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  1. Bodyweight still counts as strength training doesn't it!? I see green herbs !
  2. I've had two workouts since getting back from camping and things seem to be going well. Finally seemed to have cracked pike diamonds, I've found that in the hall tbe carpet is soft enough that I can really push into the floor to lit back up. 1 minute leg lift plank done! But just the once. Ive got up to 5 half pullups so making progress on this goal . Pistol squats still very difficult . I'm basically doing box squats on the couch and although my right leg is strong Ive been surprised to learn that these are much tougher with my left leg. I see green herbs !
  3. Loving the "Not for Sale" Ranger burgers ! I see green herbs !
  4. We just got back from camping in Norfolk and were enjoying actually having a night sky. Light pollution is diabolic where I live. Big dipper was probably the only constellation I could recognise but we did see a fair few shooting stars, the ISS and just about make out the haze of the milky way. I see green herbs !
  5. I know my other half really benefited from yoga during her last pregnancy . I see green herbs !
  6. Kind of half did the endurance feat I'm afraid . Running took a bit of a back seat during our week away so I only managed a 45 minute run over 7k. It'll have to do though . I see green herbs !
  7. Good going, you really do seem to be doing well with being positive ! I see green herbs !
  8. Well done for pushing yourself , make sure you match it with extra food. ☺ I see green herbs !
  9. Thanks. I'm back now . I lost about 300g over the week so that's ok. Back to the full workout this evening if I get time. I see green herbs !
  10. I wasn't aware those transaction controls were still on. Will they accept paypal ? You could load it 60 euros a day and just not eat... I see green herbs !
  11. Yeah , loving tbe princess bride gifs. Good luck this week catching up on that dummy book. I see green herbs !
  12. Hi sloth, thanks for checking in, we're camping this week so Internet access is sketchy , I just about caught up with your thread last night but I'm majorly behind on NF as I'm also subbing D_R and Rurik which is a challenge . I've managed 2 cutdown workouts whilst being here, so a ok. Really feeling the benefit of being fit with long days out carrying all the water bottles on my back. But haven't managed any runs yet. Food wise also not so good, getting nowhere near enough protein or even calories so will probably have lost weight when I get back ... I see green herbs !
  13. I finally picked up a tape to usb converter on offer at eBuyer. Now I actually have to get around to capturing them all. I see green herbs !
  14. I haven't quite managed my combat feat, but as close as I'm going to manage . My elbows and thighs were getting pretty sore even on 15-20 seconds so I switched up to the 'advanced' stand last 2 days and managed 50 seconds with my knees on my elbows (still hurts ). But I'm not sure my writing skills are quite up to explaining how a zombie is doing a crow stand ... sorry 😕 I see green herbs !
  15. Well done on those hill runs. I see green herbs !
  16. Cheers , glad to be here ! I see green herbs !
  17. Good luck with Marathon training . We were considering the London marathon in 2017 and it does seem difficult to work out long term training plans when planning ahead. So well done for working out two 20 week plans to get you there over a longer period. I see green herbs !
  18. Cheers, I'm 6' (if I stand up straight ) so bodyspave has given me an 88kg target. Weight seems to have bounced back this morning to 70.8 but I still look like a beanpole. We're going away next week where we're all going on a sort of 'superhero train ride'. The missus came up with the idea of being the Incredibles . The little ones are Dash and Violet and my wife will be Elastigirl . I haven't managed to get a muscle suit so I'm just going to be a really lanky Mr Incredible 😅 I'm aiming at 2400 calories a day with at least 120g of protein, and I think that is probably enough , even with the running , as despite my whingeing I've gained 5kg sinve May. It just seems that with my more active ecercise schedule If I don't hit my target on any given day it drops down. I see green herbs !
  19. Tuesdays workout went quite well. Did 8 good half chin-ups (head and shoulders above the bar), so I'm going to go back to a pull up hold for eccentric pullups which should carry on building up to proper pullup progressions . Did 8 diamond push ups on the bottom step, I'm going to carry on up to 10 or 12 of these and them try back on the floor again. One leg lift planks did 20/20 so not far off the minute already, but these seem all about whether you're leg starts sliding out from under you. Only did a short run for cardio yesterday (12 mins) but got split times of 4:40 so pretty pleased with my pace (covered 2.8 k in 17 minutes including warm up walk). Weight gain not going so hot. I had weighed myself at 70 kg bit now seem back to 69.4 😕 I see green herbs !
  20. This is a real Paleo Taco ! (Assuming the link works ) I see green herbs !
  21. Subbed again as we still have similar goals. 5x a week is a high ideal! I see green herbs !
  22. I had this problem too and haven't really conquered it yet. What I have done is switched to chin-up hold (palms facing you) on both the pull uos progressions and inverted rows. As a result I have just managed 8 half chin-ups amd have also just switched back iuto pull-up hold to do 5 knees bent i verted rows. So I feel like I'm making progress . One other exercise I tried but without a huge amount of success was backwards push ups . Lie on your back and push up with your elbows. Its crazy hard but meant to help back muscles . I see green herbs !
  23. It's hard to actually know how much it helped as Ive been taking creatine and protein shakes pretty much since I started working out (in May). However like @Eleanorsbee said, they do really help with me hitting my protein goals. And they do ensure I get enough energy post workout. (In the past I'd been known to get quite shakey adter exercise ) I see green herbs !
  24. Sounds right , but I imagine there will be a Juice bar thread in the current challenge. Can't find it right now on tapa talk though. I see green herbs !
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