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  1. We've bought caramel chew chew in York before. Some years back mind. They are us.
  2. Our old laptop used to do that. Skype sounded like we were drowning monkeys. They are us.
  3. This is the benefit of a 5 minute warm up and cool down walk. It means I'm never running on my road. They are us.
  4. Ha ha , I so do that too. I'll even try and speed up a bit when overtaking walkers They are us.
  5. I think Mrs bones has those symptoms. She was saying the touch screen wasn't working. They are us.
  6. This hot weather is getting To everyone. I think just 109 call over is fine - especially with those hill sprints. They are us.
  7. I went to basketball training yesterday . I was going to try and combine this with a sort of jump workout but just didn't have the time. It was a good group there though so was quite an intense hour and a half. Hurt my knee though, was limping around a bit this morning, seems to have got more or less better now though. They are us.
  8. Hi yeti , sorry I've missed you for a few days. Happy belated birthday. CQ , another way to mess about with small increments could be to use weighted gloves. Mrs bones has some .25, .5 and 1kg gloves (Although she doesn't use them for lifting). They are us.
  9. Cool video, I'm afraid I m going to let you down and won't be running at barleylands . Just the lad will. They are us.
  10. Well now we've left the EU , we can get back to making those sorts of classics all over again ! (Sorry I can't let it go) They are us.
  11. I wasn't looking for them I was just sitting down They are us.
  12. adequate worse because I'm working out outside at 10 pm. Gets darker and darker as I get more and more tired. They are us.
  13. 100 reps , 200 point a for the horde. More or less like rook's video... If we were counting these 'properly' (both legs = 1 rep) we'd still be winning but horse and alliance would be a lot closer. They are us.
  14. 2 day update. I finally fitted the secondary window frame to baby bones' room so that's all ready for her now !! Got another jump program in today plus 100 mountain climbers. Bad news, I sat on my glasses. Can't believe it . I can still see through them so hopefully they'll be ok. I'll take them into doc savers to bend back into shape on Friday . They are us.
  15. The hear is over the top here too. They are us.
  16. Get those mountain climbers in ! They are us.
  17. Ha ha. Yes I think the horde are going to win on mountain climbers. I'll see how many I can get in after my workout today !! EDIT : actually mountain climbers aren't quite what I thought . I didn't realise you are not meant to put your feet down at the top. Is once on each leg one rep ? They are us.
  18. Hey@Big_Show , good to have you back. Funny coincidence about being teammates again. I suppose I'd better mosey on over and see what this weeks task is. They are us.
  19. Hey big show, sounds like a solid plan. They are us.
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