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  1. First off, nice work with the loss in week 7! Secondly, great work with the 5K. Outdoor fitness is much better than just being in the basement. During the pandemic when I was working at home, I used to bring my kettlebell outside and just do the same routine but in the fresh air and it was really nice. I did embarrass myself on one super hot and humid day. I was broiling so I decided to take my shirt off (which I never do), but right at that moment my landlord's wife came outside. I don't think anyone wants to see my overweight, middle aged body but I guess that was her unlucky day! Enjoy your runs!
  2. Another week and another pound gained! I am mentally checked out right now. Hoping to mull over some dietary changes this weekend and get back to doing some exercises. Time to get going!
  3. Gained weight again. I'm definitely in a mid-life period of malaise/doldrums. I've been dealing with injuries so I can't work out and eating really poorly. Also thinking about some bigger life changes that I may need to make that won't be easy. I need to get back to at least eating better though. I've been definitely overindulging and it makes me feel like garbage mentally and physically. Fingers crossed I can get back on the path this week. I hope nobody else is in the doldrums!
  4. Woof woof. I've been absent the last two weeks. Been a lot going on between personal and work life. Some good, some bad. Still dealing with the fallout of losing my cousin. I gained 1.2 lbs this week as I have really reverted to some bad dietary habits since around Easter. I need to impose some more discipline on my eating and get back to what I was doing since February. I'm also dealing with some injuries so working out is probably not happening this week (hurt hands/wrists, groin pull from a run and Achilles pain). I think this is part of trying to be active in middle age, you need to know when to back off so you can get back to things without really injuring yourself. I always have this thought in my head to 'lose the battle but win the war' if that makes sense. Thank you for your kind words! Unrelated to health and fitness, I started to watch the original Star Trek series and am really enjoying it! I am not a big TV guy but I do like sci-fi books/movies and although some stuff is dated, the writing and ideas they present are often really thought-provoking. Anyone like the original series? And are there other sci shows you would recommend from any era? Happy Monday everyone!
  5. Thank you! It was not a great week but I know people have worse. And thanks for your condolences. He was a great man (gave one of his kidneys to a sick relative, took in his niece for years when she had no place to go) and we will all miss him.
  6. Hey all! I am down 1.8 lbs but truthfully it's because I was dealing with a really bad flare up of IBS. One of the worst I've had in years and could barely eat (or function) some days. I don't recommend this as a weight loss method. I also lost a close relative (he had been battling melanoma for years) so it was a difficult week. Please make sure you are vigilant about taking care of your skin! It was heartbreaking to lose him but I take solace in the fact he is no longer suffering. I hope everyone had a good week. Happy Easter/Passover if you celebrate!
  7. Down a pound this week! That's two weeks in a row of loss, which is nice after five weeks in a row with the same weight. I've been dealing with a lot of stomach issues lately, so that makes losing weight easier but I guess when life gives you lemons, you lose weight. I hope everyone has a great weekend.
  8. Ah that makes sense. I know the UK was seeing a huge spike in cases. Usually they are 2-3 weeks ahead of where I am in the US so I expect we will be having high case numbers in my part of the country soon unfortunately! I hope you don't have anything lingering and that you are feeling better!
  9. Ah 0.2 could just be water weight as well, so have hope for next week! Hey it happens! It's not always a linear downward trend, you'll get back on track. Sorry to hear that? Are you in the UK? I understand COVID is surging there now so here in the US we are probably 3 weeks or so away from it. I am hearing more and more people getting it again. Good luck with your recovery!
  10. Hey that sounds like fun! And who doesn't love Coke Zero and Slim Jims! Sounds like a fun time though! Glad you were able to get to the bottom of the issue. I hope your bout of COVID wasn't too bad! I think with this latest variant of the variant we will all be exposed to it soon, if we haven't had it yet. Nice work being down 1.6 though! I hear this! I was the same weight five weeks in a row. It took a bad stomach issue for me to lose weight but I guess we need to take progress where we can get it ha. Good luck with your tracking this week!
  11. Week 1 in the books! Down 0.8 and I will take it. The goal is around a pound a week and after being stuck on the exact same weight for five weeks, that is two weeks in a row with a loss. I hope everyone had a great week! Anyone up to anything fun this weekend?
  12. Thank you for bringing the challenge back! This is really helpful for me. The goal is to be down to 183 by the end. I'm heading to Ireland for some tourism/family visits and would love to be healthier for it. Good luck everyone!
  13. Thank you! The race went well! I exceeded my goal so that was nice! I am very sore and tweaked a muscle in my leg, but nothing too bad. It was freezing last Sunday up here in the northeast but once you get running, it isn't too bad!
  14. Welp, I end the challenge with the EXACT. SAME. WEIGHT. for the last five weeks. I don't think that has ever happened to me. I ended up losing three pounds, which is good! But nowhere near my goal of 12. Ultimately, a net loss is better than gaining, but I am a bit disappointed. I simply am eating too much. I'm consistently going over my MFP calorie limit, it's that simple. But, I am ready to have a good spring! Good luck to everyone with your final weigh-ins and have a wonderful weekend!
  15. Weekly goal check-in time: 1) Finish the C25K program and run my race in mid March, then start training for my half marathon in May I finished the app and started the 10K app. My race is on Sunday and I am ready! Trying to run at a 9:30 pace, so 47:30 or better is the goal. We will see but I'm feeling good. 2) Track my calories every day until the end of the challenge in MyFitnessPal to lose three pounds The tracking has been great! But for the fourth week in a row, I am the exact same weight, down to the tenth of a pound. It's pretty incredible honestly. I will work to get under my calorie goal at least four days this week, so I hope some progress can be made that way. 3) Stay away from ice cream and fried foods until the end of the challenge. So far, so good here! 4) Sleep 7 hours a night on work days Sleep has been good! I'm on one of the better runs of sleep I have had in a couple of years, so that is good. My body the last couple of nights has been craving sleep and I've been able to almost always get 7 hours. I probably will need more when I really start to put the miles in for my half marathon in the coming weeks, but I'm in a good spot. 5) Join a beginner hockey league Got this one done this week and I am so stoked! I never played hockey before but I was able to cobble together all the equipment and play in am organized pickup game on Wednesday. Everyone was really nice and patient with me even though I was by far the worst player. I signed up for another game next week and can't wait to play. Non-fitness goals: 1) Read Hamlet by the end of the challenge Not yet, still trying to finish East of Eden. It's only been two months 😢 2) Work on my side hustle for four hours total Not yet! I really could use the extra money though! A solid week overall, but I really would like to drop some weight. Like almost 40 pounds so I can get down to a normal BMI but I will take the victories where I can get them!
  16. Yeah the tracking is going well. But I am always over and you're right, I need to stick to the goal. This week is the fourth week in a row where I am the exact same weight. The tracking is good, but now I need to stay within my limits. Lately I've been able to control most of the foods that I tend to overeat, but I'm still overdoing it with other foods. I'm hoping this will be the week I finally see progress, especially if I stay within the caloric limit. Still haven't finished East of Eden but I am very, very close. It's a wonderful book, Steinbeck was an amazing writer.
  17. Man ain't that the truth. I figured there would be some variation but no! Does anyone know if there will there be another PVP Challenge? I've enjoyed this, despite my stall out, and would like to do it again!
  18. I am the exact same weight for the fourth week in a row. I am actually amazed more than anything else. I am disappointed that I'm not going to come close to my goal weight for this challenge, but at least I didn't gain? How is everyone else doing this week?
  19. Time for my weekly check in: 1) Finish the C25K program and run my race in mid March, then start training for my half marathon in May My running has probably been my biggest 'win' since the beginning of the year. Today I ran five miles with two one minute walk breaks, so I feel pretty confident for the race, which is on Sunday. I will then jump into the half marathon training. I may take most of next week off to rest a bit, or maybe I will just scale back my miles a bit. But I have had good progress and am happy with that. 2) Track my calories every day until the end of the challenge in MyFitnessPal to lose three pounds I have been tracking every day, but I am not sure how accurate I am being. I am the same weight for the third week in a row, but truthfully I do frequently go over my calorie limit. I have a feeling I will do better this upcoming week as I have had a good last few days and feel like I am finally starting to build momentum. 3) Stay away from ice cream and fried foods until the end of the challenge. The last week or so has been good. Last night I could have gotten Chinese food, which always destroys my stomach, but instead I opted for a ham and cheese sandwich with chips and then a Greek yogurt for dessert. 4) Sleep 7 hours a night on work days I've been better about sleep the last few weeks and I am getting 7 hours a night, on average. This is very good for me! 5) Join a beginner hockey league I bought skates and got all the equipment and have my first game Wednesday night! I have never played hockey before so I am stoked. I wanted a new activity and it's a sport that always looked fun so I figured why not. There's no contact, which is key as I am old and don't want to get hurt haha. Non-fitness goals: 1) Read Hamlet by the end of the challenge Nothing done on this yet! I want to read Shakespeare but I always get sidetracked by something else I am reading. Right now it is East of Eden by Steinbeck and it's pretty incredible. 2) Work on my side hustle for four hours total I've done zero hours so far. Blech.
  20. Heyyyyyyyyyy! Congrats! That is great! You must be stoked. Like you said, the fight is not over (I don't think it ever will be), but that is great news. Keep it going! This is true. I am trying to keep in mind that at least I haven't gained, and my fitness is improving. Just gotta keep making changes and try to stay positive.
  21. Welp, I am the same weight for the third week in a row, down to the tenth of a pound (195.2)! The beginning of last week wasn't great, but I feel locked in since Wednesday, and I think I can finally see some progress for next week. So I hope to finish strong these next few weeks. I hope everyone else is doing well!
  22. Yes definitely! I had done a few challenges a number of years ago but fell away. It's good to be back, and having these things to work toward helps give me some focus in life since I have a tendency to drift in life! And although the goals change over time for various reasons (aging, time, money, etc), it's still great to have them. Yeah that is sound advice. I think the thing to be is persistent. Not in the sense of doing the same thing over and over again if it isn't working, but rather trying to go through different strategies to find one that works. For instance, I struggle with nutrition and one major goal is to get down to a healthier BMI, and I need to be persistent in it. And I also need to realize that if one nutritional strategy doesn't work, I should move on to another instead of throwing up my hands and saying "screw it, pizza forever" or something like that!
  23. Hey down 0.2 is still something! And 8.8 total is pretty damn good. Keep at it and good things will happen. Nice work! Sorry about work being crazy. I certainly have been there, and I often will retreat into comfort foods as well. I still don't have a great strategy for dealing with that tendency, but the important thing is to get back on track as soon as you can. Good that you're exercising though! Keep that going!
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