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  1. Nor me. We have one just over an hours drive away, and I have never been. A lot of people cannot believe I am still an Ikea virgin. A visit is on my list of things to do by the end of the year And this is the primary drawcard for me when it comes to Ikea. I dont have to taste this to know how much I would love it
  2. Week two update: I gained a little weight this week, not sticking to my calorie goal appears to be the reason, as my exercise was not too lacking. I'm now struggling with a winter-lurgy, feeling like I'm swallowing crushed glass with stiff neck and aching joints is not helping me motivate myself at all. I was out at job interviews on Monday (they went well, I think), and so I hardly got any of my challenge goals done at all, but here's to tomorrow, where a new day is a new opportunity
  3. So today was a good day to keep everything happening, I had a PT session at 630 this morning, which was great, except it took me nearly twenty minutes to warm up before I could even contemplate a workout (it's winter here, and while our winter is ridiculously mild in comparison to some parts of the world, it's still cold to us!). It also meant I had to get up about 420am, which is substantially earlier than my lazy-sleep ins have been lately lol. But, it was a really good session, I got to catch up with an old friend I haven't seen for a while, and then managed a haircut, downloaded some new
  4. Feeling more positive today Have done the first of the week's workouts, plus the first of the week's creative writing, and I'm on track with hydration, stretchy feet, and my unofficial calorie count. I think my motivation must come in cycles, so when I recognised that I was approaching the point where the thought of exercise didn't instantly get a "get stuffed" gut reaction, I mustered up 20 seconds of courage, got changed, grabbed my shoes and made a beeline for the treadmill. And then I rewarded myself with a banana smoothie that still fitted under my daily target. Nom nom nom. And now,
  5. Week one is done, and it wasn't the best start I could have given myself. I'm still counting it as a pass, as I did complete the majority of my goals successfully. Exercise was hindered from the start of the week, as I didn't get started until Wednesday, then went a little hard in my workout, and so was still quite sore for the remainder of the week, and only managed one low intensity session afterwards. I think it has been harder to motivate myself to complete both my exercise and my creative writing goals as I have been spending a lot of time at the computer applying for jobs, and that's q
  6. They are feeling much better, thank you for asking! I have completed the majority of stretch/treatments so far, plus was fitted for my orthotics this week so am breaking them in too - all of which seems to be helping the pain I will miss an exercise session and lower the intensity of my last session this week, just due to adjusting to the orthotics, but that's ok. Hopefully next week will be closer to target!!
  7. This is me too, not really competitive, until we're the same level or I'm in a snit about something
  8. I didn't know what this was, and then I clicked the link. Now I'm drooling over all the crepey-eggy-waffley-french-toasty things. It's probably a very good thing that place is not in Australia!!
  9. I was a late convert to the E-reader. I wasn't convinced I was going to enjoy the experience, but I adapted. I still love a paper book, the smell, the feel, the fact that you actually turn pages, it's just that the e-reader is a better fit for me. I can carry it in my bag without a drama, it stores the next book in the series (plus a whole heap more) so I don't have to carry multiple books around if I'm close to finishing one off. I did find I needed a dedicated e-reader, and not a tablet or phone- as they hurt my eyes and gave me headaches. The only other negative I found was book selectio
  10. I like a combo of roasted pumpkin (I think it's called squash in the US), baby spinach and red onions. It's especially good with a soft goats cheese. A lot of vegetables taste good with a cheesy white sauce or gravy. Maybe you could try this to help train your brain into eating more of them. There are lots of great veggie combo's, but as already mentioned in the above comments, you have to find out which way you like them. Don't be afraid to experiment
  11. The challenge starts tomorrow, and I think I've gone through a whole range of feels about that. I'm looking forward to it, but it's also been veeeery nice having a slightly slothful week in regards to food and exercise. I haven't been logging religiously, and haven't really motivated my butt to exercise either. I know that exercise this first week will be harder than I remembered because of slacking off, and my weight will most likely have gone up a bit, but I'm not worried. I'm actually a bit excited to feel the burn and push harder. This challenge is about focus and getting sh*t done, and I'
  12. That's a well-written and thoughtful challenge, and I love that you are celebrating a whole year of NF, and reflecting back. That's a brilliant idea. I really enjoyed reading through your goals and can't wait for more I particularly like your point 3b. I don't have a particularly deep knowledge of the various theories about carbs, and like you I'm not sure they're the worst thing in the world. I have not even considered counting them before, but your method makes me reconsider. I might do something similar for my next challenge. Your achievements to date are amazing, and you are totally a
  13. Thankyou. Yes, I always put writing last, or do a heap of prep (usually getting distracted) and then procrastinate about the actual writing. It's time to see what I can do. Glad to have to aboard, and thankyou! Yup, even if I wasn't in the official bridal party, I'm still going to end up in a ton of pics, and I'd rather not be the 'big' sister in any way other way than age lol.
  14. You're a bloody legend! I love following your challenge, it's always fun and inspiring
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