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  1. Well, here's my update. Goal 1: Happy to say I've actually been doing well on this front! It helps that I don't have to dedicate so much to intense workouts. I am basically focusing completely on mobilization. Not saying that stretching is easy, just definitely not the same energy demands as an endurance workout. I have figured out different ways to practice my squat - wall, boyfriend, hanging ropes has all been helpful in stabilizing myself. Goal 2: 8/10? I was awesome during the work week, but definitely ate out over the weekend.... Not sure how to feel, because I noticed that my no carb diet was really affecting my energy levels (I would just come home and sleep) So, now I"m not sure if I should try and stick it out and just, well, have no energy for a while until my body adjusts, or if I should incorporate a little bit into my meals. I brought some rice with my meat and veggies to work today. Goal 3: Basically fine. I probably actually sleep too much. Laundry monster of doom: Actually, I think there's only one load of dirty laundry sitting around, which is awesome. But, the rest of my apt is kind of in shambles so... gotta keep hitting that one.
  2. Hey there everyone, Title is in reference to this shirt, which I think is hilariously awesome (and don't choose Nah!) http://www.lookhuman.com/design/76687-burpees-for-paragon-squats-for-renegadepint Always been in decent enough shape, but definitely wasn't into any sports or anything physical in school. So there was a long time where I didn't 'identify' as someone who went to the gym. I started exercising casually when, in a period of a lot of stress, I was hit with a freak, really bad case of acne practically overnight. My college had fitness classes, so I started aerobics. It was pretty awesome to dance to music twice a week, but then I graduated and started volunteering and didn't have money to be in any kind of fitness class. I was still scared to 'exercise myself', but I started running and was able to run a 10K. I quit running right after that because of knee pain. I wasn't really too consistent for a while - I also did a 6 month stint at a CrossFit gym, which I also loved, but I had to quit that when I was laid off from my job. It was a few months after this that I casually went to the gym while visiting my brother for a mostly easy workout and what I thought was a light weight deadlift for me. All I can say is that either I was horribly imbalanced or just forgotten my form, and I came home and thought "Something is not right with my hips." A couple of weeks later, when the hip pain still hadn't subsided, I went to a doctor and was diagnosed with hip flexor tendonitis. For a while I stopped exercising completely, and that came along with its own issues of anxiety and depression. Now, I spend all of my time at the gym stretching and strengthening so that I can get my body realigned and reverse all the years of bad posture and bad form. I see a chiropractor twice a week. I'm also hitting my diet pretty hard - which part of this challenge. As an overall focus, these 6 weeks are going to be to reset and refocus. Goal 1: Something physical every day. The idea is consistency. The end goal and focus in this is to heal my hip and adjust my body for maximum awesomeness!! I can't actually burpee or squat right now - At the end of 6 weeks, my goal is to be able to again! Goal 2: Home cooked meals. Again, consistency. Goal 3: Sleep before midnight, if not sooner. 8 hours a night goal. SideQuest: Kill the laundry monster of doom. Let's get physical 7%7% Home cooked goodness 7%7% ZZZZZZZZZZ's 7%7%
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