a challenge. Keep it up!
  11. I haven't been all that great with updates, my apologies for that. This week was a bit of a mixed bag. I took my niece to NYC and had a great time (her first trip there, w00t), but my nutrition went completely off the rails. During the rest of the week I did well, at least with tracking my food. I was able to stay away from sweets and naughty things that trigger me. My portions still need work, but one thing at a time, at least for now. I won't let the weekend derail the challenge though. I vow to get back on top of things tomorrow at work. I only got in two runs this week and two 7 Minute Workouts due to a sore foot. I don't know what I did, but my foot was killing me until yesterday. Then yesterday I walked about 10 miles around Brooklyn and Manhattan and for some reason the foot feels much better today. I don't think I will run until Wednesday or so but I will go for a swim after work I think. I just got new ear plugs and they seem like they may work which I am happy about because the shape of my ears seems to make them a suction cup for water every time I swim under water. More updates as the week goes!
  12. Hey there! So so so sorry you have had a crap few months. You certainly have a ton of stuff to deal with and it stinks that life has dealt you this hand. I know it may not count for much, but our specific exchanges and reading your threads earlier in the year got me back in the groove with BJJ again (until I got my staph infection in October, boo). That was my best run yet with BJJ so thank you for that! I even got my first stripe and everything. I know what you mean about trying to stay busy to stay sane. I have dealt with depression on and off throughout my life and at times I just try to stay busy so I do not have too much time in my own head. Not saying you are depressed, but I can empathize with trying to deal with difficult emotions. All the advice everyone is giving you is great as well. If you are really hurting, it may not be a bad idea to do some therapy/counseling. It has helped me in the past navigate some tough times in my life. Also sorry you are sick right at the beginning of a challenge, that sucks. Take care of yourself, get some rest!
  13. Hey hey! Thanks for the welcome! Sorry for being an absentee member the last number of months. I love these forums but life has been hectic! You are so so so so spot on regarding rewards. It is something I have had to work on. For awhile, I would reward myself with food treats, but now I am trying to change it to stuff such as a video game when I get to 179 lbs, new running shoes, new iPhone holder for running and things like that. So the rewards thing is something I have definitely made changes on! Let's get great! w00t!
  14. Hey! Thanks for checking in! I have been so lazy with this current challenge, at least over the last week. I will be popping over to your challenge in a bit, of course. Did you also get your staph infection from the BJJ gym? Did they make you take oral antibiotics? They just gave me a topical ointment but they said if that didn't work, they would get me on the oral meds. Thanks for the welcome back!
  15. Here I am! It has been way too long. Work/family/running whooped me the last few months but I wanted to come back for the end of the year and also start 2017 proper! Oh what?!? A book club challenge?!? That is awesome! I have two books out from the library now, but I am hoping to zip through those since I have to read five books by Dec. 31, which is decidedly not easy, but I think I can make Guards, Guards one of them. Thanks for the heads up!
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