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  1. Hi@mr_willes. Forum, follows just don't work anymore. Curiously yours and tank's is the only notification I seem to get this cycle. They are us.
  2. Looking at the spreadsheet, I don't think I'm the only one struggling with alligator walks. They are us.
  3. Got 50 m alligator walk, so that's 10 pts I found the coordination a real struggle, that guy on the video looks so natural. They are us.
  4. Don't give up racing. I think it's good to have some aims for yor fitness beyond just being fit. They are us.
  5. Got jump workout number 9 in yesterday, and 50 m alligator walking - that's 10 pts. I think D_R has favoured the alliance this week, I would have had 30 pts if I was on the alliance. They are us.
  6. Well that escalated fast ! They are us.
  7. Cool iTunes idea and we'll done on the 88 goal progress! They are us.
  8. This whole30 seems to have a dramatic effect. But Does that mean that at end the of 30 days you need to sort of reintroduce things back to your diet gradually, or do people just go back to 'normal' straightaway? BTW , you're killing it !
  9. Horde wins again !! (Well done guys, I can't really claim it was down to my points) They are us.
  10. Nope, I was just channelling MC Hammer It's All Good https://g.co/kgs/lnFxQC They are us.
  11. Hey Yeti sorry to hear you're feeling a bit flat. I think your line about communication with your family is a wise approach to get through it. They are us.
  12. Come on horde there's only 20 points in it ! They are us.
  13. 60 more for the horde! That's ninety points. That will be my last this week though I'm afraid. They are us.
  14. And I've got my third workout for this week in, whilst my oldest was at karate. Got a few odd looks outside the hall ut it Sall good. Included 60 jump squats of course. They are us.
  15. Another jump workout today. Modified for the mini of course. They are us.
  16. Good going yeti! I got 60 more today - which is 90 points for the horde. I'm only doing these on workout days I'm afraid . They are us.
  17. Modified my workout today to get 60 squat jumps in plus the multiplier. I'm impressed with you guys getting over 100 in ! They are us.
  18. Got another jump workout in today. Slightly modified for the ranger mini. They are us.
  19. Sorry guys, I'm a day late starting and this is my multiplier week. I'll try and make up for that later. They are us.
  20. Morning workouts are great for freeing up the rest of your day. It's just hard to get up early on purpose. They are us.
  21. Got a jump workout in this morning before breakfast. We have a bit of a long day, going to my uncle's 70th then off to Yorkshire, so there wasn't going to be any time later. They are us.
  22. People still use a lot of cheques in the US? I use the "goodbudget app" for 'silver'. Just allocate a set amount to each 'envelope' each month. I don't bother tracking fixed costs though - just deduct them all from my total and let them take care of themselves. They are us.
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