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  1. Question for people: I have a really bad sweet tooth and have great difficulty moderating sugary treats when I start eating them. Anyone else with a bad sweet tooth been able to find ways to moderate treats? I always seem to do better when I don't have any sweets, but don't necessarily want to say goodbye to ice cream/chocolate/etc forever. Anyone ever find a good middle ground?
  2. Haha that was pretty much reaction. I weighed myself then threw a (mostly) fake mini-tantrum that got my girlfriend laughing, so at least I made light of it. Here's hoping for good results on Friday! A mini-victory for me today: I didn't have the stuff to make my usual lunch for today so I was just going to get a Chipotle bowl (which is always more calories than I need) but instead was reminded that we have some leftover delicious lentil soup so I brought that to work instead. The small victories eventually add up! I hope!
  3. OK that is good to know! I wonder if that was a factor? I tend to get burritos on Thursday nights at work and then weigh myself on Friday mornings so maybe I should pick something with lower sodium? But usually I don't eat that late (almost 11 pm!) so that probably didn't help. Thanks for the insight!
  4. Yeah I hope you're right! And thank you for your kind words. I had dinner late (full disclosure: a large burrito) so maybe that was part of it? I do hope that I see some results next week though. I didn't have a good day today but am ready to get back on track tomorrow. All of what you said is 100 percent true. I have only weighed myself since the beginning of the month and it's been down one pound and up one pound. I just felt like I had a pretty good week but the scale says otherwise. But I can get back on track this week. I am definitely going to take pics every 10 pounds I lose just so I can see a difference. I also bought one shirt that I will call my 'aspirational' shirt in that it doesn't fit me now, but I hope will fit in 20 pounds or so. Thanks for the advice! I will try to be mindful of my tracking and if there is no success next week, I will recalibrate how much I am eating.
  5. Thanks! Somehow I went up a pound this week. I've been really good about avoiding sweets, fried foods and soda but my portions must be off. I've been tracking my calories but that is an inexact science for me. I don't weigh my food or anything like that. It's annoying but what can I do but go back to the drawing board and moderate my portions a bit more. Weekly update on my goals: 1) Start the Couch to 5K app to build up to running a 5 mile race in March The running has been good! I started week 3 this week. I may skip ahead because I feel fit and ready but by going slowly I do avoid injury. I will go through week 4 and re-assess then. 2) Track my calories every day until the end of the challenge in MyFitnessPal I've been tracking every day! 3) Stay away from ice cream and fried foods until the end of the challenge. Done! 4) Sleep 7 hours a night on work days This is hit or miss for me. I got to work from home a couple of days this week (due to a COVID outbreak) and that allows me to sleep in so I've slept decently this week. I still feel tired every day. Random non-fitness goals: 1) Read one Shakespeare play a month Hasn't happened yet! I am trying to finish the book I am on (The World According to Garp) but when that is done, I want to do Hamlet. 2) Read one short novel in Spanish (my second language) My Spanish is definitely getting worse the last few months. I used to speak it at one of my jobs a few times a week but I haven't had to use it as much the last few months and I feel it going away. I need to get back to it. Happy Friday everyone! I hope your weeks are going well!
  6. Did my weigh-in this morning and I am up a pound. This is dispiriting because I have been much better with my nutrition since the new year. I've cut down on sweets, soda and fried foods and tried to eat more vegetables and drink more water. I've also been good about tracking my calories but I must be underestimating how much I have been eating. I'm honestly a bit shocked but it is what it is. I just have to keep adjusting things and stay positive. I hope everyone else had a good week!
  7. Totally unrelated to anything but I just finished watching The Office for the first time. And damn that finale made me emotional. And nostalgic. What an amazing show. Weigh in tomorrow! Fingers crossed I can drop a bit.
  8. OK quick check in: I've been able to get two runs in this week on the Couch to 5K program and no injuries yet! I've also been doing a bodyweight/kettlebell routine I made up during COVID. My eating hasn't been great -- my portions are still too big at meals and I did have a giant blondie earlier in the week. Otherwise, I have successfully stayed away from fried foods (bad for my digestive system), sweets (I have no impulse control), and soda (I like soda way too much). I've been trying to substitute Greek yogurts and low sugar Gatorade when I feel a craving for something sweet. I just hope I can stay on the path and have a good weigh in on Friday! Oh and I signed up for a half marathon in May. Let's get it!
  9. Had to accept reality this week. A lot of my work clothes from before COVID don't fit anymore because I have gained weight, so I had to essentially get a new wardrobe. I was just telling myself that I will be able to fit into things by the end of the year, but it was humbling. I also haven't had a great few days with diet but today is a new day! I need to watch my portions and get after it with the exercise. Happy Monday everyone!
  10. OK week one of 2022 is in the books and I feel like I got off to a decent start. I was able to: *Do the first three runs of Couch to 5K as I build toward a marathon in the fall. I always overdo things but this plan is a slow build, which is good for me. *Tracked all my calories on MyFitnessPal * Stayed away from soda, sweets and fried foods * Slept 7 hours most nights I'm also down one pound, so that is good! My ideal would be to lose a pound a week as that seems the most sustainable to me. I feel pretty good though. It's a modest start but it's start. Let's get it!
  11. Did my weigh in today and dropped one pound, so that is positive. My goal would be one pound a week so we are right on track. I had a good week with nutrition and started running again so I am pretty stoked. I hope everyone else is doing well!
  12. So I used the app about this time last year as I was training for a team relay run and had to build to doing 18 miles over three 6-mile legs. I really liked it! I get injured so easily and often it is from overdoing it, so this is a good way for me to ease into running and curbing my worst tendencies. I love the Hal Higdon training plans! I've used them for all the marathons I have done. I didn't know he had an app though, that is great. I may have to check that out when I start training with longer runs. My plan is to slowly build up my mileage and he is great for that. I also like having something to train for in winter, it gets me out of the house and moving around. I just wish it was a bit warmer up here but what can you do!
  13. First off, your comment made me LOL for real so thank you for that. Secondly, you have an excellent screen name. To paraphrase Game of Thrones: "There is only one god, and His name is Donuts. And there is only one thing we say to Donuts: 'not today'"
  14. OK so a kind of victory for me today. Work had donuts this morning, and I love donuts but I had brought a Greek yogurt with me for breakfast. In a weak moment, I grabbed a donut and put it on my desk. I didn't eat it immediately, but let it just sit there while I ate my yogurt. I felt full enough that I didn't crave the donut. Soon it was lunch, and after eating lunch, I went outside behind my building and chucked my delicious donut into the woods for the animals to enjoy. Usually, that one donut would turn into two and I would feel sick. Not today! Hooray for small victories.
  15. I love Philly! One of my favorite cities in the world. I've never lived there but had close friends who did so I went for many years. I've done the Philly Marathon a few times as well, so it will be great to have an excuse to visit. I would like to live there someday honestly! The Marine Corps Marathon is such a great race. My friend ran it a few years ago and had an amazing experience. How's your training going? Are you following any sort of plan?
  16. Hey thank you! The stomach issues are so annoying and have gotten worse over the years. I've seen doctors, been hospitalized, etc but have never gotten a diagnosis. I can largely manage 80 percent of the symptoms by diet, but there's often a bit of pain no matter what. Still, I had some work done last year and there's no cancer or anything like that (though pre-cancerous cells!). Nice with the marathon! I am thinking of doing Philly in November. Do you have one lined up? Run number 3 of the year for me tomorrow. Well, more of a run/walk but still. Gotta start somewhere.
  17. Hey thanks everyone! I will definitely try to check out an air fryer. I didn't put this in my goals for this challenge but maybe for the next one I would like to cook more at home and an air fryer could be a part of it. Quick update on me: yesterday was my first day with no junk food or soda in months so I am pretty stoked about that. So far so good today as well. All the poor eating has messed up my digestive system so I hope in the coming days I feel less pain/bloat/fatigue. I've also been tracking everything so I am pretty stoked about that. Turkey burgers on deck for tonight! And thanks everyone for the warm welcome!
  18. Hey all! 2021 was a rough year for me and I am at my all time highest weight so I am looking for a way to get back on track. This challenge looks fun and could get me going with some good momentum back to health. But enough talk. Like the great Beast Mode once said, I'm Just 'Bout That Action Boss. Let's get it!
  19. Just wanted to chime in here, we have a lot in common so I can relate to you in a lot of ways! I am at my highest weight and have been having way too much soda. I have a really bad stomach so all that caffeine and sugar make me feel terrible but yet I keep having them. I don't know what is wrong with my brain. Sorry to hear about the depression, it's something I have dealt with my entire adult life. When I'm feeling down, sometimes just getting out of bed takes all my energy. You have good goals! I hope you get off to a good start and best of luck with everything!!!
  20. Thank you and thanks for replying! I have never used an air fryer, do you like it? Fries I really need to stay away from because they just destroy my stomach and I feel terrible for hours if I have more than a few. I do love potatoes so when I am going well with my nutrition I will have a baked potato or mashed with my food instead of fries. I just need one good week and I can carry that momentum for awhile. It starts Monday!
  21. Hey all! I can't believe this but I haven't done a challenge since 2017! FIVE YEARS! Argh where does the time go?!? The forums were great about creating a sense of community so I hope it is more of the same because I need it. I just hit my all-time highest weight and am in the worst shape of my life. So I need to make changes. I am a male in my early 40s and used to be very fit. The men in my family tend to have shorter lives due to heart problems so I am trying to avoid that. Being at my all-time highest weight is not the way to do it. At this point in my life, living a healthy lifestyle is honestly a matter of life and death. So I am back here, ready to begin again and be a part of this community. I have some bigger goals for 2022 but for now I'm going to keep it simple and get started with only a few goals for the next five weeks. 1) Start the Couch to 5K app to build up to running a 5 mile race in March 2) Track my calories every day until the end of the challenge in MyFitnessPal 3) Stay away from ice cream and fried foods until the end of the challenge. 4) Sleep 7 hours a night on work days Random non-fitness goals: 1) Read one Shakespeare play a month 2) Read one short novel in Spanish (my second language) Ultimately I would like to do a marathon by the end of the year and also get back to my grad school weight of 163 from my current weight of 198, but I want to start more simply. The diet stuff is important not just for vanity (who doesn't want to look better!), but I have stomach problems that can be largely controlled through what I eat. Unfortunately, I ate really poorly in the second half of 2021, so I have been in more pain than usual and had a lot of weight gain. It's insane to me that I keep making poor dietary choices even though I know the results of those choices will be negative. The human brain is a funny thing. Lastly, if anyone wants an accountability buddy, PLEASE let me know! I'm happy to check in once a week with a few people so we can go through this journey together.
  22. As well you should! No place like it that I have ever seen! The hot springs are majestic.
  23. Also: this has nothing to do with fitness, but yesterday, after two years, I FINALLY finished all of the five Game of Thrones books. 1.7 million words read. Now I want to read some shorter things for awhile, maybe some pamphlets?
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