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  1. Hello, I was doing a class at my gym that had a lot of variety in terms of strength-building exercises and workout structure (and a trainer that was proactive at correcting form/technique -- I learned a lot and feel like I have a great foundation in that regard), but now after 7 months it was cancelled, so now I've got to make my own workout plans lol... Since there won't be someone telling me what to do, I want to a) keep it simple within a single workout but b) have that same variety of different movements over time, so I figured I'd go with that thing where I pick one from each
  2. Yeaaah... Doing supersets instead worked out really well! I cut it down to ~30 minutes. I do like that I can do them while watching a television episode, so that's good for sustainability, but I think I'll have to incorporate more engaging workouts every so often to switch it up. Joints are fine! A bit of a twinge in my knees, but not enough to keep me from climbing the stairs at work. I haven't got back to walking, so that's the next thing to add in. Good gosh, what an utterly weird experience, I hope it never happens again.
  3. hmmm Now I remember why I stopped doing startbodyweight routine (other than that grad school beat me up)-- 1) it takes 45 minutes and I get impatient during the rests and 2) it seems overbalanced towards upper body (??). I did a second workout on Friday, except in circuits instead of intervals to allow for less rest. However, this will burn fat but not build strength as well according to startbodyweight.com? so now I'm thinking I'll do supersets with exercises working different muscle groups for better efficiency? Maybe once in a while I'll switch it up with YAYOG tabatas, especially if
  4. update Wednesday I did a startbodyweight workout, mostly on the first progressions in the series. I knew even if I started stupidly easy I was going to get some DOMS, but today is my next workout so I hope to move up to a more accurate level this time. It'll take some adjusting until I find out that allows me to progress at the slow pace the site suggests while still being challenging. 3 sets of 4 reps (increase by 1 rep each workout) Short Bridges (not from startbodyweight, but seems like a good addition for back strength)Deep Assisted (going to move up to standard or deep nonassisted on
  5. yeah idk??? according to the internet, reactive arthritis can result from infections in a several different systems, but respiratory system (or cold symptoms) is not listed, so that seems suspect to me... but I don't have a medical degree haha. I guess as long as it doesn't flare up again and keeps getting better I probably don't have anything to worry about. so bizarre! bodies are strange!!! I've tried out several different bodyweight strength programs (and trained for a half marathon twice), but I have a hard time keeping a consistent exercise routine for more than a couple months. id
  6. The doctor's appointment went well-- they took a bunch of my blood and all the tests they ran came back negative. She said it was most likely reactive arthritis from a previous infection (like the nasty cold I had a week and a half before my joints started acting up).... which I didn't know was a thing that could happen??? Anyway, everything's feeling better than it did the previous two weeks, and this means it's not a chronic condition, so yay! EXERCISE IS GO, I want to keep this body healthy(er) as it's the only one I've got!!! The plan: 3x week strength exercises, 20+ minutes. YAYOG
  7. Week 1 complete. -- plenty of veggies. I enjoy eating veggies and I don't find it difficult! However, this is a good challenge to have because I need the reminder, even if it's not hard. -- I may have been anaemic, so started taking a multivitamin. Back to normal sleep needs now! Slept plenty over the weekend, except for last night but Sunday nights are always difficult. Knees still sore, but the rest of my joints aren't bothering me anymore! I don't even know wtf. --I'm putting Moby Dick on hiatus so I can read my book club book "Fates and Furies". I'm not terribly impressed with the f
  8. wednesday --salad mountain is so satisfying. I tend to forget how much I enjoy salads until I eat them, although I think it's appealing again because it's been in the 60s+ here (any colder and I only want to eat hot food.) --8 hours, still woke up tired?? ugh it's impossible to get to bed before 10:30pm even if I'm not really doing anything. hooray almost the weekend! --read more of graphic novel and finished an audiobook I've been working on for over a month (which lent a huge boost to my Habitica character! hah). then I didn't do any cleaning. ya win some ya lose some. concerning laun
  9. Tuesday We started a quest to defeat a "Basi-list", ie a menancing basilisk to-do list, and it's been a great motivator to push myself to complete my dailies. I don't want to be responsible for affecting anyone else's health! We must defeat the monster! welcome to the party jkiley! :-D -- soup = 1 veg, salad mountain = 3 veg, +1 orange --slept 8.5 hours and woke up feeling like I needed 2+ more hours of sleep??? so confusing. gonna try an earlier bed time tonight I guess. took a hot bath last night (ugh my water bill) which was excellent. still stiff and weird, but it's more strange th
  10. Monday lunch: homemade pizza w/ ~1 fresh tomato; dinner: salad mountain ~3 servings veggies slept 7.5 hours cleaned up stuff I wasn't able to on Sunday! checked off a couple todos. watched The West Wing instead of reading oops.
  11. edit for Health: get enough sleep, 8 hours every night or more when still tired I got 8 hours of sleep last night, but now I'm sleepy/exhausted, and it feels different than a normal post-lunch slump. I didn't sleep enough Friday, but I did get plenty of sleep Thursday and Saturday, so I also don't really think it's a sleep debt thing (which definitely affects me). Thursday I ended up going home at noon, taking a 2 hour nap (then working from home) then sleeping 9 hours that night, because I felt similarly. I think sleep is a crucial key to taking care of myself in order to function during
  12. hahaha well no hard feelings at all if you don't keep commenting! god knows I'm not very consistent. but I do appreciate your comments!
  13. Hey thanks for sharing your experiences and your advice! I appreciate it. Your challenge definitely sounds like a success. :-) I think I made progress in figuring out *how* to motivate myself, but not much progress in *actually* motivating myself. so that will be the next challenge! I couldn't tell before if it was pre-existing or if I was making connections that didn't exist, and I couldn't tell if I was stiff because I wasn't exercising enough or if I needed to rest??? I'm leaning towards pre-existing and need to rest now, so we'll see. haha this whole thing is confusing and searchi
  14. continuing my last challenge and incorporating what I learned last time: Overall: Advance my character on Habitica! Don't die, complete dailies, don't leave todos for too long, gain levels, hatch eggs, etc. If you are on Habitica and want to create a party, my user id is: 971dcddd-7ddc-40a4-aef8-4a4787e08d46 I'm especially focusing on these dailies: Food: Eat 3 generous helpings of veggies/fruits every day. Life: Spend some time tidying up every day (~20min). Finish Moby Dick. Health: Take care of my joints-- rest, stretch, brace, hot baths-- then when I go to the doctor's on Feb 9th
  15. Helloooo-- I can't figure out how to search for parties using only the group id, but I think you can add me if you have my user id? 971dcddd-7ddc-40a4-aef8-4a4787e08d46 However, currently I don't know if I'll be much use for quests or battling monsters or whatever parties do. This weekend I checked myself into the tavern, because the joint pain thing keeps coming and going, so it's hard to be consistent with dailies or checking off my todo list. It's hard to get up the will power to make myself do things, when a good portion of my planning brain is occupied with figuring out how to make m
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