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  1. Challenge is not going well. I am lacking on motivation and failing on discipline. Need to re-evaluate my goals (short / long term). On the plus side, the weight is down a couple pounds for the first time in a while.
  2. How is week 1 going for you buddy? Great to have you back. I am still struggling to climb out of the hole I buried myself in. As I read your first post, I swear that the entire time the song "The Boys are Back in Town" by Thin Lizzy was going through my head, as a soundtrack. Good job on getting yourself back into the gym regularly and on the first 13 lbs lost!!! Congrats! Keep up the hard work. You're my hero Scotty!
  3. So as of writing this challenge up yesterday, I made a couple very difficult (for me) choices to forgo participating in some revelry. I was tempted to say, "Well... I'll start next week when the challenge actually starts up..." But I figured it would probably be a lot easier/better to draw a firm line in the sand. So... that was good. I have been under-sleeping the past few nights and need to work to continue to improve that (since getting my fitbit, it has been easier to track my actual sleep habits, also has been terrifying to realize how poor my habits are in practice). First th
  4. This title was long overdue, as is a refocus and re-spawn of my efforts. Last challenge I kept it simple, and I did... okay. This challenge I am going to keep it simple. Continue my good habits built last challenge and build new ones. My biggest weakness (to achieving my ends)... my largest source of excess calories is drinks. Disclaimer, I do not drink carbonated beverages ever (I cut those out completely a few years ago). However, wine and craft brew... sigh... I need to give up (while I am in a "cut" mindset). In a future endeavor, I will seek to add them back in whe
  5. Well... I stayed break-even on the weight. I actually hit 20 minutes a day of walking, as an average, though I did not get out every day to do it. But... I did not hit my goals on food. So next challenge is going to be about cleaning up my diet. 0 treats. My cardio points for the week goal was 4+ and the results were: 3, 4, 3, 6, 3, 2 with an average of 3.5 Overall I would grade myself a C+ on this challenge. I put in more effort than I had been for the past several months, but I need to up the ante. I will create my new challenge here shortly and update the links in my signature.
  6. Better. Much better. The heat wave finally ended yesterday. Work is calming down. Thanks for checking in! Eating better. Started cooking at home. Went to the gym. Got in a few extra exercises already this week.
  7. Week 1 Summary: Bad news first Well there was some good mixed in with the bad, but if I was grading myself, a 60% would be generous (better than a 0% at least). I only got 3 cardio points, only walked 3 days, and ate 4 treats... I saw improvement in my sleep schedule. I got out the foam roller and used it on 2 different occasions and felt great thereafter. Must continue. Also got addicted to a great book and read 400 pages between Friday evening & Saturday afternoon (better IMHO than a weekend of Netflix at least). A minor disclaimer: mitigating my underwhelming week was the fact that
  8. Weekend 0 summary: 2 weeks ago I got a Fitbit Blaze because I was interested in tracking my heart rate (during sleep, racquetball, etc). This past Saturday I think I blew its mind. I got in over 30,000 steps, over 14 miles of distance, and spent 4 hours with my heart rate over 130 bpm and another 4 hours between 100-130. It was like an all-day cardio-fest. Started with 2.5 hours of racquetball in the morning and then I went to a food-truck festival with a few buddies in the afternoon (lots of walking) and ended the day by going to an Irish Music Festival which meant more walking and some dan
  9. Awesome challenge DrFeelgood! Here to stalk & admire. Love the charts & data you rep.
  10. I read this as I am literally eating an apple covered in peanut butter. I didn't even realize how real the hive-mind is until just now.
  11. What the Doc said ^ ... #dreamjob
  12. I stumble into the bar with clothing wet, ragged and torn. Flop heavily down onto barstool and lament to the tune of yon folk song... "I've been a wild rover for many a year and spent all me money on whiskey and beer. And now I'm returning with gold in great store, I never will play the wild rover no more." * Barkeep, I'll take a dram o' whiskey. "If I stop drinking all at once, I'm afraid the cumulative hangover would kill me." Ha, wiser words ne'er spake *
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